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Mel Gibson DUI Jail Video

Triggers Legal Dogfight

1/18/2012 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson and Deputy James Mee
A videotape of a raging and drunk  Mel Gibson in a jail cell immediately after he was arrested in 2006 for DUI has become a huge bone of contention in a lawsuit filed by the arresting deputy.

L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy James Mee is suing his department, claiming he's the victim of religious discrimination. Mee, who is Jewish, claims he has been targeted by his superiors because of his faith.

Mee wants the jury to see a videotape of Mel Gibson in the holding cell.  When TMZ broke the story about Mel's anti-Semitic rant, we referenced the video, which shows an out-of-control Mel handcuffed behind bars, complaining he had to urinate and then -- according to sources -- appearing to make an attempt to pee on the cell floor. 

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the video shows Mel running around the cell and at one point even trying to scale the bars like a monkey.  And when he attempted to use the phone, but couldn't get a dial tone, we're told he threw the receiver against the phone.

The County of L.A. -- the defendant -- has filed legal docs trying to block the admission of the video, arguing that it's irrelevant to Mee's religious discrimination claim and would only be used to "embarrass Mr. Gibson." 

The County also believes the video would inflame the jury, because Mel is "a controversial public figure." And the County claims ... showing the video would violate Mel's right of privacy.

The judge hasn't decided whether the video is fair game.

Mel's rep declined comment.


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Azlee,and any others from former MG/OG posting, I found a Russian article interviewing Ludmilla and in the article it tells that in 1997, OG was 33, here the link and use the translater, interesting article.
By Cat


Good day Cat
I think you read the article wrong.
The article is from 2003.
This is how I interpreted the article:

1997 Oksana and Tim's son (the year the baby was born)
Dalton was personally present at birth etc.....
Dalton is NOW (that is in 2003 when the article was published) 57, Oksana 33 and the son 6 years old.

You see, 1997 up to 2003 = 6 years.
So she must have been 27 in 1997.

Hi Azlee and Firefly, hope you are doing well.

1016 days ago


IA: 15 hours ago
Lilian Cristina Pires: 10 hours ago
Porque não deixam Mel Gibson em paz. Já passou. Isso aconteceu há 6 anos, porque ficarem falando, falando, lembrando. Todos tem seu dia negro. Mel teve o dele. Acabou. Como todo judeu esse senhor quer vingança sobre Mel. PAREM!!!! Até quem está de fora fica cansado dessa repetição. TREGUA PARA MEL GIBSON!!!!!!!!
Oi Lilian,
Concordo plenamente. Porque nao o deixam em paz? Te digo o porque: tanto a ideologia quanto a religiao dele vai de encontro a elite de Hollywood e da midia. Alem disso aquela velha e famosa inveja...
Concordo plenamente, exceto a parte "Como todo judeu...", pois sou expressamente contra qualquer tipo de generalizacao. So clarificando, pois nao percebi da primeira lida.

1016 days ago


I re-read the article and it is my impression that MG was being mistreated.
His requests to urinate seem to have been denied and ignored. What is one incarcerated in a cell to do in such circ.umstances but to threaten to urinate in the floor of the cell? Then to add to that, upon trying to make a call, which is his right, what if he actually did get no signal? Isn’t it reasonable for one to become very frustrated, enough as to - oh wow, horrors! - throw the receiver against the phone?!

And what is with the “like a monkey” in that article? When any human tries to climb anything, can’t it always be described as resembling a monkey? So all you’re trying to say, tmz, is that he tried to climb the bars, and the “like a monkey” obviously adds no information and the sole purpose of that phrase is to disparage him. Could you be any less obvious in you vilification attempts? So what if he was trying to climb the bars? I’d probably be climbing them too if I was put into a cell already very angry. And, lets remember, he was, after all, drunk!

And that’s the part that bothers me in this whole drunk-driving incident of 2006. The media focused so much on vilifying MG based on what he said or what-not, that the real violation was under-played, which is, that he was drunk-driving! (Which, for whatever it’s worth, he has apologized for. Has he been caught for drunk-driving again after that?)

I’m not trying to condone his actions (since, of course, I haven’t even seen the video), but why is it that the Hollywood and media elite tirelessly and endlessly (6 years later!) insist in demonizing this man, scrutinizing his every move or word like with no other celebrity? Many other celebrities have done muuuuch worse, yet this same media gives them a pass. This obvious double-standard alone makes me empathize with him.

