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Lindsay's Alleged Trespasser

The Arrest Photos

1/2/2012 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohans Alleged TrespasserThe man arrested outside Lindsay Lohan's house in Venice Beach yesterday is old enough to be her dad ... at least according to several pics taken of the man in handcuffs.

The photos were snapped yesterday around 6:30pm outside Lindsay's pad -- where the white-haired man was arrested for trespassing.

TMZ broke the story ... cops were called to Lindsay's house after the man knocked on her front door, demanding to speak to the actress.

Lindsay refused to open the door. Cops showed up soon after and handcuffed the guy. He's still in custody.

10:30 AM PT: The suspect's name is Lonnie Short -- and according to his booking documents, he's 64 years old. He's being held on $1,000 bail.


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Oh, for fvck's sake... she lives at 419 Venice Way. I ought to know - so pipe down, Gloaway... it's the one with all the broken glass on the driveway.

964 days ago


Still, despite everything, stalking is nothing to be taken lightly. I had a previous ex boyfriend stalk me, and it was the most harrowing time of my life. I had to move from my home town, have restraining orders put on the individual left and right, and have a constant police patrol outside my home. It was extremely scary to constantly look over my shoulder, and sleep with one eye open. I would never wish that life on ANYONE, but Lindsay certainly has the means to get it taken care of. Not all of us can be so fortunte.

964 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Alright trolls, I've got to get ready to go watch the second half of the RB and then we're hitting up a mtg. If you're lucky, I'll drop back in before I retire for the evening. In the mean time, stay on topic and quit H8ng on Lilo cause U H8 yourselves.......

Just keeping it REAL around here!!!!!

964 days ago


Hell all you have to do is Google Venice Ca..and you will have 8 to 10 pictures of her house with the address and her shining face on the STFU already Viper your hissing is getting on my nerves....

964 days ago

Ghost Rider    

I also believe along with being fined and court marshalled, ALL military and ex military personel(like Rogue Doorknocker) should have their pension revoked for acting out of line when off or on duty!

964 days ago


Best comment of the day:

Ray: 20 minutes ago

can she really afford to turn away autograph seekers at this point in her so called career.

Thanks for the chuckle, Ray!

964 days ago


I find it very interesting that the person that was so hell bent on attacking everyone took off.

964 days ago


It looks like AA Aliana has finally joined the Lohan, Inc. rank and file. Some evil paparazzi got too close and someone else in the background quacked, and AA Aliana lost control.

She reached into MariLinds’ gargantuan “purse” and scooped out several champagne glasses, which she smashed on the ground before she pushed some random skank in front of traffic and carjacked a black Lincoln Navigator.

MariLinds just stood there, peeing on the street, staring blankly and moaning “one of us. One of us…”. 3000 miles away, DUIna had a spontaneous shudder. No, not that kind. Well, maybe.


There. That original enough for you, GloPlug? That wasn't a cliche, was it?

964 days ago

Sheeple Herder    

So this is what she's up to today. If it's not a pissed, unpaid drug dealer or bill collector, it is definitely a deranged fan. No, not a regular hater, but one of those 'fans' that thinks they can save her or something strange or delusional like that. It's always deranged fans that pull this type of crap. Speaking of bills, hi***** looks suspicious like a duck on his head. Are those eyes on it? Is that a Donald Duck hat? Maybe he thought looking like a duck like she does would aid in some freaky attempt to illicit some sort of mallard based mating ritual? If there is a duck call listed in his possessions, this was the case. Anyway, mission partially accomplished for her. She got to speed dial in another story playing the role of a victim, but at the loss of another core fan being exposed.

964 days ago


Maddie I hope you washed your hands, with clorax that was one nasty viper....
They atarted off today nasty JB its wasn't a gradual build up they came out biting and scratching....Lohan Inc ain't happy about how this one is unfolding so they whipped up the pitbulls into a killing frensy....
Nobobys buying what they are selling and they are getting frustrated after all it worked the first three times they used it !!!!
Next update will be able 12:00 pm .....

964 days ago


HA! I just read the funniest bit of factual trivia. It seems that common domestic ducks don’t have conventional genitalia. They have instead externally identical orifices. Rubbing them together briefly produces the desired results. In other words - clam slamming.

NOW I get it. It finally makes sense about Linds’ duck-lip thing. She’s trying to subtly indicate her preferred lesbian activity. That, and the frightening food-processor voice determines dominance. Probably DUIna too (and AA Aliana). PLUS… it seems that there’s a whole lot of ducks in Venice. I don’t know how it could be any clearer.

Must go over great at the Cameltown and Clam Ahoy lesbian bars.

Thanks for that, Wikipedia.

964 days ago

Lee in Arizona    

Oh please... for the love of God stop posting every day on this insignificant fame whore .... she is a complete waste of time and space, all that is left for her now is porn.... get it over with already.

964 days ago

Joe Blow    

Lonnie Short, aka Nicole from the TMZ comment section.

964 days ago

big bamboo    

witch door was he knocking on? front or back?
I take it he didnt know the secret knock and password..

964 days ago

big bamboo    

secret password to enter lindsay pleasure dome.fortress of pain is "sufering sucatash" but in a spitting voice
the secret knock is "knock,knock"

964 days ago
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