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Pilar Sanders SLAMS Deion

He's a No-Good CHEATER

... and a MEGA-Narcissist

1/17/2012 3:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pilar Sanders mad at Deion
Pilar Sanders
just filed EXPLOSIVE new court documents in her divorce from Deion Sanders -- claiming the NFL star is a narcissistic "bully" who cheated on her with multiple people.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Pilar states her husband of 12 years "has been guilty of unkind, uncaring, insensitive, cruel and unusual treatment of [Pilar] ... as well as physical, mental and emotional abuse of [Pilar] and the parties' children."

Pilar says the divorce should be granted on grounds of "mental, emotional and physical abandonment."

Pilar adds, "[Deion] committed numerous acts of adultery ... on numerous occasions throughout the marriage." Just to be clear, she adds, "[Deion] voluntarily had sexual intercourse with others who were not his spouse."

It gets nastier ... she adds, "[Deion] is a bully" ... who "suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder, needs a full psychological evaluation."

In the docs, filed today in Texas, Pilar claims Deion also needs a parenting coach to teach him how to be a better father. 

Now, on to the money -- Pilar claims the judge should throw out their prenup ... and award Pilar a lion's share of the estate ... because she feels she was duped into signing the deal while under duress.

In the docs, Pilar requests sole legal custody of the couple's three mutual children ... claiming Deion is a bad, absentee father.

Pilar is also asking for exclusive access to the couple's mega-mansion in Texas ... meaning she wants Deion to finally pack his stuff and get out.

TMZ broke the story ... Deion filed for divorce first back in December ... and later said he was on good terms with Pilar.

Apparently, he was wrong.

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No Avatar

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

A fine looking bitch like Pilar wont come cheap Dion. That is all she ever was - just a bitch for your sexual pleasure - if you want a wife - you can't have someone like Pilar.

Good to see you signed a prenup with this pig in heat - lets hope you don't get screwed by Family Court with them throwing out the prenup.

To all the guys out there - these fine looking bitches aren't interested in you as a person - they are interested in you as a money making tool - a tree that grows money.

Stop treating these bitches like they care - they don't. Next time get yourself a humble bitch and don't marry her - don't live in a state that recognizes common law marriage or some other lame azz relationship on the basis of living together.

975 days ago


Okay, now the plot thickens... sounds like they're BOTH a POS, but I'm curious as to why she suddenly decided that he's a menace to society when only a couple weeks ago she wanted to salvage the marriage [maybe she thought she'd seduce him into dropping the prenup and he said HELL TO THE NO!!!] ...just speculating.

975 days ago

Trevis Miho    

Well...holy sh*t. Looks like she's aiming for the soul.

975 days ago


now the realness comes out..goldigger

975 days ago


If this was 1992 instead of 2012 MAYBE the fact that he's a narcissist would be news to people, but these days people are well aware of this "shocking" revelation.

975 days ago


The comments are hilarious......it tickles me pink how the world views a "black woman" who marries a rich man...she of course is the gold digging ho who should have known that she was going to be cheated on. Yet, let the ugly white NANNY....again "NANNY" marry the rich black man and he cheats on her.....the world is ready to hang him by the nec*****il he is dead for violating their "white queen"..and of course because the white woman is pure as the driven snow, she could never be a gold digger, she only married him because of love........YOU DON'T HAVE TO WEAR A HOOD.......too damn funny!!!

975 days ago


WHAT??? Sanders a narcissist??? Say it ain't so!!!

975 days ago


What the hell is mutual children? Used to try and overturn a Pre-Nupitial agreement.

She simply liked the money this man was making. The ever popular lifestyle acustomed to. Alot of money, no class.

Not one penny did she earn. The ever popular the PRE-NUPS were SIGNED UNDER DURESS. Of course they were. Aren't they allways.

975 days ago

Paul Fitzgerald    

Prime Time..my hero!!

975 days ago

give me a freakin break    

@JackiEmichele- She signed a prenup. NUFF SAID. A month ago she wanted the marriage to work out. And seeing that he isn't backing off, she wants to change the prenup and change her attitude towards him. JACKIEMICHELE, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY TO THAT?

975 days ago


She knew the deal when she married him - he was double jointed & has kissed his own azz for years. She put up with it and she wasn't exactly clipping coupons in the process. Whats the big deal now? Its all about the benjamins.

975 days ago


Must be theee moneeeeyy!!!!

975 days ago

Throwback kid    

Deion has always liked the stripper/porn star type. Everyone in Atlanta remembers those days when he was out and about while with the Falcons. He would have been better off with ex porn star Devin Deray, she is just as hot as Pilar and alot less high maintenance. Prime Time and the Diva (as Devin is known) would have been the perfect couple

975 days ago


Pre-nups are always worst-case-scenario do***ents:

This is why she's fighting an uphill battle.

Deion was smart - a lot of dudes might have waived it.

Kobe'll never do it again, that's for sure.

975 days ago


A damn good Jewi*****torney no-doubt saw this all coming.

-Locked that baby up tight.

Ate the key.

975 days ago
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