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'CSI' Creator's Wife

My Hubby Makes a FORTUNE


2/7/2012 2:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who created the "CSI" shows is raking in $25k per episode for EACH of the three series on the air ... this according to his estranged wife who claims she can't figure out why he deserves to keep getting paid ... and even worse, she says she's been totally cut off.

Jennifer Zuiker just filed new legal docs in her divorce from Anthony Zuiker ... in which she claims Anthony hasn't given her a dime in child and spousal support since she called off the marriage last April.

According to the docs, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Jennifer is demanding $1,000,000 to pay her lawyers and accountants while they work out a  long term financial arrangement. Plus she wants a judge to sign off on an order that would force Anthony to shell out $54,282 in monthly support. After all, Jennifer claims she spends $158,827 in monthly expenses including:

-- personal living expenses ............$91,882
-- children's personal expenses ... $5,236
-- costs related to houses .............. $61,710

In an effort to convince the judge that Anthony can afford it ... Jennifer spells out his yearly income -- an estimated $1.6 MILLION ... and that's JUST from the "CSI" franchise.

Jennifer notes in the docs, "It has not been determined what, if anything, [Anthony] is doing to earn those funds."

Jennifer claims Anthony is also banking a bunch of cash from a new show he's developing for ABC called "Chameleon" ... plus, she believes he's also getting paid for various speaking engagements.

However, in the docs, Jennifer admits the kids spend 40% of the time with Anthony ... and sources connected to the couple say its actually more than that.

A hearing is set for March. Stay tuned ...


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She better hope he continues to rake in the $$ so she can too. What some people don't get is that the guy just doesn't get to walk away. He's got kids to support in the style to which they would be if they hadn't separated/divorced. And depending how long they've been married, she gets some too. That's how it is. That doesn't make her a gold digger, his avoiding it (especially child support) makes him an azz hole.

989 days ago

Liar Xposed    

This story is beyond hysterical. If everyone really, REALLY knew the real Jennifer. Keep digging people, and you'll find plenty of goodies on her. Mugshots. Restraining orders. Ex-boyfriends in other countries while married. Rehab. ....Vegas is a small town and doesn't mind speaking for free.

989 days ago


She doesn't deserve that amount in any way. I'm shocked her monthly expenses are 158k per month and she is still so damn ugly. So the gold digger is basically saying she wants 100% of his gross pay (no taxes) or 150% net (impossible). This "woman" is crazy and should be put in the nut house or rehab immediately. Obviously she is lying, broke, or can't work. She should get 50% community property max.

989 days ago


You gold-digging c-word! Get a mutha f---ing job, mooch. 160...K? A month? You are insane!

989 days ago


WTF is she spending 158K on per month???? Is she serious? There are families who live on half of that for an entire YEAR. 91K for personal living expenses? what exactly are these expenses when she is spending another 60K on house related expenses? I think some people move to LA and lose their damn minds. Bitch needs to get out and find a job.

989 days ago

Someone's goldfish    

The creators and executive producers of TV shows usually make the big money when the show goes into syndication.

989 days ago


This ho wants a free ride

989 days ago

Silverado Mom    

She is entitled to what she was accustomed to. And their kids don't deserve to be treated like pawns. They deserve to be cared for in the lifestyle in which they too were accustomed to. If they live with her, so be it. Then she is the one the payments should go to. Otherwise, get the D.A. involved. Emotions should never have anything to do with these decisions. All too often they are. And the kids are in the middle. Mediation might be needed here.

989 days ago


Get a job troll and stop spreading your chicken legs for a paycheck bitch!

989 days ago

Jay W.     

Anthony... may your attorneys send this gold digging witch to the bowels of hell.

Some support... absolutely, but you need to cut your costs b.i.t.c.h. $91,882 in personal living expenses.. gfy.

989 days ago


GET WHAT YOU CAN WHILE THE GETTING IS GOOD.......CSI is FADING! You should have divorced his fat ass long ago!

989 days ago


I love how the low bagging males on your page take the side of the man.. THE MAN is the PIG OINK OINK OINK.......WHY BUY THE WHOLE PIG if your only gonna end up w/ stretch marks, kids , court battle & a SMALL ASS SAUSAGE!

989 days ago


Funny,This filthy woman was cheating on him since their first child was born. She was shacked up with one of her BOYFRIENDS(who worked for her husband LOL) in england and was barely here in the states infact their second child may not even be his he supposedly took a private dna test but never revealed the results to family or friends cause he cares about the child that much.

The other dude in this thread is right their is so much dirt on this cow that if it was made into a tv show it would last 10 seasons. Now that's an idea she can make money off of.

Infidelity,Drugs,Sex,Tattoo's,Crazy mid life crisis activity,Using her children as pawns and the list goes on and on. I feel bad for the dude I tell ya.

She's beyond disgusting.

989 days ago


See ladies? this is a prime example of why dudes don't commit or even look outside of America for a mate. Are all US women like that? Of course not, but the princess image that's been put into a lot of minds over the past two generations is jackin people.

989 days ago


Is that all you want? Imagine that, 158k a month = 1.8 M a year. Fuzzy math gf, he ONLY makes 1.6 M from CSI.

989 days ago
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