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Halle & Gabriel ...

Nahla's Not the Problem

1/30/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


All hell is breaking loose in Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry's battle over Nahla -- he's taking anger management classes and 3-year old Nahla needs therapy? But maybe the only people who need therapy are Halle and Gabriel. We're thinking the judge should put them in therapy.

Plus, should Jerry Sandusky be allowed to see his grandkids? We think the answer is ... yes. Let us explain. Also, Prez Obama's invitation to sing on "American Idol" -- Charles says it's a horrible idea, but Harv thinks it could put him back in the White House!


(2:30) Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry's nuclear custody war takes another turn for the worse.
(4:00) Mike says Nahla isn't the one who needs counseling ... Halle and Gabriel do.
(10:04) Breaking news -- Newt Gingrich sued for using "Eye of the Tiger" on the campaign trail.
(12:01) Should Sandusky be able to see his grandkids? Evan argues that he's innocent until proven guilty.
(17:50) Harvey's debate skills trap Charles in a corner.
(21:02) The saddest story -- a struggling actor puts his dog to sleep -- then feels so bad about it he commits suicide. 
(27:01) Yep, talking about donkey semen again.
(28:20) NBC pulled the "Fear Factor" episode -- why?
(47:00) Harvey says something so ridiculous ... Charles has to walk it off.


No Avatar


Halle Berry is such a MEGA BITCH...and Jerry Sandusky would only shower with his grandkids if left alone......these two are low life azz oles!

994 days ago


Halle Berry continues to prove to the world she has HORRIBLE taste in men! She picked the prettiest man she could find to have a baby with and turns out, he's got anger issues. Poor Nahla!

994 days ago


Wow, how much did Halle's people pay you to post her custody battle with a post of an alleged child molester?? Both TMZ and her team are reallllllllllllly stretching it and and walking a line. Reprehensible. Nahla's dad is still her dad and always will be. Unlike Halle's father he WANTS to be in his daughter's life and is probably dealing (naturally) with very strong emotions over this endless fight with her narcisstic, wealthy/ famous/well connected, emotionally unbalanced mother. Breaching a custody a agreement by giving your young daughter pizza on a non-cheat day is ridiculous by any standards and setting her up for eating and body disorders later on. It's as crazy as Madonna insisting her kids only swim Kabhala water or something? Really? Let them be KIDS for gods sake and work on making sure she has a close, longterm relationship with her father...but that would take compromise, something Im sure Halle Berry is not willing to do for anyone's sake.

994 days ago


HELL NO, he should not see his grandkids. And if his son or daughter or whatever allows it, than they are incredibly stupid.
If that was my children and there grandfather did something like that, they would never speak or hear from him AGAIN. EVER.

994 days ago


I think it's a fine idea for Sandusky to see his grand kids -- as long as it's from behind bars.

994 days ago


Didnt Halle Berry use an Egg Donor and the child is not actually hers?? Is this why the father feels the child is really his, as HIS sperm was used but Halle was too old to produce an egg??? Halle Berry may be worried that the real father may now want to tell the child that Halle is NOT her mother, but her mother is an Egg Donor. Although I dont know why they call them egg DONORS when they are really egg sellers, they SELL their eggs, they dont DONATE them. Halle must be very worried that the child will find out that she is NOT the biological mother.

994 days ago


Why not? And while he's with them maybe he can teach them the proper way to take a shower.

994 days ago

Cheryl A.    

HORRIBLE idea!!!! Why not ask to s4e his adult children. This man should NEVER be with children EVER!!

994 days ago


Halle will never give up trying to get Gabriel out of their daughters life.

994 days ago


"Innocent until proven guilty" is a myth except in certain aspects of trials. Otherwise, bail bonds and pre-trial detention would not exist.

994 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

What's happening with Heidi Klum? Will she legally drop the name Samuel?

994 days ago


Yeah, He probably wants to see his grand kids cause he knows he's going in the slammer.

994 days ago


he is horny let him rape his grand kids I mean see his grand kids naked no wait what i mean is yeah no

994 days ago


Haven't watched this show in months because it never airs on time. Thought perhaps things had improved. It is so disrespectful of your audience. Guess it should be permanently off the list.

994 days ago


Considering that there is no allegations against his grandchildren and he has not been found guilty, he should be allowed to have SUPERVISED visits with his grandchildren. Yes the allegations are horrible but people need to remember the basic concepts of our law, innocent until proven guilty.

994 days ago
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