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Halle Berry to Gabriel Aubry

Stay Away From Nahla!!!

1/24/2012 6:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0124_halle_EX_GSIHalle Berry has just arrived at court, where she'll ask a judge for an order prohibiting her baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, from having ANY contact with 3-year-old Nahla until the child endangerment investigation against him is resolved.

As TMZ first reported, the LAPD is conducting a criminal battery and child endangerment investigation after Gabriel allegedly pushed the nanny with Nahla in her arms. And before the alleged pushing, the nanny says Gabriel screamed at her and hurled a racial epithet. In addition, we've learned the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services is also conducting a child endangerment investigation.

TMZ has learned more about what nanny Alliance Kamdem has told the cops. Law enforcement sources tell us ... Kamdem claims Gabriel repeatedly yelled and cursed at her, often while Nahla was present. Kamdem also says it got so bad ... Gabriel would make her sit in a corner in his condo until he called for her.

Kamdem also claims Gabriel often yelled at Nahla, causing the child to cower and cry. And she told police ... when Nahla had a rash he refused to treat it.

Kamdem quit last week after Gabriel allegedly shoved her.

Gabriel's rep tells TMZ, "Anyone can file a police report at any time, regardless of it being accurate."

As for Halle's court appearance later this AM ... we'll be there.



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This is why you don't get involved with a woman who is basically a walking nightmare.

969 days ago


Having worked with abused women before (physical, emotional), I don't believe people are blaming Halle for all this. They stay in denial for years over the abuse, feigning happiness and they go for the same s*** of men over and over again. All I see here is that Berry cut contact with the sperm doner now he wants to be paid maintanance if he keeps the kid for a certain amount of time. He's not the first man to be used for sperm, won't be the last. No girl gets separated from their mother. End of.

969 days ago


'Kamdem claims Gabriel repeatedly yelled and cursed at her, often while Nahla was present. Kamdem also says it got so bad ... Gabriel would make her sit in a corner in his condo until he called for her.

Kamdem also claims Gabriel often yelled at Nahla, causing the child to cower and cry. And she told police... when Nahla had a rash he refused to treat it'

Why didn't she say anything before?

Gabriel and Halle were in and out of court last year so why didn't she speak up then?

969 days ago


Halle, your about to get on my last nerve...quit with the damn drama, you got exactly what you sought, a non-black baby daddy, now accept it and co-parent...

969 days ago


Judge Judy has a saying, if it doesn't make sense, its not true. In this case, I tend to go that way. And she quit? BS. Just one more way for Berry to keep her daughter from her father. Disgusting.

969 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Well, I am just waiting for the lawsuit to drop. Because, you know, we humans are just so fragile and delicate--I'm sure the nanny has nerve damage in her pinky toe and probably needs therapy, for the PTSD she developed from being yelled at....

969 days ago


Halle Berry is a crazy old racist beeyatch. She obviously has an agenda and that is to not have the baby daddy envolved in anything that has to do with the baby. Beeyatch has been married 3 times and is going for a 4th marriage. What does that tell you? She's the crazy old beeyatch. By the time Halle the drive into you, cause an accident and leave the scene of the accident Berry resolves this issue the baby will be 18 years old and running to her real father that her selfish mother deprived her of!

969 days ago


And people should really go back and read the report. Filed two days AFTER the so-called incident, no injuries, no pictures, says NO EVIDENCE. Sound rather fishy?

969 days ago


She is such a spiteful B**TH! In my opinion the child would be much better off with him!!!!!

969 days ago


Halle has tried to stop him from seeing the baby since she kicked him to the curb. She should not be able to harass him. He is also her parent and Halle should get used to it!L

969 days ago


These two dipschits need to end the animosity for the sake of their daughter. Maybe they should have lunch with Melissa Etheridge...

969 days ago

A Real Lawyer    

So, how many psychopathic racists does Halle date before the problem is her?

969 days ago


Halle Berry is acting like a crazy woman, who is not thinking past herself. She creates and causes trouble for her daughter's father because she doesn't want to have to share her daughter. Behaviour like this is what gives single mothers a bad name. Shame on you, Halle Berry.

969 days ago


so now Halle's nanny comes forward with this accusation
wonder how much of a bonus she gets for that- on top of her wages and trips all over the world with Halle
to me Halle is like the boy who cried wolf
she's been whining and trying to get her Nahla's father out of her life for so long that if she ever does come forward with an allegation that is true- people will discount her as continuing her vindictive selfish spiteful campaign
I do not believe the accusations against Gabriel
I do believe that if Halle has another child with her current beau that he will end up going through the same harrassment over custody/visitation as Gabriel is going through
If he is smart he will avoid having children with her-seeing what he sees- unless he's so naive as to think that he'd be the exception to her talking trash/ranting about her exes
really feel bad for Nahla-
years ago there was a book and movie
Poor Little Rich Girl
about Gloria Vanderbilt (Anderson Cooper's mother)when she was a child
by the time that Halle is done destroying gabriel and cutting him out of Nahla's life- the same title could be used for a book on her life
for someone so beautiful on the outside, Halle is ugly on the inside
she appears to care less if she is causing permanent damage to her daughter and destroying a man just because he is a devoted father and refuses to be cut out of his child's life
what a selfish agenda she has
if she continues this way I really hope that once Nahla is grown up that she figures it all out for herself cuts her mother out of her life permanently .. wouldn't be the first time that a child has done that
and Halle would deserve it!
.....and I am a mother who generally sides with the mother...but I am not blind as to what is happening in this case

969 days ago


Check the nanny's bank accounts in a bit and see how much Halle paid her for this little charade! I don't buy this crap for a minute. Halle has proven herself to be a spiteful vindictive witch, so I wouldn't put it past her to have concocted this with the nanny. I think she'd try anything to keep Nahla away from her father. She doesn't want to have to share her but she's only hurting her daughter. Some day Nahla will hate her for what she's doing!

969 days ago
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