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'Bev Hills Housewives' Doctor

My Nose Job Patient is Threatening Me!

2/23/2012 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snot your typical restraining order ... "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Dr. Paul Nassif claims a dissatisfied nose job patient has been harassing and threatening him to the point the cops are now involved and Nassif is asking for court protection.

Nassif -- a cosmetic surgeon who is married to "Housewives" star Adrienne Maloof -- performed all sorts of schnoz work on Roman Melikov. Mr. Melikov didn't like the results, to say the least.

According to the police report, Nassif claims Melikov incessantly called his office, demanding to speak with him and threatening, "If I don't get to f**king talk to Dr. Nassif, I will just show up and f**king wait for him to talk to me because he needs to f**king pay for this!"

And Melikov left voicemails for Nassif, referring to himself as a "psycho." Melikov also said he would come to Bev Hills to "have Nassif's wife help him out of pity."

Nassif's employees fear Melikov is mentally unstable and could come to the office "and do something crazy."

Nassif wants a restraining order, keeping Melikov away from him and his family. As for Melikov, he wants a $26,000 refund.

We spoke with Melikov, who told us Nassif screwed up his nose. The swelling didn't go down for 2 years. And the 25-year-old businessman tells us his nose is now bigger and ugly.

8:13 AM PST -- Melikov, a portfolio manager, tells TMZ Nassif has taken his "psycho" comment totally out of context ... explaining, "I told him I had to be a psycho to invest in this market, because it has been so volatile. "


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This D-Bag is not a star.. Why do we care???

976 days ago


I would get pissed too if I had a fkd up nose job! The cost of any plastic surgery isnt cheap to begin with. I hate useless doctors who care only about money and not patients. If this patient claims that his nose is horrible and bigger, the man needs some kind of compensation, fix it, refund? Unless he got punched in the nose and thats why his nose got bigger?? Or fell.... perhaps an XRAY needs to be taken to evaluate this case and proceed accordingly! If you are a doctor and you didnt do your job well, deal with it like a man! Threats are immature and will get you in trouble so thats pretty useless. Sue the doctors a&S! His wifey has enough money to give you a refund for a lifetime.

976 days ago


Who wouldn't be upset if a surgeon messed up their nose.

What about that does this Doctor not understand? Sounds more like the Doctor is using self preservation preparing to make the patient look psychotic so he won't be credible in a malpractice lawsuit? Why is this Doctor even selling this about his patient or making this public? Who in his office leaked it?

HIPPA violation? Divulging a patient's name?

976 days ago


He needs to stop using his wife's RH of BH show as his infomercial setting. His wife looks ridiculous with her face, did he do her face?

976 days ago


Dr. Dumbass needs to write the check to the idiot and be done with it.

976 days ago


Sadly, it happens. The Dr may not have left sufficient structure under his mass of skin to allow it to stretch tight. Also, he may have lifted the skin during surgery causing more swelling and increasing the healing time.

He probably wanted a zsa zsa gabor and got an original ophrah.

976 days ago


Sadly it happens.

976 days ago


He and his ugly wife are disgusting human beings and I hope the guy wins!

976 days ago


I'm with the patient on this one. Of course he'd be livid if the dr who messed up his nose refuses to even talk to him.

976 days ago


people are always jumping to conclusions. do we know both sides of the story? NO!! have we seen this guys nose? NO!! comment once you know all the facts. this guy could simply be a nut job.

976 days ago


Looks like the good Doc is gonna get a nose job of his own....haymaker style!

976 days ago


Your update is the best part of this story!

976 days ago


plastic surgery never works out the way they want ... geez TMZ you couldn't get a pic of the guy???

976 days ago


There isn't a doctor on the planet that would have control over how fast your body heals. Every time you do things like this, plastic surgery or any surgery, there are certain risks. This guy just had bad luck... but too bad. Blame yourself. It's the chance he took, and he was explained the risks. This would have happened no matter what doctor did the work. If it was swollen for 2 years, then that is this guy's body not healing properly, it has nothing to do with Dr. Nassif. Now this guy has established himself as a PITA, and I bet you no other doctor in the state will have anything to do with him. I certainly wouldn't.

976 days ago


Pics of the nose in question, please!!!
Some people do suffer from complications such as swelling among other things, it is mentioned to you before you have your surgery and during the consultations. As for the fact that it is getting bigger could be the result of scar tissue.

976 days ago
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