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'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans

Shackles and Stripes in Court

1/17/2012 1:01 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Jenelle Evans in lovely black and white stripesWith shackles around her ankles ... "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans shuffled her way into a North Carolina courtroom wearing a lovely black and white striped ensemble provided by the Brunswick County Jail.

As we previously reported, Evans was arrested yesterday for violating a domestic violence protective order. Jenelle's lawyer tells us the allegation is that Evans' ex-roommate received a text from Jenelle ... despite an order prohibiting contact.

Jenelle's lawyer says the MTV star denies any wrongdoing.

Despite her smiling mug shot from Monday evening ... Evans appeared pretty upset during today's appearance. Evans was released from custody after posting $1,000 bond.  She's due back in court on Feb. 6th.

Last week, the 20-year-old was arrested for allegedly making harassing phone calls and threatening her ex-roommate. On top of all that, Jenelle is still on probation for beating up some chick last year.

Jenelle's two-year-old son is currently in the custody of her mother.

1:25 PM PST -- According to the warrant for Jenelle's arrest, the alleged victim -- Hannah Inman -- claims Evans also went to her own fan site, and posted a link to nude photos of Hannah.


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TMZ, you keep saying this person is a star. Jenelle is FAR from being a star. She is a complete failure.

956 days ago


I can't tell if Jenelle is just plain stupid or stupendously dumb. Last week when she refused to get out of bed to take care of Jace, my SIL said, and I quote, "I would have gone in there and dumped her azz off the mattress and pushed her into the shower and turned on the cold water faucet and she WOULD have watched the baby for her mother." I love my SIL.

956 days ago


Jenelle, take it from a teen mom that would keep messing up thinking it would work...queefer aka kiefer is no good for Jace or you. how much interest does he show in Jace? and him say that you are not ready to behis girl? hes and effin loser and you could do soooo much better!!!! i know you love him but that could change just like Andrews sorry ass. drug and alcohol addiction is hard to overcome but i did. please Jenelle, Jace needs a mom and you need the right to be yourseld and exceed in heart goes out to you and Jace and your Mom. shes argumentantive but for a reason! f*ck Kieffer homeless selfish loser!!! ru Janelle, run....

956 days ago


just another loser on another reality show... big surprise idiots.

956 days ago


Wow I saw all this coming watching Teen Mom 2. It is pretty sad that little boy has a crazy mom who will never do good for him, and a crazy grandmother left to pick up the pieces and raise another kid. I hope she does a better job with Jace than she did with her own daughter. They need to lock Janelle up and lose that key... she will never do society any good.

956 days ago


For those who live in glass houses be the first to cast the first stone; having saying this I feel bad for this young lady. She is a beautiful girl who could turn her life around with the proper support. Doesn't look like she has a father and although you can see her mother loves her she just can't properly show it. We are the product of our up bringing. This teen mom you would think would have the opportunity for free mental health care from the producers and Dr. Drew, not sure they reached out to her but you can see this young lady has no selfestem. Her mother can't help her for goodness sake she gave her fix a flat and battery cables for her birthday and thought it was funny and hardly thoughtful you would think. I hope she gets help or can find a friend she can trust. The damage is done, however, if she can find the strength to walk away and go back to college, her only ticket out in exchange for a life of crime. I wish her the best and hope she can find the courage to be alone and get a degree. The sky's the limit and maybe this teen can become a doctor or lawyer and be a role model never mind a good mother. I wish her the best.

956 days ago

Melissa lee    

She looks good in that jail outfit. I hope she takes stuff more serious. Poor jace no real relationship with his mom or dad. Janell is the worst of the girls on the teen mom show.

956 days ago


The problem is that this Girl Has a Fan site. What did she do to get a fan site. That is the problem we are showing kids to be become famous get a kid when you still in high school

956 days ago

The Dude    

I would do her

956 days ago


I watch the show she is no better than kiefer when u want weed more than your own child tells me she is a worthless mother if she is on probation her P.O. needs to make her take a test sad thing is her son is the one paying for it all.And her crazy momma is no better but at least she does have way take care of jace

956 days ago


This chicks only focus is on her ****. She has NO shame or any level of embarrassment. The way she speaks to her mother is despicable. There is NO hope for this girl. You can see it in her face. Odds are she gets knocked up by end of the year.

956 days ago


"Star" hahahahahahahaha

956 days ago


Jenelle think about Jace get back on track girl! your just proving your mom right on what she thinks about you.smh.

956 days ago


What a sorry excuse for a mother this loser is! Keep that trash in jail and throw away the key for the sake of baby Jace!

956 days ago

scott pruitt    

This girl is a real bag of ****

956 days ago
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