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This Strip Club Needs a Carpet


2/8/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ne-Yo makes it RAIN at a strip clubNe-Yo went on a redecorating mission last weekend at an Atlanta strip club -- dropping so much money on naked booty-shakers ... he literally covered the floor with singles ... and TMZ has obtained the pics.

Ne-Yo hit up the strip club on Saturday night with his fiancee/baby mama -- the one in leopard print -- and sources tell us, he rained down between $3,000-$5,000 in ones.

We're told he didn't drink a drop of alcohol either -- keeping mostly to himself in the VIP room for two hours between midnight and 2AM.

Just enough time to take over the entire club.


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Stop with the stupid racial comments. Whites do the same thing. It's not a Black/White thing. Either you have class or you don't!

905 days ago


smmfh.. why the f*ck did she even come with him to the club.. she's dumb for going... i thought he was better person than this n especially that now he's a father now... what a gentleman

905 days ago

Ron Wilson    

To bad we can throw an R&B singer in the group with Rappers as well as classifying all blacks as classless ignorant entertainers! So on the next trashy post about Lindsey Lohan I'll just some my quote up with all whites are trash! Ignorant huh? So are most of your thoughts. How about next time we put a picture, address, or at least phone number to put a face to the cowards making these statements! If I wanted this I'd go to MTO!

905 days ago


Maybe the two of them could go to college and be productive members of society?

905 days ago


I like how all you people are hating on Ne-Yo!
Obvisouly, you are all ones to be talking.
First, he is and R&B singer!
Second, stop complaining about the cross, most of you people don't go to church or pray at night.
And lastly, Ne-Yo is one of our generations top songwriters, he is loaded with millions. And I'm sure most of you don't have $5,000 dollars to spend.

905 days ago


Since when is touching permitted at strip clubs?

905 days ago


I can't believe the "OMG stupid black rapper" and similar comments. I guess no other race EVER goes to strip club and parties with money they worked hard for.

For one thing, the article said that he didn't drink at all. I know there are members white and famous who get drugged up or liquored up and paint the town red. But, its OK for them...

905 days ago


Yeah, I can't wait to go with my man to watch him throw some money on a chick degrading herself because that will show me how much he truly LOVES ME... Ladies men who go to strip clubs have NO respect for women and even less respect for you for even wanting you to participate..Girl you better get a pole in your room and dance for him yourself.

905 days ago

Sam Karr    

classy fella. so insecure and weak, that he has to show off like this. sad.

905 days ago


Geesh, must be nice to just toss money on the floor, decorate people with it, etc. I work hard every day and my check goes out as soon as it comes in. I would love to have HALF of what's on that floor, even if it is only dirty 1 dollar bills.

905 days ago


Most of you idiots commenting are ignorant and racist. RICH people love the strip club.....bottom line. They are not going broke from throwing a few hundred or thousand dollars worth singles in the strip club. Let him and his grown ass woman enjoy themselves. At least she is enjoying with him and not sneaking off to pay to sleep with these strippers....white people and tiger woods.

905 days ago


This nasty no matter what color! Let's all get osme morals why don't we? Come on, it's not that hard! Respect will follow!

905 days ago


Bet he feels like a real baller with all those ones LMAO...

905 days ago


Someone needs to tell him that a rosary is not a necklace.

905 days ago

Hey Girl Haaay    

What a disgrace.

905 days ago
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