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Jennifer Lopez

Laughed Off Nip Slip Drama

2/27/2012 4:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jennifer Lopez couldn't contain her laughter when she learned about the drama surrounding her maybe/maybe not nipple moment at the Oscars last night ... this according to her personal stylist.

TMZ spoke with Rob Zangardi ... who personally zipped J.Lo into her Oscars dress ... and then helped her change into another low cut outfit after the show.

Rob tells us ... he and fellow stylist Mariel Haenn personally informed Lopez about the buzz surrounding her areola during the outfit change ... and J.Lo simply laughed it off.

Rob says ... Lopez then assured the team she was so tightly packed into her dress, there was no possible way a nip could've slipped.

So what WAS the mysterious object that appeared on Jen's chest? Rob's convinced it was a shadow from the lighting.

So we gotta ask ...


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She not going to laughing when she has noting going on in her career a year from now, her career going down hill as fast as it went back up after American Idol brought her career backup, she going down all over again, she has no new big contacts coming in the future, Idol is hanging on a thread, she has no albums coming out, her last albums was a flop, she not receiving any staring acting roles, her Kohl’s fashion line is a flop, that's why Kohl’s had rush ahead of schedule their Rock and the Republic clothing line because their were losing big time on Jlo & Marc Anthony fashion line, she be back as only being a tabloids star.

912 days ago

texas turd    

im not sure what camerons been putting on her face, but shes looking more and more like that creepy puppet 'jig saw' from the movie saw. youre never going to be what you once were, so accept it and leave the industry with whatever dignity you have left. get into your little car with demi moore, heather locklear and halle berry and drive off a cliff..

912 days ago

Wanda Miller    

That shadow is way to far over to possibly be a nipple. For crying out loud, doesn't anyone know the positioning of the female anatomy?

912 days ago

BB not bb    

Since when is covering the nipples a sign of morality? What is the big deal? Will a baby be reminded of where milk comes from? This is laughable that people care. Maybe they are staring so hard at this lady's chest that they are hallucinating. They are self hypnotizing by their obsession with her breasts.

This is a sick world we live in. Sick because anyone even cares!!!

912 days ago

BB not bb    

Queen Victoria invented the bra to redefine what feminine beauty is. It actually came with a whole corset. If you have seen her picture, you might see why she would want people to go along with her idea.

I think all this fuss about breasts and weight is just a way of harrassing women by those who are jealous of them. Even if you were the dead average ideao of the perfect weight, someone would be saying that you are too fat or thin. No matter what you do, you are criticized.

Enough is enough. She looked nice, her dress looked nice, if people imagined they saw things, who cares? Did it ruin their pristine morality somehow? What a bunch of creeps.

912 days ago

BB not bb    

All breasts look like any more is plastic molds off a Barbie Doll. Guess what morans, breasts have nipples. Deal with it.

912 days ago


Isn't this the information age? Inform yourselves: That's called aureola, NOT nipple.

912 days ago

willie lynch    

what a tramp she is, Look at her compared to a human girl.

912 days ago


Funny thing is I saw her being interviewed before the show and thought I saw areola. Then during the show the same thing.

912 days ago

Herb Bushati    

oh just leave jlo alone she looked beautiful so what the world her saw her nip love her she is amazing

912 days ago

Cruise Lover    

are her 15 minutes over yet?

912 days ago


Oh, for heaven's sake, people, think about anatomy before jumping to the totally wrong conclusion. Her areola would be closer to her armpit, NOT just inside the neckline. Therefore, it couldn't possibly be peeking out of her dress.

912 days ago


When are actresses going to realize that it's inappropriate to act like this at awards shows. It's just trashy. And Cameron Diaz made a fool out of herself onstage.

912 days ago


didn't anyone see her interview with Tim Gunn before the show started? you could see the nip slip then. the camera actually started to zoom in and close in on her face to get it off camera. why hasn't this been mentioned yet?

912 days ago



912 days ago
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