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Halle Berry to Gabriel Aubry

Stay Away From Nahla!!!

1/24/2012 6:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0124_halle_EX_GSIHalle Berry has just arrived at court, where she'll ask a judge for an order prohibiting her baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, from having ANY contact with 3-year-old Nahla until the child endangerment investigation against him is resolved.

As TMZ first reported, the LAPD is conducting a criminal battery and child endangerment investigation after Gabriel allegedly pushed the nanny with Nahla in her arms. And before the alleged pushing, the nanny says Gabriel screamed at her and hurled a racial epithet. In addition, we've learned the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services is also conducting a child endangerment investigation.

TMZ has learned more about what nanny Alliance Kamdem has told the cops. Law enforcement sources tell us ... Kamdem claims Gabriel repeatedly yelled and cursed at her, often while Nahla was present. Kamdem also says it got so bad ... Gabriel would make her sit in a corner in his condo until he called for her.

Kamdem also claims Gabriel often yelled at Nahla, causing the child to cower and cry. And she told police ... when Nahla had a rash he refused to treat it.

Kamdem quit last week after Gabriel allegedly shoved her.

Gabriel's rep tells TMZ, "Anyone can file a police report at any time, regardless of it being accurate."

As for Halle's court appearance later this AM ... we'll be there.



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Dom The Mover    

With two Failed trips to the Alter, and a flame out relationship with her present baby daddy, the hit and run incident, I'd say there's something just a Tad off with Halle Berry.
I'd raise suspicions about her mental health, and that goes to anyone in Hollywood!

965 days ago


Funny how she can get a court date within days and the rest of us have to wait months.

965 days ago


BULL!! wicked witch Halle at work again.

965 days ago


and the poor child will have offspring wearing a dog collar!

965 days ago


Its to my understanding the nanny also play as unofficial mediator, because Gabriel and Halle dont get along too well. Which brings me to believe the nanny may have came to pick up Nahla perhaps being upset that she was not in school. Im not understanding the I hate Halle campaign. I wonder how any parent would feel hearing thier child was in someones arms while that person was pushed. I would not know who to believe, but I would protect my child at all cost.

Wow, the racists are out and delusional, as according to you it's always Halle's fault and she wasn't even there. You people are twisted, as, according to you, it's Halle's fault people witnessed Gabriel screaming the N-Word at her, that he gets in a rage when Nahla is referred to as Black, that he can't hold his temper, that the judge has found, previous to this incident, that Gabriel at one point was not even allowed to be alone with the Nahla without the Nanny present, that's probably why she was concerned and why he flew into a rage because he knows he defied a court order, and now some of you people conclude it's all Halle's fault? When Gabriel files into another rage and hurts Nahla what will you people say then? Oh, “Halle should not have gotten pregnant by him in the first place”, but how many of you have had relationships looking back in hindsight you shouldn't have? All of you are hypocrites and racists to boot because your criticism of Halle stems from her being Black and Gabriel being White. If Halle were White you be concerned about her and her child’s safety instead of defending this manic.

965 days ago


I have noted that white men are always supported here, no matter what they do. They can threaten and beat their women, they can yell racist slurs, it doesn't matter. The cowardly, racist morons commenting on this site always root for them in the most spineless way.

Now, Halle Berry is both a woman and half black and the nanny is a black woman, so guess who gets the support here? Right - the white guy. No questions asked. People are mindless sheep, and obviously they couldn't care less about the safety of the child.

965 days ago

Real n the field    

Funny, i havent heard a "Pep" from any "White Boy Loving Black Women"
why arent you defending your "White Knight" and praising him for being
your savior from the black man, huh....
Funny, how you was dogging out "Seal", and talking $hit about brothers,

but where's your voice at now about White men with bad attitudes...HUH??

Could it be, that your in shock, that YES, white man yells, screams, beat up, and
Murder woman 3x more than BLACK men!

And if you count all the rape and murders done to black women for the last 400 years
in slavery (that your modern day &umb @ss black women seem to don't care about)
then that would amount to 1,000x More!!

I quess your in shock thing "Oh no, this cannot be true...not my 'White" Savior...oh Lordy..
(chuckle chuckle chuckle)

965 days ago


I usually take up for the woman and find it offensive when people jump to call a mother crazy for protecting her children. In this case though, Halle's reputation proceeds itsself and her behavior from the beginning has been narcissistic. Aubry is Nahla's father and has the right to keep his daughter home from school in his time with her if he sees fit. It looks as though the nanny is little more then a paid spy. I feel awful for Aubry and the child in the middle of all of this.

965 days ago


This is not the first time that Gabriel has launched into a racial tirade against someone. Those who side with Gabriel are_idiots who obviously have not been paying attention. I guess everybody is telling lies on him? The nanny wasn't fired, she quit which speaks volumes. Gabriel is jealous of Halle, her career and her new man who is just as gorgeous - deal with it.

965 days ago


Wow! These pro-Gabriels nut-jobs postings on here never cease to amaze me. Halle might have her flaws, but this Gabriel seems to be a shady character and no angel himself. Halle, half black = Wrong/Guilty..Gabriel, white = Innocent/Right. You morons are pathetic! I live and Quebec and yes whilst I am an English speaking caucasian, and I can tell you first hand, a lot of these Quebecers are openly racist and prejudice towards blacks. So these accusations here does not surprise me a bit!

965 days ago

Big Red    

What does Halle Berry have to do with Gabriel Aubry cursing out the nanny and yelling at the kid? However she treats him it shouldn't be taken out on the child, no matter what! All you Halle Berry haters just say that you hate Halley Berry cause she's black and get it out you racist ****ers!!!!!

965 days ago


Perimenopausal much?

965 days ago


Berry is a disgrace. This is what she wanted all along. Aubry wants a relationship with his child and Halle seems to be doing everything in her power to prevent that.

965 days ago


If any other man kept his healthy kid at home for two days straight, not taking her to school, and then refusing to give an explanation why, everyone would be calling him a pedophile, but because it's Gabriel Aubry and he's a model, then of course he could do no wrong. What idiotic assumptions. Just because someone looks good or is white, doesn't make them exempt from sketchy behaviors. And the fact that he had such an enraged reaction when she started questioning him about it, makes it all the more sketchy. Because even if he just kept her home for no reason (even though that's weird, and sketchy as well, because most parents want their kids to go to school) then he wouldn't have had such an enraged reaction. Makes me think something awry was going on, for him to explode like that.

965 days ago


give me a freakin break: about an hour ago
AQnd if she wasn't racist she wouldn't say things like "my baby is nothing but black." Considering Halle is half-white, and Gabriel is white, that means her daughter almost fully white. You make no sense candice, because you yourself are racist. And I'm speaking from a black man in his mid 20's point of view. So suck on that

What "ROCK" did you crawl from under and "WHERE" have "YOU" been living. I'm an African American Woman and I see racism perpetuated against "PEOPLE OF COLOR" regardless of the "COMPOSITION" of their heritage. Halle Berry is a "biracial" woman who has navigated the choppy waters of race relations all her life. If "ANYONE" knows how to raise a "biracial" child -- IT'S HER!!! Not some "SELFISH", "SHALLOW", "RACIST" who has a "DEFINITE" problem with his daughter's African American heritage. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

965 days ago
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