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Whitney's Death Tub Photo

Reveals Beauty Secret

2/14/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


New details in the Whitney Houston death investigation -- and the photo of the bathtub where she died. Strange as it sounds ... something in that photo revealed a beauty secret which Harvey's totally on board with now.

Also, Ryan Seacrest joins us to talk about his absurd Valentine's Day plans including a cupid costume, a harp, and a GONG?!?!

Plus, Bobby Flay's last-minute V-Day recipes -- especially for hot chicks and the fat dudes who love them -- and the one Jeremy Lin nickname that probably crosses the line.

(2:10) Breaking news right off the bat -- Rumor Willis' home was burglarized.
(3:30) The tub in which Whitney Houston died -- leads to the strangest segment about using olive oil as body lotion.
(14:13) Ryan Seacrest calls in -- you won't believe what Harvey accidentally texted him today ... thanks to a really awkward auto-correct.
(16:20) Ryan's wearing the craziest outfit tonight that involves ... wait on it ... a GONG. 
(17:00) Did Seacrest really eat 145 chicken wings in one sitting?
(17:30) Celebrity chef Bobby Flay is on the phone -- he says more people cry on Valentine's Day than any other.
(33:00) Knicks superstar Jeremy Lin -- how many racist nicknames can one player have?
(47:30) All types of celebs rip Chris Brown -- wondering why a woman beater was given so much air time on the Grammys.


No Avatar


you guys are sick in your justifications!!!

958 days ago


Whitney made some really bad decisions in her life, which lead to her death. She became a junky and used that junky hustle until the day she died, borrowed money from anyone who would give it to her! I understand she was a mother, but she didn't worry about the kid while she was using. And keeping Bobby brown from his daughter is just wrong!

958 days ago


Are there any nudes available of Whitney?

958 days ago


According to statistics, drowning in a bathtub is not an uncommon occurrence; alcohol, meds, and the heat can lead to unconsciousness much like a faint. It's possible that this is what happened to Whitney. But I have to wonder, she was on the phone with her mother at 3.15, and the people with her in the room found her around did they not notice her condition prior to her taking a bath (especially as it's been stated she was drinking heavily the night before and into that morning) and how did common sense not tell them that 1) she was in no condition to be in a hot bath, 2) leaving her in the bath for an hour without checking on her was not the best idea, and 3) if Bobbi Kristina had almost fallen asleep in the tub shortly before Whitney died that the same might happen to Whitney if she'd been drinking and taken a Xanax? Was this simply a case of enablers who weren't thinking about what was best for Whitney? Sad enough that such a natural talent threw it all away, and worse now may also have contributed to her own death, a death that may well have been preventable.

956 days ago

Naomi K.    

That is very rude what that person wrote about Whitney. Yes she had a horrible disease but you shouldnot judge her for that. She was simply the very best singer there is and nevr was more than a Lady on stage. Look at the horrible things theses nowadays singers are doing on stage. embarrassing. Just look at Beyonce, Ciara, Rhiana and others on stage. They are having air sex. Whitney never carried herself that way. She was a role model on stage. A Lady not a whore

955 days ago

Truth Be Told!    

I agree with Naomi K, Whitney was always a lady on stage. I guess Beyonce, Ciara, Rhiana and others have "air sex" to keep your mind off their less than stellar singing. May Whitney RIP.

954 days ago

L First    

If Rihanna (the victim) has obviously forgiven Chris Brown for a 2 year incident, who especially Miranda Lambert) has the right to keep this over his head and say whether he deserves a grammy (based on talent) or deserves to perform on the grammys. People are so eager to report "news" whether is news worthy or not! Get a life and let Chris Brown lives/enjoy his. I think it was deplorable to show the bath tub/contents and half eaten food of Whitney Houston. Her family couldn't wrap their minds around her death before the media was ready to show 20 yr old videos, etc. instead of remember/cherish the wonderful gift of music/movies she's given to the world! I'm so happy for my profession & that it doesn't involve digging up trash and reporting junk to the world!!

953 days ago


wietney took drungs from bobby brown

952 days ago


I always use olive oil in my bath in the summer...But once used it in the shower...Big mistake I slipped on the oil falling backwards out the shower door, then hit my head on the bathtub knocked me out. A concussion an 6 stitches later The Dr said I was lucky to be alive. I wonder if Whitney slipped while going for her food and knocked herself out...happened to me.

950 days ago


Now that i hear this news about "Olive Oil." Has anyone thought about a theory that maybe she slipped, and drowned??

949 days ago


Why are so Many people so jealous and pissed off about the reporting of celebrity deaths? Where are all you people while everyone is spending all their money to end up poor and let these people live like Royalty... there is your answer...People worshiping people... Did you think it was only for the British.

949 days ago

Doris Tucker    

Leave Chris Brown along every man have had a bad accident with a female, don't ask like this is something that has ever happen. Let this young man live his life to the fullest he didn't any of you'll just leave him along he paid for his miskate now let it go. Mistery loves company.

946 days ago


TMZ rocks!! Ventura, Ca loves you!!!

944 days ago


how can dis withney

938 days ago

Marie Jones    

What caused Whitney to die at 48 years of age? Something is being hidden, and I think it should be told! I am tired of people with money thinking they can get away with anything!

933 days ago
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