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Steve Tisch: Super Bowl

or Oscar ... Choose ONE!

1/24/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


It's Harvey's favorite question ever (this week) -- would you rather win an Oscar or a Super Bowl? We've got NY Giants co-owner/Oscar winner Steve Tisch ... the only man who's won both. You gotta see which one he treasures more.

Plus, Seal refuses to take off his wedding ring despite his split from Heidi Klum -- sounds sweet on the surface ... but most people think he's just delusional.

Also, Halle Berry's legal war with Gabriel Aubry rages on -- and our attorney, Elisabeth, has a very "heavy" opinion. 


(0:00) Halle Berry's nanny fails to get a restraining order against Gabriel Aubry -- Harvey will explain the entire saga ... without the use of notes.
(8:15) Our lawyer Elizabeth has doubts about the nanny's claims against Gabriel.
(11:00) Mike -- reporting live from a wind tunnel.
(17:45) Steve Tisch calls in to tell us which trophy means the most to him -- his Oscar for producing "Forrest Gump" or the Lombardi trophy he won with the NY Giants.
(23:00) Ryan makes a great point -- "Gump" will be enjoyed for years ... but no one's gonna watch Super Bowl XLII again.
(25:01) Where does Tisch keep his awards?
(32:00) Heidi Klum -- legally jock blocking Seal?
(34:20) Seal's keeping his ring on -- our staffers think it means he can't accept the fact that she's moving on.
(42:01) The Bruins' goalie snubs a visit to the White House -- did he screw his teammates over his political beliefs?


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Halle Berry might be beautiful on the outside, but pure Evil inside.I feel really bad for Nahla & Gabriel Aubry, hopefully his kindness and warm heart Superseed Halle's evil being.

1005 days ago

Mike Montealegre    

Me: The second the divorce becomes official.. --Take that! >:/

You'll just be hurting yourself longer by keeping it on--and it means you may have some kind of regret--and that means you either didn't do something, or you've done something wrong.. (i.e. torture)

[ you wouldn't have ended up in divorce when everything was just peachy right? ]

--Flip-side: By keeping it on, it shows that you love her more, and it makes her look like a b*tch as soon as she takes it off.. --But then again it's kinda futile (after a month: nobody likes a sad whiner anyway)..

--Best action: Take it off, say you've done your best and you'll miss her--but life goes on..

[ then go to a club--and yell: "I'm FREE bitches!!" XD ]


1005 days ago



1005 days ago


Poor guy and child. They are stuck having to deal with a woman who will act like a spoiled child forever. Nahla is going to resent her mother for keeping her from her father durring these preciouse years. This poor child is the real loser in this battle. These rich movie stars are so use to getting their way isn't it sad to see how they react when someone puts their foot down and tells them no!

1005 days ago

freaky de mierda    

por casualidad sigues mandandome gentuza de tu parte al piso??? para qué??? cuando lo vas a dejar hijo??? no te cansas de ser un freaky cabron y patético???

1005 days ago


Does Steve Tisch have a movie right nominated for an Oscar right now? His Giants are going to the super bowl. Which one you gonna pick?

1005 days ago


Harvey & Elizabeth am confused here. Do agree something doesn't smell kosher here--didn't a judge order that a nanny be present when Nahla stays overnight/certain situations? Are the nanny's June allegations part of the very same ones Halle's been having her lawyers hint to from the beginning?
RE: Halle's fake engagement---will they ever DNK. Publicity stunt for Dark Tide's March VOD (video on demand) and U.S. Theatrical release? Maybe. Ollie to get green card and launch U.S. career? DNK Halle being her hell bent self of creating drama for herself when she gets bored and goes after something new? Maybe. Can't have Gabe and OM both on payroll-who knows?
Don't buy the crap that Olivier is her rock and soul mate. She said the same thing about David, Eric and Gabe. David was with her through the dentist (married???) trying to sue her for $80K; Eric her two fender benders. Gabe her gay baby daddy -them trying to have an in-vitro child--can't say there was a real crisis until now. Yes, we know how all her relationships end with them being accused abusers, cheaters and racists. Halle's the common denominator here and maybe needs to not attract those in her life??? Ya think???

Is Harvey right about Halle bring the worst in the partners she chooses? Or does she have issues? Good question.

1005 days ago


Brilliant tactic by Heidi. Don't know who's story to believe. RE: Bruins player--that's his right to boycott going to the White House but I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to go there if invited.

1005 days ago


Spoken like a true gay "man"... Always defending the bitches... "Hally made poor choices in men---ever think that just MAYBE Halle is a bad choice in women. Just say'n.

1004 days ago


lost all respect for her..

1004 days ago
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