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Casey Anthony's Dog Pics ...

What's Her End Game?

1/16/2012 11:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


New "leaked" pics of Casey Anthony and her dog have us wondering -- is Casey really the person behind the leaks ... and if so ... what's ultimately in it for her?

Plus, a heated debate over Frank Caliendo's Charles Barkley impression -- everyone's split on whether it's racist -- but most agree ... it's just not that funny. Also, Elton John versus Madonna ... who was a bigger jackass at the Golden Globes?


(1:55) Harvey can't stand the way Madonna came off during her acceptance speech -- but John steps up to defend her .
(3:30) And now playing the part of Madonna ... "Volcano" star Harvey Levin. You don't want to miss this.
(6:30) Classic -- Elton ripping Madge back in '04 ... a war of words that escalated even further last night.
(11:01) Gervais seems to call out Foster for being gay -- who's never come out of the closet. Was he over the line?
(14:30) Harvey is furious at an "Out" magazine cover that basically tries to out closeted stars.
(21:10) Even more pictures of Casey Anthony hit the Internet ... is she behind the leak? Mike has a theory.
(30:30) Casey's dog ... begging for help?
(34:50) Frank Caliendo dons a lightened form of black face for his Charles Barkley impression -- is it racist?
(35:00) Tyler's pick for the most racist black face movie is...
(39:20) Why does Brian think Frank gets a pass?


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1009 days ago


Well, I love Elton a lot but he's coming off as a bloated, puffy queen, but God bless him because he's a musical talent and probably genius. But everyone in the room seemed to HATE Madonna. Did you see the faces of the crowd as the camera panned while she was giving that b.s. speech? Good lord, you can feel the distain dripping to the floor. I would have to say she was the major fail of the night, and her day has passed. Which is shocking. If she was perhaps a bit more humble and less affected and "British" she may be somewhat liked. I do not see this happening.

1009 days ago

TV Gord    

Darrell Hammond used to do Jesse Jackson on SNL and Jimmy Kimmel does an hilarious Karl Malone and they both wear the full makeup. I think we've moved waaaaay past this!

1009 days ago


regarding Al Jolson...NOT racist...He enjoyed performing in blackface makeup – a theatrical convention since the mid-19th century. With his unique and dynamic style of singing black music, like jazz and blues, he was later credited with single-handedly introducing African-American music to white audiences.[1] As early as 1911 he became known for fighting against anti-black discrimination on Broadway

1009 days ago


Can we all be honest and just admit that all of Hollywood is a narcassistic, and it's all about who grabs the headlines? Ex: Kim ****rashian. To be fair, it was Elton who started this whole rumble on the red carpet entering the ceremony.

1009 days ago


Lisa Irwin is the little baby that went missing "Baby Lisa"

1009 days ago


Harvey I disagree with you Ricky did a joke it has nothing to do with Foster being gay.
Im really fed up as soon as someone jokes about gay people everyone thinks it's not cool.Oh there bulling us!Get a life comedy is comedy I dont care a comedian's job is COMEDY!
Harvey stop stirring trouble

1009 days ago


Jodie may have not officially "announced" her exual preference - and why shoudl she have to? BUT she has been photo'd with her various girlfriends, and her separattion from her "life partner" was VERY publicized - so it is VERY evident that she is a lesbian. and WHO CARES???? She does not hide her sexual oroientaiton , she choses not to disucss it.

1009 days ago


Madonna made it back in the day using sex and MTV (when sex was largely censored on TV (as compared to today). She got away with sex videos by claiming they were music expressions. She was literally the first female to do so. She was certainly not the most talented or beautiful. Kinda like KK or PH...just classless sex. Elton has always had a quick temper (read that big mouth) with lots of bodyguards to back him. In all cases, you provided the money for them to achieve their lifestyle, while remaining chicken flippers. So who is the biggest blowhard? Neither. They are both financially successful with no class.

1009 days ago


Madonna embarasses her self with her self indulgent film. She almost ruined Guy Ritchies careeer, she can't act to save her life. The reason, she really is narcistic like DAvid Furnish said. Elton is ions more talented than Madonna and his music is far more relevant. I like that EJ and David F pointed out she's full of herself and not talented enough to make a film you could sit through. She's desperate and should go the **** away. Plus you guys passed on the true story about how Madonna dissed the Toronto Film Festival volunteers by making them look away from her backstage while she presented a film that only Madonna and her yes people liked.

1008 days ago


Is this Casey Anthony? It sure looks like her!
The posts are 99% about Casey I suspect a few posts to throw people off the scent like location change on description and talk of a 6 year old child (would be around Caylees age?)
I really think this fairly new account has been created by Casey. Have a look at the picture and see for yourself same eyes, smile and glasses her hair swept back and longer, It looks too similar for a coincidence IMO

1008 days ago

tabloid queen    

EJ, you're a sore loser, get over it. I didn't see anything wrong with her speech. She tried to crack a joke then thanked everyone who worked with her. What's so bad about that?!

1008 days ago


Why is this bitch even famous?She killed her baby & she's not even guilty? Who cares if she had a horrible childhood Alot of ppl do...Bottom line America needs 2 stop being infatuated with idiots like Casey.

1008 days ago


I just wanted to comment on the Caliendo-Barkley impersonation. The reason why this impersonation is acceptable is because Caliendo is targeting a specific person who happens to be black. "Black-face" is/was considered racist because it was used to stereotype an entire race and perpetuate negative conotations about their intelligence and culture in the "old days" as your office terms it.

1008 days ago

Studley Buck    

Casey Anthony is sooooo hot. Real men want her. She fine lady.

1008 days ago
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