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'My Husband Cannot F*cking

Throw the Ball AND Catch'

2/6/2012 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gisele Bundchen comforts Tom Brady at the Super BowlGisele is saying what EVERY Patriots fan was thinking last night ... Tom Brady needed some "f*cking" help from his teammates during the Super Bowl.

On her way out of the stadium last night, the supermodel was heckled by New York Giants fans ... one who screamed, "Eli owns your husband."

Gisele didn't shout back ... but turned to a friend and said, "My husband can not f****ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can't believe they dropped the ball so many times."

Clearly, G was taking a shot at Wes Welker, Aaron Hernandez ... and every other Pats player who CHOKED during the big game.

The comment was captured on tape and has already hit the Internet.

A short time later, Gisele could be seen comforting her hubby in the bowels of the stadium.

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After getting Bridget Moynahan pregnant, this classy gentleman left her for this ridiculous, vacuous "supermodel". Nothing either of them could say or do would surprise me...

990 days ago


Brady's wife has no language skills and no class. Pitiful excuses. Brady does not compare to Eli's class, ability and humility. Go Giants!!

990 days ago


I suspect that Wes Welker realizes that Gisele was just upset and being supportive of Tom. Tom wanted to win this Super Bowl BADLY ... especially since the Patriots lost to the Giants in the 2007 Super Bowl.

Still ... I bet privately Wes Welker probably is depressed about what Gisele said. Wes is an emotional kind of player. He was really choked up after the game.

990 days ago


The Pats lost the game because the receivers could not catch the damn balls...plain and simple...Gisele is right on this one...Go Falcons...

990 days ago


Is this chick just plain stupid Has she not seen a football game EVER Hey Gisele Think of what State and City the Super Bowl was played in Manning Country of course people are going to root for the Giants Eli is Peyton's little brother,and People HATE YOUR F-CKING Husband and his team with that being said Giants 2- Patriots 0 in rematches.

On a side note when Brady threw in the 1st and he did not pass it to anyone and he sat on the ground pouting that was Vintage Tom Brady because he sucks and I think the owner of The Pats should fire him and Bill Bellecheck.

990 days ago


Shady Brady and Billacheat got what they deserved! Giants rocked the house!

990 days ago

El Gonzo    

I never called Bill Belichick a genius,
Cause I remember when he coached the Browns,
He was such a failure up in Cleveland,
The franchise folded up and left the town,
I never said Tom Brady was a hero,
Cause I remember him at Michigan,
Bringing Gatorade to Brian Griese,
Except for garbage time when he got in,

So wasn't it a little shady when this quarterback named Brady,
Suddenly became a mega star,
Wasn't it a bit confusing when this coach who's used to losing,
Earned the reputation that he's smart,
When you know which plays are coming, it can make a coach look cunning,
And make an average quarterback elite,
Cheating's how they got their glory, it's the true deceitful story,
Of Shady Brady and Bill Belicheat,

The tabloids say they've cheated on their girlfriends,
And someone should review their SATs,
The IRS should look into their taxes,
And their colleges should check out their degrees,
Mangini knew the tricks that they were using,
So he convinced the Jets to turn them in,
Cause he was getting sick and tired of losing,
To a team that has to cheat to win,

But Brady's made a lot of money and he's scored a lot of honeys,
By showing off his championship rings,
Bill's been praised because he's clever, and called the greatest ever,
And lived with all the luxuries that brings,
But let's confiscate their Sony's, and expose them both as phonies,
And see how many teams that they can beat,
Some would say it won't be any, if it is, it won't be many,
Poor Shady Brady and Bill Belicheat,
No more lucky play selection, into proper blitz protection,
For Shady Brady and Bill Belicheat,
Cause cheating's how they got their glory, it's the true deceitful story,
Of Shady Brady and Bill Belicheat ...

990 days ago


seriously who cares what she thinks..she is a dumb broad..get back in bed and shut up..and swallow

990 days ago


Brady didn't loose this game his receivers did. If I were her I would of said the same thing...if you watched the game, you too would say the same thing. Plus Manning and his family SUCK!!snobss.... She right, truth hurts!! His team lose the game not QB.

990 days ago


her dipsh*t husband should learn to MAN UP and not pout like a 4 yr old when sh*t isn't going his way..I saw the defeated look in his face after the 1st quarter, does that make any sense? he lost, suck it Gis brains (what a fcuking horrible nickname)

990 days ago


And this is exactly why I wanted New York to win, this big mouth bitch...Perhaps if you weren't there he would have won!

990 days ago


Gisele should probably apologize to the Patriots receivers group. Maybe send them a card or something at least.

It's not like other Patriots fans aren't saying the same things about "who screwed up" ... but it probably stings a good bit coming from Tom's wife. The players are probably thrilled to hang out with her at Patriots parties and so forth.

Maybe Gisele could round up a bunch of her supermodel friends and they could try to go "cheer up" the receivers group today ... in an X rated kind of way if they want to. :-)

990 days ago


She's an underwear model who's arrogant as hell and rich because some people think she's pretty. Of course she's a bitch.

990 days ago

Big D    

Breaking news: Models say stupid stuff all the time. She gets paid to walk around in her underwear and is very good at it. Unfortunately, it does not mean she is a genius.

990 days ago


Boo friggin hoo! STFU and stop crying. The biggest game of Tom's career and he could not get the job done or motivate his team to perform! Brady had mistakes too not just his teammates. Too bad, so sad!

990 days ago
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