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'American Idol'

Tent Girl Amy Brumfield --

The Boozy Criminal Past

1/19/2012 9:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Brumfield mug shots
"American Idol" wannabe Amy Brumfield ... the 24-year-old singer who lives in a tent ... has a LONG criminal record ... revealing a serious battle with alcohol.

According to police records obtained by TMZ, Brumfield has been arrested at least 6 times in the past 7 years ... with 3 arrests involving booze.

Brumfield -- who blew the "Idol" judges away with her rendition of Superwoman by Alicia Keys -- was arrested in Tennessee on August 22, 2010 after cops say she was so drunk, she peed on herself in the lobby of a Baskin Robbins.

Just 9 days before  that -- on August 13 -- she was arrested in front of the Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen ... after cops say she was displayed "extreme intoxication" ... and was "trying to find someone to take her home."

Brumfield was arrested twice in 2007 -- once for unlawful detainer (staying at a property after her lease had ended). The other arrest was for underage consumption of alcohol -- for which she pled guilty and was sentenced to probation.

Brumfield was also arrested in 2005 for criminal trespass on private property -- the details around that incident are unclear. 

But this story could have a happy ending, judging by her audition on "Idol" last night, Brumfield appears motivated to start a whole new life for herself.



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I so hope that this girl get a taste of a different life and people rally to her support. I don't have a problem with living in the woods thing, however it should be by choice not because she is homeless as a result of no money and the land belonging to animals and ATV's instead of people.
She is no less better than the Science winner girl that her county gave them a house right away, just older and has no doubt made mistakes as a result of lifestyle. Please lets all support this girl that has a lifetime ahead of her to right her wrongs instead of humiliating her in the Media. Lets have a happy media story.

1016 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Alot of build up for a mediocre audition.

No soup for you!!!

1016 days ago


How about downing the girl, have sympathy for her instead.. Everyone has demons and none of you are perfect, I for one sure am not either! So instead of being so negative, have a heart... Have YOU ever had to live out of a tent?

1016 days ago


Coming this fall to MTV... Tent mom!

1016 days ago


why do people have to be so cruel and drag up peoplespast when they are trying to make a new start..she presents herself as a singer and she can sing..give the poor woman a break..we didnt need to know about hermistakes

1016 days ago


Awww. I had an alcohol problem when I was younger, she just needs some AA meetings where she can learn to not drink and she'll find some support there too.

1016 days ago


this competition is about singing..yeah the girl had a rough past..why do people have to be so cruel and drag all the negative things out for everyone to comment..leave the poor girl alone and give her a chance

1016 days ago

Suzie Q     

As journalists ... why not dig deeper!!!!! Perhaps her drinking problems stem from a
traumatic childhood with abuse etc. Airing her criminal record ... without knowing the core and the possibility that she is a product of extreme dysfunction and or, possibly childhood neglect! I don't know her past and she may have had a happy childhood. Substance abuse is often a manifestation of deeper issues. As media we have a duty to report the truth ... don't just tell us her criminal record ... if you're going to tell a story ... tell the full story! Not just shock value filler!!!!! Wishing her the best in Hollywood : )

1016 days ago


I don't feel sorry for her. She's got enough money to buy tats to put all herself. Some people just make the wrong choices over and over....

1016 days ago


This post is entirely inappropriate. A girl goes out there and wants to try and turn her life around and someone for no other reason than the making of money on the misfortune of others has to bring up her past. You should be ashamed of yourself. This is cyber-bullying. This is how you make your paycheck? What a shame.

1016 days ago


I hope she goes all the way! Everyone deserves a chance and she is doing it! What an inspiration. This made my day :)

1016 days ago

Cheryl A.    

My family does not watch American Idol but personally, I do NOT want my children to idolize someone with these demons.

1016 days ago


i see alot of ignorant posts here about a poor woman who has the courage to make her life better. it is clear that so many people just don't have a clue what it is like to have struggled through childhood, over which we have no control, and to continue on to adulthood to try to gain control when you've never been given the tools to begin with. a lot of people just take their life for granted. that said, regardless of whether or not she wins AI (which really is irrelevant in the big scheme of things) i hope that she can pull through and become the woman she is meant to be.

1016 days ago


A criminal record . . . so unheard of in Hollywood.

Lindsey Lohan
Mel Gibson
Robert Downey Jr
Nick Nolte
Drew Barrymore
Britney Spears
Tara Reid

1016 days ago


Let's just hope she doesn't pee on stage for all to see, except me of course, don't view that crap..

1016 days ago
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