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Jay Leno Sued

Is This Some Kind of Sikh Joke?

1/24/2012 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

NO ONE mocks the Sikh religion and gets away with it ... not even Jay Leno -- at least that's the sentiment behind a new lawsuit, filed by one angry Sikh follower ... in Bakersfield, CA.

It's all over a recent segment on "The Tonight Show" (above) -- in which Jay pokes fun at the homes of several GOP candidates. We'll spare you, but the punchline is that Mitt Romney -- a famously wealthy businessman -- spends his summers in a solid gold palace.

As an illustration, Jay pulled up a photo of India's Harmandir Sahib -- aka the Golden Temple of Amritsar -- one of the most sacred buildings in the world to the Sikh people.

There's been a lot of outrage among Sikhs over the clip -- but one man in California named Dr. Randeep Dhillon took his religious fervor one step further ... filing a libel lawsuit against the late night host, claiming Leno is responsible for encouraging hatred and ridicule of his religion.

According to Randeep, the Romney joke "falsely portrays the holiest place in the Sikh religion as a vacation resort owned by a non-Sikh" ... THE HORROR.

Randeep is suing for general and punitive damages. A rep for NBC had no comment.


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What a crock. Nothing more than a money grab.

1004 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Here's what I suggest we do about this, drop several 5,000 lb bombs on the place and if they don't like THAT, then we just level the entire country.

1004 days ago


OH brother, you've got to be kidding. Right?

1004 days ago


GOD I am SO SICK OF PEOPLE!!! GET OVER IT! He's a (not so funny) comedian and comedians make fun of everyone! What gives you the right to think that, just because it hits close to home with you, that someone can't talk about it?!

1004 days ago


Immature moment: Can't stop giggling... Randeep?!

1004 days ago


Good Grief. Now I've heard it all.

1004 days ago


If everyone sued Leno for telling sh--ty jokes, we'd all live in golden palaces.

1004 days ago


lame comedian, lame joke, irrelevant correlation, and overly sensitive americans....what else is new

1004 days ago


Does he have a guy named Pounce in his family?

1004 days ago

Zippy Doodah    

Let's be honest! It's stupid law suits like this that are .."responsible for encouraging hatred and ridicule of his religion".

1004 days ago

Zippy Doodah    

Let's be honest! It's stupid law suits like this that are .."responsible for encouraging hatred and ridicule of his religion".

1004 days ago


What is this, the year 1511? Dr. Dhillon can rub my magic lantern. This is the USA, not the UAE. In this country we have this lovely thing called the 1st amendment.

1004 days ago


Oh, COME ON! Randeep is an idiot. Freedom of speech, pal. We got that here. We can say whatever we want. Besides, how in the heck does saying Romney vacations at a gold palace -- even YOUR palace -- promote hatred? Get over yourself, pal. TEAM LENO.

1004 days ago

Heres an Idea    

Welcome to America where you can actually make bad jokes at others expense. Freedom of speech may mean your occasionally offended by others words but every one is allowed their own views and freedom to express them. If your offended about someones comments regarding your beliefs maybe take the high road and just STFU and realize your in a place where people are allowed those rights.

1004 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

More whining from brown people and their religion. God put them on the other side of the world for a reason and now they're all emigrating here!!! There's nowhere to escape from this time unless we can colonize the Antarctic, they'll NEVER GO THERE.

1004 days ago
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