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Kobe Bryant Wife

Scores BIG in Divorce

1/20/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Vanessa Bryants HousesKobe Bryant's wife Vanessa is the big winner in their divorce property settlement ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the couple and with direct knowledge of the situation tell TMZ ... the property settlement agreement is signed, sealed and delivered -- a done deal.

Vanessa is walking away with $75 million, which we're told represents close to half of their total assets, estimated at around $150 million.

TMZ previously reported several transfers of property earlier this year between Kobe and Vanessa.  It turns out, based on the property settlement, Vanessa scored a clean sweep, snagging ALL THREE of the former couple's mansions in the Newport Beach area.

Vanessa gets the estate the couple was living in, the estate her mom is living in, and she gets the new estate that had been under construction for 2 years and was just completed.  We were told Kobe was moving into the new estate, but that's not true.  It's Vanessa's crib, lock stock and barrel.

Vanessa just scored 3 ... where it counts.

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No Avatar

i said lesbians...    

man, i would never cheat, but im still never getting married. the man always gets screwed over. "B**** YOU WASNT WITH ME SHOOTIN IN THE GYM"

905 days ago


I heard she's very disliked by people who live in Newport.

905 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Fvk her and all the women across this country who are incapable of feeding themselves and have to resort from huge welfare checks from their ex husbands. Get a vasectomy and bang em all with NO worries.

905 days ago


Her and her mother will both be broke in a few years and lose it all... Ridiculous taxes and upkeep on that stuff.

905 days ago


Strange that so many people here are getting emotional defending a rapist, simply because he can play basketball.

905 days ago


She will blow it all and be bankrupt in 5 years. Mark my words.

905 days ago


Mehhh, let's see how long the c*nt holds up the houses. Chances are she will waste the divorce settlement right quick, cant pay minimum expenses/mortgages/property tax on the properties over time, and then have to sell from being bankrupt. I'd say within 3-4 yrs... What happens when you're a gold digging bitch without no skills for income. #Truth!!

905 days ago


Yes he should have gotten a prenup.. Yes.. He should have kept his d @c@k in his pants!!! He got what he deserved!! why does everyone hate her so much. You all would have done the same damn thing!!!She does come off like a Bi @t H but that's what he liked. Kobe and the Lakers SUCK anyways. Now he can be free and go get L @ AI D..... OOPS he already has while married.. My bad.............

905 days ago


Once Vanessa convinced him to buy that big azz house for her mom, I bet that's when everything went south for them. She and her mom saw Kobe as their meal ticket out of whatever poverty they were living in. 10 years from now, they'll both be destitute.

905 days ago


I still don't understand how Half is fair. She has never worked a day in her life has maids and nanny's but she gets half of what he made because they got married. Sounds fair.

905 days ago


this alimoney law BLOWS
because she chose to suffer his wandering penis she gets half his money
and men run the law, courts and it seems stupid women!!
HA maybe it is an insane kind of pay back in a patriarchal run world......

905 days ago


And Koby didn't score big? Why does TMZ always pick on the wife in a celebrity divorce--except when the woman is the bigger star with more money?

905 days ago


OK - She gets $75 mil and the three houses. That money will be gone in just a couple years to pay the property taxes. The she will be on the street, unemployed with no job skills.

905 days ago


The united state of Arseholes really suck at dealing with issues...issues always deals with them....this is not an issue at all but the country have made marital life a legal scamming business for ladies who doesnt worth a dime before their wedding!

905 days ago


Her mother taught her well when it comes to setting up rich husbands for the big screw-job

905 days ago
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