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'CSI' Creator's Wife

What, ... Me Live

On $443,000 a Month?!?

3/2/2012 11:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The wife of the creator of "CSI" is in terrible financial straits ... forced to live on a meager $443,528 a month, and is demanding spousal and child support.

Anthony Zuiker has filed new legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- in response to Jennifer's demand for support, in which he scoffs at her claims, noting that she told the court she ONLY needs $158,000 a month to live, and her monthly cut from the show exceeds that amount by a whopping $285,000.

And get this ... the couple raked in more than $74 million in "CSI" profits since 2008. Their average yearly income is more than $17.8 mil.

One final thing. In the legal docs, Anthony is objecting to the renewal of their youngest son's passport, on grounds it's dangerous for him to travel with Jennifer. According to the docs, Jennifer exhibited "shockingly poor judgment" during her travels with their 3 kids, allegedly leaving them alone with the nanny for days while traveling in Europe.

But the best "poor judgment" allegation ... Anthony claims Jennifer encouraged and allowed the 11-year-old boy to shoot a "real hand gun" at televisions she and her friends had dragged into the Nevada desert.

Rich people's problems.


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She looks like a mean pig. I can see why she "needs" all that money - to feed her fat face. I am not surprised she is asking for more money - that is what evil, ugly, fat, and crazy people do. She must have been a huge part of the writing and creating of this show and all of the spinoffs - LOL - Not!! I think she should go to hell!!

932 days ago


Get a Job lady, McDonalds is hiring! What a parasite

932 days ago


These people may have money but they are so damn weak I'd hate to see what would happen to them if they had to live in the real world. Is all that money really worth it? They sure don't seem happy to me.

932 days ago


I seriously don't understand these type of people. It's just greed run rampant. She must be seriously delusional if she thinks that she can't live on almost half a million a MONTH. When there is people out of work living with their parents, siblings and homeless shelters who would LOVE to have even a fourth of that money. That is just tacky, self centered, arrogant to the EXTREME.
Hollywood has seriously messed people the hell UP. They are so not living in any kind of reality whatsover. It's just sickening. I am so TIRED of all these rappers, actors and actresses and whatnot, not paying their taxes, child support and then these b****** whine about how that they can't make it on half a mill a month.
Why don't they do this. Switch places with people who make less than a thousand a month, counting food stamps and Section 8. Then and only then do I want to hear them whine, b**** and moan about how they can't make it. Or they can switch places with someone who has kids who have medical problems and some unemployed in the same household.
How and what could one possible spend on half a mill a month?? Isn't there so much shopping one can do? I can't even imagine having that kind of money to play around with. I'm 46 years old and the most I ever made was 10 bucks an hour and that was living high on the hog to me.
These Hollywood wives seriously need to get an attitude adjustment and wake up call to the REAL world and then let's talk about how she can't support herself.
Rant over

932 days ago


What a greedy biatch. Let's her and I trade income for one month. I'd be completely debt free AND THEN SOME.

932 days ago


How can two people who are so ugly make so much money??


932 days ago

Miss Greta    

She can afford to miss a couple of meals.

932 days ago


Just shut up.

932 days ago

liquid kitty    

He's a jerk so, she probably deserves the cash. Both of them should step away from the buffet table.

932 days ago


Wow, this guy married a real winner. The sad part is, she'll end up getting it because of the screwed up biased divorce laws.

932 days ago


meager $443,528 a month???? you call this meager?? wait, she isn't satisfied? you no what,this post is proof this world is done.

932 days ago


Jesus H. Christ! ONLY 158,000/month to live? And to boot, she gets a total of $443,528/month and still wants more?

I wish the judge would retract the initial judgement and force her fat ass to get a fk'n job and work for a living.

932 days ago


Anybody that complains about getting paid over $100K per month for doing nothing but being a parent to your children should be "dragged into the Nevada desert" and left there for the coyotes.

932 days ago


Seriously? And she can't live off of $158,000 a month? I don't even make close to that in one year let alone two. Geez. In my next life I'm coming back drop dead beautiful. Some people are so lucky.

932 days ago



932 days ago
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