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Tim Tebow

Religious Leaders Pull for

Pats to Beat NFL's Chosen One

1/9/2012 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Tim Tebow
might have God on his side ... but he won't have the backing of some religious leaders in New England when the bible totin' QB takes on the Patriots in Foxboro Saturday.

TMZ spoke with a couple of holy men who are not only backing Tom Brady ... they're throwing jabs at Tebow's Broncos. Reverend Stephen Ayers from the Old North Church in Boston says, "I'm not sure God is a huge football fan but Tim Tebow is more than welcome to come worship with us on Sunday morning ... after hopefully losing to us."

Meanwhile, Reverend Amy Alletzhauser from Calvary United Methodist Church in Rhode Island tells us they'll be selling a Tebow sub sandwich at a church fundraiser this weekend. The catch? Rev Amy says it's a veggie sub "without meat, guts, or glory." Boom, God smack!

Tebow does have one brave soul backing him in the land of chowda heads -- Pastor Joseph Coppola went on TMZ Live today to explain why he's still praying for Tebow.

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Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Bad news, losers: religion is an even bigger waste of time than football.

1016 days ago


The idea that any priest is praying for the outcome of a football game is just pathetic. Perhaps they should pray for all the children and young adults their peers raped and coverd up for years.

1016 days ago


Relgious is spelled Religious...

1016 days ago


TMZ, you spelled religious wrong. It's not "relgious."

1016 days ago


Maybe God is a football fan since Timmy threw for (John) 316 yards yesterday!!!!!!!

1016 days ago


As I've said before
I totally buy the implication that God plays sports and is on Tebow’s team. What I don’t quite get is why God requires overtime in order to win 29-23 against the Steelers.

1016 days ago

The Love Sponge    

Oh Gosh! I'm a gay linebacker. I hope God's on my side.

1016 days ago


Down with zealots!

1016 days ago


This is ridiculous..Harvey talked to some pastor from the Boston area apparently with time on his hands .
I am from Boston area also and this is a non issue up here.
Everybody expects the Pats to win ...no one cares that the guy is praying or whatever..
Do they really think Foxboro is experiencing angst over this stuff..desperate for a story I guess..

1016 days ago


Just take it for what it is. Tim has a strong faith. He never expects that God will favor him over anyone else. He only gives credit to God for all his blessings. You don't have to slam religion. You don't have to think God wants Tebow to win. I know it's hard for the pundits to think anyone who has conviction is a fool. Much more interesting to talk about all the other sports stars who have three or four baby mommas or who are arrested for DUI, etc. It's just too much for the extremists pea brains to handle.

1016 days ago

Don't want     

I agree God is probably not a football fan so probably doesn't care who wins on Sunday, but the idiot who says Tebow has no guts has been hiding under a rock somewhere. There isn't a guy in the NFL who has more guts than Tebow. Just look at all the people making fun of him because of his Christian stand and he doesn't let that stop him from giving God the position He deserves, plus the guts to take on all defences persecuting him. Get a clue all you Pats fans. I'm not saying that the Broncos will beat the Pats, but shame on you who don't give Tebow the respect he deserves !!!

1016 days ago


For those of you who aren't big NFL football fans and are wondering what all the fuss is about with Tim Tebow, read this article.

"Tim Tebow Makes Life Stranger Than Fiction"


There's been a ton of stuff written about him today if you want to do Google him.

"Tim Tebow’s Gospel of Optimism"


A musician that was popular in the 1980s even re-wrote the lyrics of one of hi***** songs to say a bunch of things about Tebow. Tebow manis ... it just gets bigger and bigger.


1016 days ago

American Patriot    

God Bless T BOW! The Cowboys can go to hel! Broncos are now America's team.

America finally has a sports star to admire!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work...and all you sinners and "lifestyle" types...take heart and repent.


1016 days ago


This is nuts! Really, what is the purpose of this story...religious leaders picking between different teams. Geezzz.

1016 days ago

The Situation    

Sorry, but Christians are against gay people. And TEBAG IS F***KING GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1016 days ago
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