Some here propose that Mee’s suit against the PD comes as a consequence of a cover-up from MG’s part, which led the PD to discriminate against officer Mee. One speculation is as good as any other, so I’ll put in my own. What if officer Mee is a “victimhood-manic”, who in his paranoia sees discrimination coming from all those around him, as it provides him an excuse for all his failures in his life? It fits the pattern: first he accuses MG of discrimination (envy can be a powerful self-deluding force), then he accuses the PD of the same. I wonder how many he has accused of the same in the past. If so, his statements should be taken with much caution, as “victimhood-manics” are prone to exaggerate and embellish.

1016 days ago


Thanks IRA, my questions were meant to be rhetorical. I agree with you, those in control of the status quo don't like to have their power challenged. In my view, it's clear that MG's ideology and religion are in conflict with that of the Hollywood moguls and media elite, and Gibson was getting way too powerful and vocal in spreading his views, thus he had to be demoralized and discredited at any cost. My .02.

1016 days ago


And, let me add, Icon was becoming too successful & profitable for Time Warner's & co comfort...

1016 days ago


See ya later, I'll check back when I see more news, which I hope will be a long time.
Every time I check I'm hoping there are no news on tmz on MG, that the media is letting him be for a change.

1016 days ago


You're a foul bird. Nasty to others when you're in a flock, and schizophrenic when you're not!

1016 days ago

Mahesh Kumar    

No comment

1015 days ago


Seems unnecessary to handcuff someone when they are behind bars. Is that normal procedure? If those in positions of power are favouring Mel Gibson over Officer Mee, then why did they treat him so badly when he arrived at the precinct. Is it asking too much to allow an enebriated person to use the bathroom?
Nice mugshot Mel, you don't look at all like a raging drunk. What a lovely face, what a lovely smile. Those who spoke with him that evening enjoyed his company. As usual, those who know him, like him.
Thanks Harvey Levin, now we don't need to see the video. You have successfully managed to humiliate and embarrass Mr. Gibson with your skewered account of events, climbing the bars like a monkey, really. Bah!

Maya 28

1015 days ago


This was posted on IMDB - the trailer and some pics for How I Spent my Summer Vacation/Get the Gringo. It looks pretty good. I think it's a movie his fan base will really like. Lots of action.

Hope you're reading Ms. Kelly.

1015 days ago


That tape video has nothing to do with the case. The judge should not let that be allowed in court. Just when Mel was starting to get his life back too. He looks awesome and happy in the pictures with RDJ at awards night and cinema for peace photos!

1015 days ago


What of mine? What are you talking about? If it's compassion, I have plenty for those who are on the receiving end of a s h i t f a c e d driver, who plows into the car of complete innocents! Keep defending a drunk driver and anti-semite because you have nothing better to do!

1015 days ago


Deputy Mee needs to get over it. This video has zero to do with the causes of action stated in the complaint against his employers.

His employers did not promote him after 2006. What about the years between 1989 and 2006? Where are his performance reviews for that period? And how about the 2006 phone records which reveal calls between his home and Harvey/TMZ? Has he ever publicly explained that?

He keeps pushing and all of this will come out at trial. I hope he's prepared for the fall out.

He's done his 20 years so he can retire with full pay. Most people would be happy with that.

1015 days ago


If you think I am on psychiatric meds, then you are cruel to make fun of me. If you don't think that I am on psychiatric meds, and choose to make fun of me in that way, you are cruel.
Ira- It looks like you are cruel either way!!! LOL

1015 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Was doing some back reading, saw that Mee had a complaint file dagainst him. Mee has been in some kind of trouble within the department most of his career it seems, in one way or another.

Took another stroll thru Scooty's profile. Almost every sinlge post is an insult to someone. I'd say she tries very hard to make herself feel better by putting everyone else down. This may be the most unhappy person posting on TMZ.
Says she's in Alabama. For those of you not from the states, Alabama is if not the most backward state we have, then one of the most. KKK, in some parts still segragated, lots of back wood crime, crappy schools, etc. A pretty state though. Scooty's hateful nasty little prejudical mind is a good example of the way some poor white trash folks are raised to believe. Poor thing.

Found a rather marked similarity between Scooty and yo. Both of these haters tend to believe whatever the press tells them: if it's in the media someone is guilty, then these two giant brains think they're guilty--even if the 'guilty' are later proven innocent. And hence why they hte so. Hate anyone they are told to hate.... Couldn't think their way out ofa wet paperbag.... I bet the couldn't follow road signs out of one!

1015 days ago
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