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Michael Vick


At NY Fashion Week

1/31/2012 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

mike vick eagles
Michael Vick says his publicist's identity has been stolen -- claiming some stranger has been calling around New York for Fashion Week invites on the quarterback's behalf ... without his permission.

There are reports Vick put his rep on a powerdialing mission for NY Fashion Week invites next month -- but the NFL star's actual rep Chris Shigas tells TMZ ... he's being framed.

According to Shigas, neither he nor Vick has put in requests for invites to the giant citywide fashion events -- often attended by pro athletes like Amar'e Stoudemire.

Shigas adds, Vick doesn't even WANT to go to Fashion Week -- and if he finds out who's been making the phony phone calls ... they're in for trouble.

As for rumors Vick is tying the knot this summer -- Shigas tells us, that's all still up in the air.


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Dog slaughtering POS Vick needs to go kill himself

998 days ago


Vick may as well be a pedophile. Anyone who does to animals what he has, is no better than a child molester!

998 days ago


Who would want this dfn anywhere besides hell!

998 days ago

Miss Greta    

Can't wait for this turd blossom's career to end and his sorry a$$ is broke and homeless. S***bags like he NEVER change, it's just an act.

998 days ago


This dirty ass should be band from the world.

998 days ago


Who cares what Vick does or says? You're a waste of oxygen for most, and the fools that pay you and think you're a role model are all idiots. You are an animal abuser. You are an animal KILLER. You always will be. There is no remorse from you and never will be. You don't care anything about animals, just your paycheck. I wouldn't support you or your team if they paid me.

998 days ago


All you retards still harping on old sh*t with Vick STFU seriously. Or go kill yourself one of the two. I'm an animal lover and pet owner myself. Believe me I know what it's like to loose a pet. I would never want to see them get hurt. The man did his time and paid his dues, seems remorseful so stop being little b*tches. He said it was something he grew up with and it was ingrained in him at an early age from his peers. So obviously that moral value was stripped away from him before he knew it was wrong. You people don't give this much grief to people who murder human beings or rape kids. Laura Bush ran over a classmate and killed him when she was younger. That got swept under the rug like only a 1% family could do. Jerry Sandusky as we all know raped the sh*t out of little black kids. Michael Vick gets more flack than the two of them combined.

998 days ago


this son of a bitch should still be in prison for murdering all those poor dogs,and not getting millions of dollars from the nfl.according to the nfl you can murder dogs abuse women ,rape women ,carry guns and do what ever you want,and get a pat on the ass and a **** load of money ,why? because they can throw a f ing football.

998 days ago


Re: Cochise -

Firstly, the fact that you referred to the past commenters as 'retards", shows your lack of welfare for any human being.
Secondly, you need a little more education. Michael Vick REPEATEDLY electrocuted, strangled, drowned, etc. helpless dogs when they were deemed useless for his monetary gain. He must have enjoyed it, because he kept doing it. to defend him by saying it was "due to his childhood rearing" is laughable. What a pathetic defense. And to top it off, this douche got a few years in a minimum security prison, and pretty much had the NFL roll out the red carpet for him after his release. Hardly a punishment for a sick f*k who practices torture on helpless victims.
Get a life!

998 days ago


P.S. TMZ......no one CARES what this waste of flesh does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

998 days ago


Of course he doesn't want to be there...he would rather be murdering animals. What a waste of space.

998 days ago


I bet Vick would probably do physical harm to the guy who stole his rep's identity. Jack offs who do the kind of things he did and allowed others to do to innocent animals will move on to commit violent crimes against people. There's been a scientifically proven link between animal abuse and crimes against humans. Think about it, this man electrocuted dogs, helped skin them alive, fed weak dogs to stronger dogs to make them more aggressive, beat them, starved them... no telling what he'd really do to a person. Whoever is engaged to him better watch out too. A man like that doesn't reform. Evil and Vile doesn't just go away.

998 days ago


How worthless do you have to be to kill a dog?

998 days ago


You Micheal **** are a total waste of space on this planet.I hope you get hit by a bus and live the rest of your life in a wheelchair only able to move your eyes.

998 days ago

small asian penis    

Michael Vick can suck balls, and I will continue to boycott the Eagles.

998 days ago
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