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Why U.S. Soldiers

Might Urinate on Dead Bodies ...

1/11/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The USMC is investigating a video appearing to show U.S. soldiers peeing on dead bodies -- but there could be an explanation for the despicable act. Basically, war is hell ... and Harvey says that drives good men to do horrible things. Reasonable?

Plus, the is-Khloe-a-real-Kardashian debate rages on -- and you gotta hear Charles' mutant theory! Also, the so-called "ghetto GPS" has some people in the newsroom pissed ... and others excited.


(3:30) Shocking video allegedly showing U.S. soldiers peeing on corpses ignites a Marine investigation -- and a furious debate.
(7:35) Soldiers are forced to kill for their country one minute -- then asked to act civilized the next. Unfair?
(17:40) Does this make sense? Floyd Mayweather's allowed to box -- but has to take anger management classes too!
(21:00) Casey Anthony's attorney runs for the hills -- why Mike thinks it's all about money. 
(25:10) Khloe -- accused of not being a Kardashian ... and of being a mutant! 
(29:03) Is Anna living proof that Khloe is a Kardashian?
(33:00) Brian is a mutant -- check out his freaky pinkies!!!
(38:03) Harvey and Liz go toe-to-toe -- is a GPS app that shows crime rate help or hurt the community?
(48:01) Kelly defends the "Toddlers" mom who let her daughter get down to a sexy song at a club.


No Avatar


Again; they're not soldiers...they're Marines. If anyone around TMZ actually "stood" a post at one'd know that!

1014 days ago


Yes they are out of control, hate breed*****e!

1014 days ago


What was that blurb on Jerry Lee Lewis going to the hospital about?

1014 days ago


I think that Khloe and the Kardashians should either take a DNA test and get it out of the way to prove he is the father OR they should just shut up about it and not drag this drama out for the next 5 months like they're probably going to.

1014 days ago


Why is TMZ covering Marines?

1014 days ago


I know it's wrong, but I think the marines can't be held accountable. There is a macho mentality in military settings; adding that to being far away from home, their common reasoning and empathy aren't what your's and mine are.

1014 days ago


Shame on these soldiers,SHAME ON TMZ FOR SHOWING IT!!!!!!!!You could have reported the story but there was no need to air it!

1014 days ago


those are Marines not Soldiers come on Tmz get it right!

1014 days ago


Please get it straight. Those lowlifes are MARINES, NOT SOLDIERS. Soldiers are in the Army, my husband is a soldier, and I don't appreciate the mix-up when it pertains to a story like this. A soldier didn't pee on the corpses, a marine did.

1014 days ago


How appropriate, a Kardashian face next to a title with the word "urine" in it.. brings back memories of Kim's sex tape... the nightmare that started this ****ty kardashian business.

1014 days ago


RE: Khloe Kardashian: what kind of person says something like that publicly?? especially a stepmother?? Wow what a rotten thing to do..shows the kind of person she is (liar) even if it were true who is she to do something like that to her step child... well her ex is likely rolling in his grave cause of her.. what an awful person...

1014 days ago

big bamboo    

is it possible that bruce is Khloes mother?
she is as much Roberts off spring as MJs kids are his.

1014 days ago


Marines are Marines Soldiers are army

1014 days ago



Is that Marine footage from one of Kim's yet to be "leaked" videos?

1014 days ago

Ghost Rider    

US Soldiers have been out of control for quite sometime, and they are just as bad when they are off duty. They have become a breed of dominant monsters, bred to kill, having no sense of right or wrong. Some can even give really give you the creeps, if you are intuitive.

1014 days ago
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