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Kim K and Reggie Bush

TOGETHER in Beverly Hills

2/13/2012 9:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian has REUNITED with her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush ... breaking bread with the NFL player at the Beverly Hills Hotel this weekend ... TMZ has learned.

Multiple sources tell us ... the two were smiling and laughing during the lunch date ... and played it cool when fans approached them for pictures and autographs.

We're told it seemed just like old times ... before Kim went off and married/divorced that other guy whose name we can't remember.

Sources say the two have been spending A LOT of time together in the past few days ... but it's unclear if it's a full-on reconciliation.

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Such a nice role model for young girls. If anyone has ever shown the world "How to be a skank Whore" KK is it.I can only imagine how nasty her vagina is...

948 days ago



948 days ago


Too bad they did not find Kim Kartrashian under water
in the bathtub at the Beverly Hills Hotel this weekend.
Maybe NEXT time. I see white men just weren't her
"thing"...BEWARE all black men with penis's...Kim
is on the HUNT.

948 days ago

Medusas Rage    

The last few days have been great without mention of these Kockroaches. Here we go... They can't just go away can they? Kim just needs to be in the spotlight so she will do anything to try to be the headline. Sick.

948 days ago


Im glad. Reggie is who Kim really loved. Kris was just a rebound that she took too far. If he loves her people should let it be. Everyone has a past and when you love someone it doesnt matter. Good for them.

948 days ago


More bogus reporting by TMZ!

On their website they have a story - 2/13/12 1:00 AM stating the CORONER's office has spoken to Whitney's family about the cause of death - meds not drowning.
NATIONAL NEWS reports Chief Coroner has spoken out against INTERNET TABLOID reports - HE HAS NOT SPOKEN about this to the family because it is not known at this time!!! Not all tests are in.

KK's story is just to get in the cycle for the week.
Remember her MOMMIE DEAREST made sure the divorce & news happened on a MOnday to stay in the press for the week as opposed to being lost over a weekend.

TMZ/Walters & KJenner sitting in a tree....
K- I - S - S - I - N - G

And now all of a sudden we see photos of this precious family going to church........in mini dress & platform hills no less! GAG!!!

948 days ago


Personally, I hope it's just a rumor. I would think Reggie would have more sense then to go back down that road, but if it's actually true, then he's clearly had one too many helmut to helmut clashes on the football field.

948 days ago


she'll do anything for fame.. another publicity stunt!!! Trust me im sure this was all kims slick idea.... And trust that i know reggie isn't going back to that skank !! He's too good for her! She's such a money hungry fame whore!! I hope kris H. proves that marriage was a fraud ..!! PLEASE!

948 days ago


I am sure her vagina smells like a landfill on a 100 degree day, I have decided...

948 days ago


Like the saying goes... "Once you have black, you wont go back.

This pig obviously loves the black schvancey!

948 days ago

buzz kill    

Did he have a full bladder? I guess we will have to wait for the movie.

948 days ago


Nooo Reggie you just rushed for 1,000 yards don't do it and throw away your career!

948 days ago



948 days ago


Regie is having a press confrnece at 6 pm
Hes going to tell his fans not to worry hes not back with the most HATED- one, that he only had lunch with her, beaucse she keepd callling him and he felt sorry for her and had lucnh with her to ask her to stop calling.
KIm thought they would have lunch then get a room butt Regie turned down her request for sex. He wants to go on record tonight that he is not screwing kim and never well again.
He loves the PR though. In his presser he well let us know what he ate and what they talked about and then let us all know he has sense raised he standard for who he dates'
and tried to explain that to kim. Kim said she was just happy that she had a reason to be seen with him and be on TMZ. she called ahead to let the paps know where she was going to be but only a few turned up this time.
The paps were not only busy chasing down whintys body butt
sense kim lies so mcuh they knew the DATE with Regie was
all smoke and mirrors agian. Kim promised them an exclusive
but pics of her even with Regie arent worth a drop in the bucket compared to a pic of the van carrying W.H;s dead body. TMZ agreed to post her "exculsive" this one last time after this TMZ has asked her not to phone in any more of her exculsives unless they are REAL, and news worthy.
TMZ knows there was nothing to the DATE but a sad atempt
for kim to be relavant this week., barf.
TMZ and Regie busch go befor the cameras today to tell the world they are no longer drinking the KKK koolaid.
(Kim said she was done with ball plyers then sets up a fake date with one.) Typical manulpuation of the Press.
Everyone is SICK of it.
Bringing back the good old days when we could trust our news soruces to tell us the truth.
Does any one realy belive that Regie would take married Kim whith sores all over her body up to the hotel to get
possibley infected with more than just sores. even Regie isnt depearte enough for sex to do that. But he is depsrte to get kim to stop calling him every five seconds.
As much as he loves being int he press he knws kim isnt worth it.

948 days ago


He needs to run from that insane girl. I don't care how much money she has, she is a train wreck. The whole K clan are just rednecks with money. RB is too good for her. Maybe he will wake up. She will do anything for attention, including hanging out with him, because she knows the media will be all over that. If she says one more time that she wants her privacy, I will vomit!

The only one with any sense is Khloe.

948 days ago
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