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'American Idol'

Tent Girl Amy Brumfield --

The Boozy Criminal Past

1/19/2012 9:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Brumfield mug shots
"American Idol" wannabe Amy Brumfield ... the 24-year-old singer who lives in a tent ... has a LONG criminal record ... revealing a serious battle with alcohol.

According to police records obtained by TMZ, Brumfield has been arrested at least 6 times in the past 7 years ... with 3 arrests involving booze.

Brumfield -- who blew the "Idol" judges away with her rendition of Superwoman by Alicia Keys -- was arrested in Tennessee on August 22, 2010 after cops say she was so drunk, she peed on herself in the lobby of a Baskin Robbins.

Just 9 days before  that -- on August 13 -- she was arrested in front of the Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen ... after cops say she was displayed "extreme intoxication" ... and was "trying to find someone to take her home."

Brumfield was arrested twice in 2007 -- once for unlawful detainer (staying at a property after her lease had ended). The other arrest was for underage consumption of alcohol -- for which she pled guilty and was sentenced to probation.

Brumfield was also arrested in 2005 for criminal trespass on private property -- the details around that incident are unclear. 

But this story could have a happy ending, judging by her audition on "Idol" last night, Brumfield appears motivated to start a whole new life for herself.



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Mary Ann McQueen    

Hmmmm...Money & Fame will only make her demons worse....

1007 days ago


Looks like someone broke her nose with a left cross.

1007 days ago



1007 days ago


I'll drink to that.........

1007 days ago


Its a requirement now that if you want to be famous you must have a criminal background dont ya know?

1007 days ago


Maybe her problem is all that sugar... Baskin Robbins, Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen...

Here, sweety, have a bottle of Peppermint Schnapps.

1007 days ago

paul a.    

Of course, Harvey and the staff at TMZ are nothing but a bunch of angels!

Give the girl a chance and stop being so judgmental.

1007 days ago


Wow,didn't take long for you to find someone to trash on AI! Her last arrest was in 2010 and a person can change alot in that amount of time and I'm pretty sure if you were living in a tent and had lost your home you may want to have a couple of drinks. I also have a feeling there is alot more pain in her story then we know, could we cut her a break please until the full story is revealed? Usually there is a really bad underlying problem that leads someone to drink like that and we don't need to make it worse by slamming her after her very first performance. So, could we play nice please?

1007 days ago


I fell in love with her for a few minutes, she is pretty badass.

1007 days ago


Not sure why they sent her through, she has zero chance of winning.

1007 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

What exactly is the point of digging all this up. T M Z pre-school tattle-tales. No wonder every one laughed at your little college boy

1007 days ago


I don't mind you guys bringing all those ******** celebs down, they need a reality check. This girl, THIS GIRL! is only trying. Her "criminal past" is nothing, a few alcohol incidents? Really not worth noting. It's clean no one has given her a chance, and you guys are the first to kick her once she finally gets one. Good job, I hope you hit you shin on sometihng really, really hard today. Go find something about Lohan and post that ****.

1007 days ago


Baloney - she's not motivated to do anything but become "famous" and "rich"! If AI doesn't work out, she will be back to getting arrested every month within weeks.
People like this have no motivation, all they can see is $$

1007 days ago


I hope she gets thrown off. Criminals should not be rewarded in life period. I do not care if her last arrest was in 2010. That just means she hasnt been caught since then. She knew what she was doing when she did it and that always comes back to bite you in the future. That is your punishment for failing. Her losing a home is no excuse for her to act like that and furthermore how do you know that is why. She was arrested before for underage drinking so sorry not a reason. All you stupid young kids out there think this is all fun and games until you have to grow up and realize you acting dumb when you were young affects you later in life.

1007 days ago


I don't think her singing was that great. I've heard better. sorry.

1007 days ago
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