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Kardashian Fam

Prepping to SUE Over

Bogus Slave Labor Report

12/22/2011 3:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Kardashian family is preparing for war -- gearing up to unleash a legal attack on everyone who claimed their clothing line is manufactured in child slave labor sweat shops in China ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the family tell us ... Kris Jenner is furious -- claiming the guy who runs the Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights had no right to accuse the Kardashian brands of wrongdoing because he has no tangible proof to back up his claims.

Kris must have seen I.G.L.H.R. honcho Charles Kernaghan on "TMZ Live" Wednesday -- when he flat out admitted he didn't actually go to the factories in question ... and is making the ASSUMPTION based on years of research on the Chinese manufacturing industry.

Jenner also believes Star Magazine's cover -- which screamed "Kardashian Sweatshop Scandal" -- was not only unfair ... but libelous ... and it should have to pay for any damage that has been caused to the brand's reputation.

As TMZ previously reported, Kris -- along with one of their manufacturing companies -- adamantly deny the use of child slave labor in their factories ... insisting they have people who are constantly patrolling for any possible violations.



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arale norimaki    

Dear Horse God. I know I don't usually pray to you. Sometimes I doubt you even exist. But if you're willing to grant me luck .. please ... stamp your hoof for once can you please make the KRAPdashian go away like kim jong il

1015 days ago


Come on people, they are just doing what they do best....they are freakin trash, and they are doing trashy things...enough said

1015 days ago

Don bozini    

These people, the Karcrapians, have an uncanny resemblance to the animals being featured at the bronx zoo.

1015 days ago


I'd love to see this in court so TMZ can stream it live and the entire world will see the truth about the sweatshop conditions their workers have to endure. You would think that the Kar-trash-ians would not want any more negative publicity that could potenially destroy thie empire. BOYCOTT ALL KAR-TRASH-IAN PRODUCTS TIL THEY DO THE RIGHT THING!

1015 days ago


Good, can we sue them for fraud?

1015 days ago


Can they still sue if it is found out that the allegations are in fact true?

1015 days ago


Below this article you have a picture of Jessica Simpson with brown hair. Is that her real color. She is absolutely breath taking with brown hair. Would love to see more of her please.

1015 days ago

Throwback kid    

The Kardashian's are like a cartel, they have one goal just like a cartel and that is to make as much money by any means possible, that is their business. They will attach their name to anything that will generate income for them. Who cares if it is for a Kardashian credit card with hidden fees, who cares if it's for a fake wedding, who cares if they make money using slave labor? Well the Kardashian family is now a sinking ship and they know it. Lets not throw them a lifejacket, let them sink, they deserve it. They have no idea how tired the public is with their greed and need for attention all the time

1015 days ago

Who Knew    

Go ahead and sue, I don't think the Trashians would like what they find.

1015 days ago


meh, what else is new with these talentless, sue-happy s***bags

1015 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

No "celebrity" should be allowing their goods to be made in China. Do you hear that Rachael Ray? Paula Deen? Big shame on Paula Deen for having her cookware made in China.

There are still products made in the US, even at Walmart, just look for them. Remember when a toaster or a washing machine lasted 30 years? Cheap Chinese labor gets us cheap Chinese crap.

1015 days ago


They screwed Americans out of jobs by selling out to the effing commies.

1015 days ago


They screwed Americans out of jobs by selling out to the ******* commies.

1015 days ago


the Kardashian's are so into themselves its not even funny, they think they are Gods gift to the planet, they throw around money like its nothing, they always have something to whine and bitch about, they always try to play the victim, no one cares about them anymore, Its only going to be a matter of time till their dumb shows get pulled off the air cause they are boring and stuck up snobs. Kim really needs to lay off the plastic surgery too, her face is as fake as her "marriage" was.

1015 days ago


The KARDASHIANS declared war on the STUPIDS by SUCKING them into the financial farce called a 72-DAY KIM KARDASHIAN WEDDING produced by RYAN SEACREST, and as a consequence, the viewers and consumers are DECLARING WAR on the KARDASHIANS!
B O Y C O T T everything and anything KARDASHIAN.
Cross off the BUY LIST: SEARS, OPI nail polish, clothing, books, bags, shoes etc associated with KARDASHIAN.

1015 days ago
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