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Whitney Houston's Family

Searching for a Scapegoat

2/16/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Whitney Houston's family and friends are blaming everyone from Bobby Brown to Ray J for steering her down the wrong path. But is it time they face reality? Is Whitney ultimately responsible for her drug problems?

Plus, Charlie Sheen rips Ashton Kutcher and his old pals at "Two & a Half Men." Yeah, he thinks the show sucks now that he's gone ... but you gotta hear how Charlie puts it!

Also, is Hollywood bailing on President Obama? Harvey thinks the power players in town are fed up with Barry O, and he's got the guest list to prove it.


(2:20) Whitney's family blames Bobby for her past drug problems -- is it the ultimate cop-out?
(7:00) Mikes says Ray J is the new Bobby Brown.
(11:32) Dax and Harvey bump heads -- only one of them thinka J.Lo's latest photos with Casper are phony baloney.
(14:35) A caller makes Harvey's day.
(15:45) Reggie Bush denies he's hooking up with Kim Kardashian -- nobody's buying what he's selling.
(18:05) Charlie Sheen calls in -- he completely stands behind calling the new "Men" a "steaming pile of ass."
(23:00) Charlie and Mike share a special bond ... over Adidas track suits.
(24:00) Charlie talks about his new show "Anger Management" -- and hopes it goes toe-to-toe with "Men."
(33:00) Harvey and Charles are at war over Obama.
(39:00) Paul McCartney is giving up weed -- so what's worse ... weed or booze?

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She made the decisions she made. Why was she attracted to Bobby Brown? The family needs to realize she did what she did, took the drugs, drank with or without BB.

979 days ago


Tell Mike to shut up. He doesn't add to anything.

979 days ago


I think it is normal that the ex-husband would not attend the funeral. Bobby Brown has been out of Whitney's life since 2002.

979 days ago


the website needs an overhaul

979 days ago


Hold on a second - did you just show a picture of Casper taking a picture of J.Lo on the beach - was that picture taken from a boat?!?!? How would a boat get there so fast if it wasn't set up?

979 days ago


Reggie Bush cannot be blamed for getting free sex from Kim K. She is desperate to hook up with a boyfriend and Reggie is just taking advantage of her desperation. Cannot blame him for taking up with the whore. She is not marriage material.

979 days ago

Stan Giesea    

TWO AND A HALF MEN sucks, with or without Charlie Sheen, but especially WITH!

979 days ago

Granny Linda    

I love the new 2&1/2 Men. Charley Sheen can go suck an egg! It was so bad the last year he was there that we quit watching!! As far as his new show, he can keep it. I have no intention of watching him!

979 days ago


Jeez, suck up a little more to the former big star. Ooooh Charlie, you're talking to us, you're soooo funny.

Ask what his reaction is to the FACT that ratings are up 20% this year, and more people like the show than when he was on it. Huh? Huh?

979 days ago


Charlie--move on already. Everyone at 2-1/2 Men has moved on, Warner Bros. has. You're just showing how you have not moved on--it's pathetic at this point.

979 days ago


Harvey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The video of Reggie Bush is bugging me! Hasn't anyone noticed that he is walking another woman and maybe that is WHY he was so quick to say No, when asked if he and Kim K. were back together. Please, please, please point this out!!!

979 days ago

Stan Giesea    

Charlie Sheen is neither funny nor incisive. He's a drug-addled prat! And a lousy actor.

979 days ago


Harvey!!!! Hasn't anyone thought that maybe Reggie Bush was so quick to say "No" when asked if he and Kim K. were back together, was because he was walking with another woman?? Or is that woman one of his assistants? Please, Please, Please address this! It't bugging me!

979 days ago


Unfortunately Pres Obama has turned out to be a big disappointment. I think that the hollywood big wigs are right in staying away because he is poison.

979 days ago

Granny Linda    

I wish the stars would just keep to the scripts and keep their mouths shut about politics and the environment. Nodoby in their right mind cares what they think anyway. As far as Obama goes, at this point I would vote for Goofy or Donald Duck before him! Hell, SpongeBob Squarepants would be better than Obama.

979 days ago
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