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Paula Deen

Screw Diabetes ...

I'm Eating a BURGER!!!

1/26/2012 6:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paula Deen cruising through her hamburgerType 2 diabetic Paula Deen is unfazed by her life-threatening disease -- practically unhinging her jaw this week on a Caribbean cruise ... to take a heart-stopping bite out of a cheeseburger.

The picture was snapped Monday on board a Celebrity cruise ship -- where the 65-year-old is currently tempting fate, hosting her annual "Party-at-Sea" vacation for 400 devoted followers. It's hard to see, but there are also fries on her plate.

The cruise left Miami on Saturday -- and it's set to visit Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten on the 7-day calorie-filled round trip.

So far, it's unclear if they serve salads.



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How much is her diabetes care costing Medicare?

1003 days ago


TMZ here is a breaking news you don't have published.....'GET A LIFE!"

1003 days ago


I wasn't going to comment, but after reading what other people wrote, I felt compelled to say something. Paula Deen is NOT tempting fate by eating a cheeseburger and fries. My mother has type 2 diabetes and on occasion she will eat a cheeseburger and fries or fried calamari. Foods do not cause diabetes. Genetics, being overweight, and eating unhealthy all of the time cause diabetes. You shouldn't make comments about something you have no actual clue about.

1003 days ago


Amen BB & Gigi!!! She is living her life to the fullest and I respect her for that!

1003 days ago


Really People! Leave Paula alone! Diabetes runs in my family. Eat in moderation. She has a D@$m hamburger and you think it's okay to judge? Seriously we as a country have nothing better to do? Economy? Work? Raising children with morels? And The best educating our self's not to get another ( Outrageously Bad Ass Mistake Americans) Obama!

1003 days ago


So What!! She can eat burgers, it's all about portion size and not eating all day long. I have a son with Type 1, he eats burgers with the bun. This really isn't news, it's kind of embarrassing you would make this news. Are you going make everyting she eats news. They can eat anythhing they want even cake with frosting. C

1003 days ago


Newsbreak TMZ, diabetics can eat cheeseburgers and fries. They cant eat them for every meal. She's on a cruise, let her enjoy herself like any other human being would be trying to do.

1003 days ago


So does my diabetic husband.. Not my funeral.

1003 days ago


wow, she eats a hambuger and everyone has a comment ,she 60 some years old and she shouldnt enjoy a hamberger,I LOVE THOSE THINGS AND THE GOOD THING ABOUT IT IS

1003 days ago

Eric Randalow    

Their are many heathly choices for the meat and the cheese Chef Dean may have made the burger out of..So do not jugde her unless you are sure that the meal was a bad choice. Remimber She is a Chef and Chef are trained in nutrition. I know I was trained in nutrition and it's part of the standard training.. So Bite me...

1003 days ago


My mom had diabetes continued to eat unhealthy foods (okay in moderation) but my Mom did not moderate. She made it to 65 had 2 mini strokes and than got stage IV pancreatic cancer all these have a greater chance of happening if you are diabetic and overweight and older all 3 of which Paula is, she should eat whats she wants certainly but just like my Mother it will catch up with her. Now my Mom is not around to see her grandchildren grow up and its sad all because of lifestyle choices.

1003 days ago


Um, how do we know that it wasn't a garden burger, soy or tofu?

1003 days ago


Um just because you have diabetes doesn't mean you can't eat a burger! not every meal but heck nobody should as long as she watched her carbs the rest of the day she it's just fine.

1003 days ago


What does eating a cheeseburger have to do with diabetes? Diabetics aren't restricted to salads. I didn't see a mention of her having high blood pressure or cholesterol levels, and even people with those conditions can enjoy a burger and fries every once in awhile. Come on people, grow up and get a life.

1003 days ago


That's like telling someone with herpes to abstain from sex. Not gonna happen lol. Diabetes is genetic and she is on a cruise. Let her enjoy herself! Ya'll are crazy!

1003 days ago
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