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'CSI' Creator's Wife

My Hubby Makes a FORTUNE


2/7/2012 2:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who created the "CSI" shows is raking in $25k per episode for EACH of the three series on the air ... this according to his estranged wife who claims she can't figure out why he deserves to keep getting paid ... and even worse, she says she's been totally cut off.

Jennifer Zuiker just filed new legal docs in her divorce from Anthony Zuiker ... in which she claims Anthony hasn't given her a dime in child and spousal support since she called off the marriage last April.

According to the docs, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Jennifer is demanding $1,000,000 to pay her lawyers and accountants while they work out a  long term financial arrangement. Plus she wants a judge to sign off on an order that would force Anthony to shell out $54,282 in monthly support. After all, Jennifer claims she spends $158,827 in monthly expenses including:

-- personal living expenses ............$91,882
-- children's personal expenses ... $5,236
-- costs related to houses .............. $61,710

In an effort to convince the judge that Anthony can afford it ... Jennifer spells out his yearly income -- an estimated $1.6 MILLION ... and that's JUST from the "CSI" franchise.

Jennifer notes in the docs, "It has not been determined what, if anything, [Anthony] is doing to earn those funds."

Jennifer claims Anthony is also banking a bunch of cash from a new show he's developing for ABC called "Chameleon" ... plus, she believes he's also getting paid for various speaking engagements.

However, in the docs, Jennifer admits the kids spend 40% of the time with Anthony ... and sources connected to the couple say its actually more than that.

A hearing is set for March. Stay tuned ...


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Wow, who needs that much money for personal living expenses? Not even house related either, where the hell does it all go?! This lady is way too spoiled, needs a serious taste of reality.

988 days ago


With $158 grand, she seriously needs to find someone to do her eyebrows!

988 days ago


Normally TMZ doesn’t proof read their posts for spelling and missing words, but now you aren’t proofing your math. If the wife says she spends $158,827 per MONTH that means she spends $1.9 Million per YEAR ($158,827 x 12). You then say the husband makes $1.6 million per year. That doesn’t make sense.

988 days ago


Seems excessive. He's rich, but not 50k a month rich. She needs to stop spending so much on her personal expenses.

988 days ago


Women need to learn to provide for themselves, if she wants to divorce obviously her life and expenses have to change, I don't see why the former husband have to finance it, get a job lady, the only obligation of this man is toward his son period.

988 days ago


Why is it always the man that has to pay up like this? I never hear of any rich women having to pay this kind of spousal and child support!

988 days ago


Jeez! 91K for "personal living expenses" 5K for the kid and 61K for the house...Per month! There are people who manage to live off that (and less) for an entire YEAR!

988 days ago


Get a f**king JOB you lazy ass money grubbing bish no tallent bish. $91,882 per month?!! Your life style just changed by your choice. Deal with it.

988 days ago


Regardless of "WHAT" went on during their marriage, without a "prenup" in place, Anthony Zuiker's wife does have the right to ask for both "spousal and child support". Of course, she's not going to receive more financial compensation than the amount of income he generates on an annual basis. They're going to have to "split" the value of their marital assets down the middle. Furthermore, if it can be proven that she made "substantial" contributions to help launch his very successful television franchise, she may be entitled to a portion of the royalties he receives from CSI. Folks if Jennifer Zuiker was "good enough" to marry and have his children without a "prenup" in place, then she's certainly "good enough" to receive the "maximum" amount of financial compensation that the law allows. The Zuiker's divorce is quite typical. The wife is "OVER INFLATING" her expenses while the husband is "UNDERSTATING" his income. Like it or "NOT", this divorce "ISN'T" going to be "CHEAP" for Anthony Zuiker.

988 days ago


$25k an episode? Does anyone else think the 'creator' of some of the most popular shows on tv is getting totally ripped off by his own production? I'm willing to bet some of the actors who do not carry the show are making more an episode than the man who created it.

988 days ago


What a lazy bitch. He probably hasn't paid child support because he knows shell spend it all on coke and overpriced clothes. He's most likely bought everything in the house, so I think she could bare to get herself off her ass and get a job.

988 days ago


WTF?? How do you spend that much a month??
I can understand demanding some child support which would include having a roof over your head (a modest roof)... but chick seems to think she deserves everything including the farm. Holy crap woman.. go get a job!

988 days ago


Outrageous!!! The only thing he should be paying is the child expenses and any court ordered alimony. This BS about her house expenses, well if she can't afford the expenses then she needs to downsize. I don't think 90something thousand is needed for personal(alimony)expenses anyway. He shouldn't have to keep up her lipo, facelifts, hair coloring, just because they are divorced. Alimony and child expenses, that's it. Get a JOB lady...

988 days ago


create your own show and stop sponging!

988 days ago


Wait? This woman, is trying to rat Anthony out for "not doing anything" to earn the money, but she wants to sit home, and shop (doing nothing) and get paid for that. She should just be greatful that she took "the ride" with Tony, and be happy with what she gets. WTF?

988 days ago
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