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I'll Pay BIG BUCKS to Save

Abducted Concert Promoter

1/4/2012 10:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rapper Nas is extremely concerned about the safety of a concert promoter who was abducted in Angola ... and says he's ready to cut a big time check to help get the guy back to the USA.

TMZ broke the story ... the concert promoter, Patrick Allocco, claims he was kidnapped at gunpoint by a local "concert impresario" who was FURIOUS when Nas no-showed at a heavily promoted New Year's Eve show.

The "impresario" demanded Allocco fork over the $315k advance ... or else. Allocco was eventually freed from captivity with help from the US Embassy ... but he's currently holed up in a local hotel.

Now, sources close to Nas tell TMZ, the rapper wants to help out, but refuses to shoulder the entirety of the blame.

We're told, Nas and his team DID initially agree to perform the NYE show ... but made the decision to call it off due to a "miscommunication" about travel plans.

Sources tell us, Nas never intended to keep the money, but his team is unclear about where to send the check. We're told Nas' team is currently working on a solution ... and intends to help resolve the matter ASAP.

One source tells us ... "The key is getting Patrick Allocco home safely."


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"...a "miscommunication" about travel plans." Keep it real, you thought you were going to fu3k over those Africans---THEY DON'T PLAY THAT CHIT. Don't mess with their money. Whatever stupid excuse you want to give--doesn't explain why you didn't cough the money up. PLUS there's no mystery where you'd send the cheque---send it to the folks you tried to screw, or contact the Embassy. Dude, how stupid do you think people are, we already know how dumb you are.

959 days ago


Angola? Wow NAS, you've really hit the big time!

959 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

he could have at least sent some bootleg imitatin 'Nas' to do the show for him. i mean there's probably more cds of that kind on the market than his real ones. it would have made it very authentic!!

959 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

lol, yah, just write them an email and ask them to send you their account information so that you can send them payment!!! :DDD

959 days ago


Clearly your not a hip hop fan @David and its cool but to say Nas is a no-talent rapper?? Cmon son lol do some research on the the man before you say that..however I believe this will all work out and the money should be given back.

959 days ago


"Miscommunication" about travel plans? Weren't the plans first class enough?

959 days ago


He is not going to PAY anything!!!! He is going to RETURN the money that was given to him. Looser wannabe thugs like him would all need diapers if they tried to live their little scam lifestyles in other countries where real thugs run the show.

959 days ago


NAS, you need to borrow Soulja Boys G4 jet, file a flight plan and hand deliver that check. Oh, everyone in the USA know you a real gansta, and I'm sure our Angolan brothers would be very intimidated by the mere presence of you and your posse. Damn idiot, the 315k was just an "advance". If they were going to pay you more than that for one evening of lip singing, then you really f****ed up and need new management and homeys.

959 days ago


Miscommunication about travel plans? I'm calling BS on this one. NAS knew it was on New Year's Eve and it was up to his sorry arse to get to the gig on time. Ain't nothing to clear up. Step up to the plate my man.

959 days ago


You planned on keeping the money.You did not plan on Allocco almost dying,because of you keeping the money.Nas you are a DIRT BAG! I hope your fans will disconnect from you.

959 days ago

Scott Sterner    

Can someone please explain to me how you don't know where to return $300K that you collected but didn't earn? Hello!!! Send it back to qhomver sent it to you!. Here is a suggestion. Send it to Allgood Productions so they can get Pat the hell out of Angola! Hey NAS, do you need the addres? I have it. Contact me and I will give it to you. After you return what you didn;t earn, then should pay big bucks.....via a lawsuit for breach of contract. There is an American being held hostage in Angola, away from his family and friends for over a week because of you. ou're damn right you should pay for that.

958 days ago

Barbara Callahan    

I am Patrick's cousin and aunt to Patrick's son. Nas knows exactly where to send the money back- to the same man who sent it to him. This is BS that there was a mixup or miscommunication. This money must be paid NOW before my family is hurt. Man up and do whats right, please

958 days ago

Soft and Wet    

Wow..some of you guys are idiots. Hey let me just ignore "Sources tell us, Nas never intended to keep the money, but his team is unclear about where to send the check. We're told Nas' team is currently working on a solution ... and intends to help resolve the matter ASAP." So I can make a witty/ignorant comment! And fyi..he makes more than that a month, in 3 months he makes a cool 1mill (info from court papers).

958 days ago


He better not send a check.. wire those funds buddy before you get a finger in the mail!!! ;)

957 days ago

Phsyco B    

You no good muthafu**a's. Anyone saying NAS is a no talent doped out loser is a fu**in idiot. He is one of the most talented and influential rappers ever. Go listen to New york state of mind and get back to me. Dumb fu**s.

915 days ago
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