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Super Bowl XLVI

Indy's Servin' Up

Down Home Cooking

1/26/2012 12:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0126_superbowl_food_composite_superbowl_exCelebs piling into Super Bowl XLVI (46 to non-Romans) luxury suites better bring their own grub if they want fancy finger foods ... because TMZ has learned this year's stadium menu is loaded with home-style comforts.

While the Giants and Patriots do battle at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis -- Centerplate catering will dish up some Midwest favorites:

-- Braised Buffalo Short Ribs featuring natural buffalo in a classic French braise
-- Heartland Farm Table platter with local veggie selections
-- Chef designed Chicken Pot Pie

Basically ... sushi lovers stay home.

However, average joes in run-of-the-mill super expensive SB seats can get Indianapolis Shrimp Cocktails ... which we're told is legendary -- despite Indy being landlocked.

Oh, and there's a sweet consolation for the NFL teams that didn't make it to the big game. All team owners get a giant jar of mixed M&Ms in their team's colors.

Feel better now, Baltimore and San Fran?

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No Avatar


Wow someone has to go 4-5 hours without sushi. great story.

1003 days ago


So this is the best news you got to offer, huh TMZ?

So F'n Weak.

1003 days ago


the "Indianapolis shrimp ****tails" ?
i have never heard of any such thing. i have had st. elmo's shrimp ****tail and those are definitely the best anywhere. i have tried many many places all over but theirs is by far, the best. you can taste the fresh daily made sauce. everywhere else- the other places taste like ketchup.
st elmo's in indy is easily the best anywhere in the world no doubt!

1003 days ago


It's not about the shrimp, it's about the ****tail sauce. Made fresh throughout the day, using tons of fresh horseradish. Indy is quite famous for it!!

1003 days ago


lol, whatever. you can get sushi just about anywhere in indy, not to mention that the calibur of dining establishments in downtown indianapolis would blow your mind. i think quite a few people are going to be pleasantly surprised by what we have to offer.

1003 days ago


You're fussing about the finger food? I'm surprised you aren't complaining about it being a smoking city.

1003 days ago


Centerplate is the worst company ever!! Aside from avoiding bankruptcy on a regular basis, promote employees that steal, bounce checks...they serve Sysco prepackaged and prepared foods. Centerplate simply warms up or ices down these "favorites"!

1003 days ago


HA...you west coasters will be REALLY surprised with coverage from INDY super bowl. indy is a great..hip..cultural..sport town...and where you in Cal. buy houses for 4 mil that are maybe 560...0 sq ft...here in indy 4 mil will get you a 30,000 sq ft house!
Our state operates within budget and is not in debt..and yes we have TOO many sushi places

1003 days ago


What a crock! I live in a town in Indiana that is about 70 miles from Indy. I ain't never had no buffalo short ribs, don't have a clue what a farm table platter is and their ain't no local vegetables right now cause its winter (duh)and how legendary can a shrimp ****tail be? Its shrimp on ice with red sauce! If you want local food you can do a lot better than what they are serving at the stadium.

1003 days ago


soo i love how yall are just being so sarcastic about the niners losing , but its okay though because they only one by a field goal and luck , soo about that sarcasm , CUT IT OUT . oh and about the food , who gives a **** ?!

1003 days ago


Indianapolis shrimp ****tails are nothing to rave about, in general. St. Elmo's shrimp ****tails are the best anywhere, fresh horseradish changes everything.

1003 days ago

Lacton Mepps    

If you want to try original Indiana eats you got to have a breaded pork tenderloin sandwich. Damn theyre good and nobody makes em like the Hoosiers do.

1003 days ago


IMAGINE THAT real food,, who would have thought it. assuming they are using st elmo's ****tail sauce, get ready for a special treat! however word of warning,, if you do not like horse radish, don't eat it.

1003 days ago


come on TMZ clear the freaken SPAM

1003 days ago

Katie Farley    

Indy is a world class city. Anyone who doesn't think so has not visited the wonderful downtown area. Years and years ago, there were only a few cities that could offer the best in dining, shopping and culture. Those days are long gone. Anything you want to do in LA and NYC you can do in Indianapolis - just on a smaller and more affordable scale.

1003 days ago
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