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Heidi Klum

She Couldn't Take

Seal's Temper Anymore

1/24/2012 12:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Klum and SealHeidi Klum is divorcing Seal largely because she has had it with his volcanic temper ... TMZ has learned.

Sources directly connected with the couple tell us ... Heidi's decision to divorce Seal has nothing to do with a third person. There is NO issue of infidelity.

But Seal's inability to control his anger has become too much for Heidi to take, in no small part because it's affecting their children.

TMZ broke the story that Heidi will divorce Seal, and we've learned this was not a snap decision. As one source said, "It was a long time in coming."

We're also told ... their careers also played a part in Heidi's decision. She has become a mega-entrepreneur and extremely rich, and that professional evolution has created a distance between them.

For his part, Seal has a new album coming out and he's about to launch an international tour.

We're told Heidi and Seal are still living under the same roof, but that will change very soon.

Heidi's rep told PEOPLE that the couple was separating, but as TMZ first reported, Heidi wants a divorce. The couple says, "We have had the deepest respect for one another throughout our relationship and continue to love each other very much, but we have grown apart."



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Ironic that the buffoons who keep bringing up Nicole Brown conveniently ignore the exemplary couple Scott & Laci Peterson, just for now.

Many more for later, just in case the buffoons will need the reminders. Methinks they will. Here's one more, for now, who needed serious anger management classes. Can anyone forget the kind gentle compassionate Ted Bundy? so many other Jack the Rippers it's not even funny. Enough for a book, LOL

997 days ago


WHY did she have so many children with this monster??? To continue producing children with the likes of him makes HER look like a dim-wit!

996 days ago

Ernest De Brew    

Dang, he screwed up.

Anger gets you nowhere but somewhere you don't want to be.

994 days ago


So no more baby Seals?

993 days ago


So no more baby Seals ?

993 days ago


WOW!!!! Amazing!!! Absolutely racist our society is. I bet many of those that post the racist comments hide their true feelings throughout their day-to-day lives. I bet they don't have the gutts to express their true distain for Afro-Americans/Jews in public. I bet they carrying on throughout the day, sucking up to their Afro-American/Jew bosses, employees, and co-workers. I bet deep down their envious of Afro-Americans/Jews success even through years of tyranny and oppression. Meanwhile, I bet they hide behind close doors when they wear their white sheets or remove their ballcap to reveal their skin-head or even bare their chest to expose their Neo-Nazi tattoos. Tsk, tsk, tsk...smh. I bet these same racist, profess to be Christians or believers in Jesus Christ. I bet they have the audacity to consider themselves Godly men and women. Or maybe Soldiers of the Cross would be more applicable.
Here's the thing: God is of Love...God is of us and we are of Him...And if all things are of God...And God created ALL things and when He created all those things he looked upon it and said "It was very good"...
Then who are you to come along and say that's it's not good??? This world, everyone and everything therein was not created for your pleasure or purpose but for Gods'. So if you have a need to vent your hatred, then take it up with God and lets see the end result of that. smh...#cluelessnation
But in regards to Heidi and Seal...bottom line: GOD HATES DIVORCE...end of discussion.

993 days ago

Randall Burns    

This is really such a shame. I keep hoping they'll get back together...they were so good together or appeared that way. Here's to them working out what is best for everyone. I like them both.

985 days ago


Ever wonder why Seal could have a temper issue? I'll tell you why, and it's not that rude beauty & the beast crap or $ jealousy that fools are bringing up. *Did anyone see that award show last year where celebrities were making contributions of random items from their pockets or purses to an interviewer? Some gave gum, and little things they found. Heidi opened her clutch in front of the camera to reveal only lipstick and condoms. She didn't want to give up the condoms, so while standing on the mirrored floor, she quickly wiggled and giggled out of her thong and handed it to the interviewer before he could figure out what happened. Guess she didn't need them! Obviously she thought it was cute and fun, but I could see how if that type of thing is normal behavior for her, any husband would not appreciate public display this from a wife and mother of 4 children.

984 days ago


Hahaha Stupid Bitch

984 days ago


My husband was on the receiving end of Seal's anger once in Venice, Italy. He tried to take an unobtrusive photo of Seal and Seal went crazy. Yelled horrible things at him for 2 or 3 minutes...which is a long time when you are getting yelled at!

983 days ago


If his temper was that bad, then why did she stay with him and have four kids.

983 days ago

John Marshall    

She has no taste in men. The old Italian race car driver was ugly. Seal is ugly and seemingly gay. If she was going to pick a black guy why not a hot athlete? I think she picked Seal just to get back at the Italian dude. Some white women are mentally ill. I will never buy or watch anything she is affiliated withj.

983 days ago


What did this beautiful lady see in Seal anyway,does he do tricks for a fish

982 days ago


She asked for it now she has to get rid of it. Maybe next time she can try Mike Tyson, if he would have her.

955 days ago


I know what she was going through, I dated a very angry young man when I was 16. His temper was way bad once he got mad at me because he was grounded had to stay in is room. I went to visit him talking to him outside his window. He became angry when I told him I am gonna go hang out with my friends. We were all only 15-16 years. Old the next something I said I can't really rember but he punched a tree really way hard made his fist bloody. I said to him George you are a really angry person. I can see that tree would be my face someday. Needless to say I broke up with him. Angry men make bad lovers they will always run off their mates by their own doing. How sad for them to no get control of their tempers.

953 days ago
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