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Maria Shriver

I Got Something

On My Ring Finger, Too

1/3/2012 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver with her wedding ring on?Maria Shriver sure knows how to ring in the new year  -- just days after Arnold Schwarzenegger wore his wedding ring out in public ... his divorce-shy, estranged wife was sporting something on her wedding ring finger, though it's not clear if it's the real deal.

The photo was snapped today in Beverly Hills -- interesting she wore something on that finger just after we posted the pic of Arnold.

TMZ broke the story ... Maria has been having second thoughts about divorcing Arnold -- despite the whole lovechild thing -- because of her deeply held religious beliefs.


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Correction on the caption:

I Got Something On My Ring Finger, Too... precccccccccioussss...

1022 days ago


I don't think religious beliefs is the reason - I think it's because she loves him. :)

1022 days ago


I don't think religious beliefs is the reason - I think it's because she loves him. :)

1022 days ago


She's a fool. He publiclly humiliates her infront of everyone for YEARS by his constant cheating; then bangs the maid in her own house WHILE she is pregnant and then he has a baby with the maid and Maria takes him back? Talk about Kennedy religious mind****. Score on for the catholic cult. Just pretened it never happened is the 11th commandment

1022 days ago

Cheryl A.    

Maria is sick. Who the hell would let that creep back into their life? He is discusting. She is hard up or something.

1022 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Bottle the ends Maria.....your children are watching.....

1022 days ago


IF he were my husband, the only ring he would have is the noose I would put around his neck. Once a chaeater, always a cheater. Another Kennedy woman sticks by her cheating man.

1022 days ago


Although I respect her for her religious beliefs, I don't see how she could forgive him for what he did. I don't care if your religion frowns on divorce. He obviously didn't respect her enough or care what she DID believe in to keep his ****** in his pants. I know she still probably loves him and all but that is just unforgivable!! What lesson is that for the kids? It's ok if your husband cheats on you and fathers another baby.. But if you believe in the LORD it shall be ok and you shall "forgive" those actions???? I DONT THINK SO!!! Good luck to her but I personally think she's looking stupid herself for taking him back.

1022 days ago


Do you think so little of yourself Maria you would take Arnold back after he has cheated on you and fathered a child with another women. Wake up! What are you telling your children that it is ok to cheat and have other children while your married and that you should stay with that person! Religion or not have some respect for yourself and kick this cheater to the curb!

1022 days ago


If they want to work out their marriage issues, that's their prerogative. Even with her religious views, I don't believe that she would stay with a man she didn't love.

1022 days ago


Take Arnold back, Maria.

Sure, he's a cheating a-hole, but he's YOUR cheating a-hole.

Work at marriage. It's the Catholic thing to do.


1022 days ago


mygod, don't do it girl...

1022 days ago


Religion? Really? I'm pretty sure God does not expect one to stay with some one who has broken MANY commandments, openly and repeatedly humiliated you and all around not a very spiritual guy. The kids are pretty close to grown and already know whats up....
what message is this setting for your own daughters and young women everywhere. You know...role model and all that...

1022 days ago


Look @ my finger Harvey!

1022 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Maria is still in love with her husband. They are both getting older and she has decided to forgive him. I couldn't, but you can't judge others relationships. Good luck Maria and keep it in your pants Arnold.

1022 days ago
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