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Adam Lambert Man-On-Man Fight

No Laughing Matter

12/22/2011 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


No one laughs when a man hits his wife or girlfriend -- so why is it cool for Adam Lambert to joke about a fist fight with his boyfriend? Violence is violence, so ...

Plus, David and Goliath, 2011 edition --an Illinois pastor battles Adidas over a trademark. It's corporate greed versus a tiny church doing good ... and we get the pastor on the line.

Also, Casey Anthony sued by the man her lawyers fingered with killing Caylee -- sparking a huge debate: do defense lawyers cross the line just to save their clients?


(0:00) Adam Lambert and his boyfriend arrested after an altercation in Finland ... and he laughs about it?
(1:35) Is a domestic fight not as serious when two gay guys are involved? Time for the guys to fight about it.
(3:32) What if a large woman fights a small guy?
(5:40) What's the difference between this and the Chris Brown/Rihanna incident?
(6:25) Harvey's biggest issue -- Adam laughed about it.
(13:10)  Huge rift between people who think there is -- and isn't -- a different between guy vs girl and guy vs guy violence.
(27:00) Casey Anthony sued by the meter reader who found Caylee's body -- after her lawyers called him a killer.
(30:20) Lawyer war! Harvey and Jason go after each other about how far lawyers can go to get their client off the hook.
(40:03) Adidas is trying to strong arm an Illinois pastor out his copyright of "Add a Zero" -- and we video chat with him about the David and Goliath war he's waging.


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adamlambert Adam Lambert
Violence is not to be taken lightly. Embarrassed by drunkenness. No punches thrown, no injuries and no charges. Media always exaggerates.

1001 days ago

Mr Rey    

Listen, violence for the most part is never a good way to solve issues (mostly). But please just admit one thing dang it, mano a mano has worked quite well for countless generations and is genetically an intrinsic part of us. To label a physical conflict between to consenting adults as 'simply wrong' is, simply wrong.

Abuse is something completely different. But a physical confrontation between two people that neither one is upset or hurt by and you feel required to force your morality onto?


1001 days ago


Why in such a rush to judge? We don't know if there actually was any violence or who started the argument.

1001 days ago


PLEASE TMZ! As it turns out people who were ACTUALLY THERE said NO ONE was hurt, no punches were thrown! And WHY do you ASSUME that LAMBERT, just because he's TALLER is the one that started anything? Sauli is a muscular, atheletic guy! NO ONE "beat the crap" out of ANYONE! You guys are as bad as Perez Hilton! Isn't Harvey gay? Why is he so intent on bashing other gays? Adam Lambert said 2 years ago, the gay community "eats its own" & he was RIGHT! They were DRUNK, Adam had just flown to Finland from a concert in Shanghai! He WAS jet-lagged and they were BOTH drunk! Now they are embarrassed & of COURSE they are laughing it off! You are making ASSUMPTIONS with NO REAL knowledge Harvey. As an attorney, you should know better! Shame on you!

1001 days ago

Adam Fan    

The media should be ashamed of themselves - exagerating a story just for ratings. Pity you didn't know the facts before you blogged your crap. As Adam tweeted "No punches thrown, no injuries and no charges" - so how can this be compared to domestic violence. It was as they both stated: jet lag and too much vodka. So what? Two people in a relationship went out and had a few too many and got into an argument - how is this domestic violence? Everybody should be focused on Adam's new single that has just been released, but instead the stupid media want to make a HUGE deal out of this when it wasn't a big deal to begin with. Get a life paparazzi! You are all so pathetic.

1000 days ago


This was NOT a domestic violence situation. It was just an unfortunate combination of being exhausted and having too much to drink. The only person who wa***** was ACCIDENTALLY struck by Adam who was described as "distraught" or "crying" not angry, depending on the translation and occurred as a result of arm movement that wasn't intended to strike anyone. No one received injuries, except for Adam's injured pride over behaving badly. In fact the first comment about it came from Sauli, minutes after he was himself released from jail. HE apologized to his friends and thanked them and his "darling" for the good times before the trouble, and HE was the one who first stated it was something they would come to laugh about. It's patently unfair to suggest that Adam is an abuser simply because a blogger with an agenda wants to get back at him.

1000 days ago


No fist fight!!!!!!!! Get your facts right!

1000 days ago


Sorry that TMZ feels they must make something out of nothing. A drunken argument and a shoving match does not make domestic abuse. Chris Brown repeatedly beat on Rhianna in a car where she could not escape. She had serious facial injuries and had to be treated at a hospital. This was two very drunk guys first shouting and then wrestling without punches. Sauli is smaller, but very physically fit. No one was injured. No charges were brought against either one. They both enjoyed a lunch together and regretted their drunken actions and laughed about it. To try and make that into domestic abuse is a very far stretch and insults those that have truly suffered from domestic abuse.
I know you are in the business of celebrity reporting but try to stick to the reality without embellishing and inferring things that are meant to incite people. It all was stupid but was not domestic violence in any way.

1000 days ago


Guys this is riduculous - there was no hitting involved. Just yelling and maybe some shoving. How can you go on about something you have no facts on. Very unfair of you Harvey!

1000 days ago


Guys this is riduculous - there was no hitting involved. Just yelling and maybe some shoving. T

1000 days ago


How dare you compare a PHilton lie to the Rihanna severe BEATING. You phrased your statements as QUESTIONS because you KNEW you didn't have any facts. TMZ cite sources cuz you got it twisted. That's because you quote PH, also proven wrong on the Adam Lambert Gaga party lie he told. Adam Lambert and his BF were detained and released with no charges. There was no violence. The event was tracked by Finnish Lamberts and translated in real time. The girl who was with them and the officials confirm there was no violence. Adam flailed and accidentally hit HER and not even Sauli. All Glamberts flail. Buy Better Than I Know Myself, now on iTunes and other digital outlets, the first single from Adam's new album Trespassing, due out March 2012!

999 days ago

pragmatic penny    

would it even be commented on if it two male BF were at a bar, got drunk, had an argument that came to blows, both went to the drunk tank, sobered up, apologized, went out for burgers and laughed about it?

same thing... except the boys are friends AND lovers.

999 days ago


Everyone seems to be missing the point, pushing, shoving, and yelling are still forms of violence and just buy pushing or swiping someone you could cause serious injury. Both Adam and Sauli were irresponsible in their behaviour. Blaming it on Jetlag and alcohol are just excuses, both of them need to grow up and be a bit more responsible.

997 days ago


Harvey, your comparison to domestic violence with what happened between Adam and Sauli is pathetic! These two guys had a bit too much to drink and had an argument, period! No punches were thrown, police didn't charge them with anything, so whats your beef. I know most of what you report is BS, but stop trying to make more of this than it really is!!!!

996 days ago

Career Search    

this pure BS come on guys, i you know the term marriage wont have an exist-ice soon right.

984 days ago
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