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'Jersey Shore' Star

The Situation is NOT Snooki's Baby Daddy

3/2/2012 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Situation is definitely NOT to blame for the mini-guido baking inside of Snooki's womb ... this according to Sitch's BFF.

"The Unit" -- aka Jonny Manfre -- just called in to “Big Poppa” Gary Spears at KISS-FM in NY ... and said there is absolutely NO baby daddy controversy ... despite the fact Snooki allegedly got all smooshy with Sitch in the past.

"It's not Situation's baby ... I'll tell you that much ... I would assume it's Jionni's baby." Unit is referring to Snook's BF, Jionni Lavalle.

The MTV star adds, "Whatever happened in the past, happened in the past. If these people love each other and they're willing to get past each other's skeletons in the closet ... then great."


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get it right    

Oh please DNA will be the only way to go, and wouldn't put it past her that she just claims she's preg cuz she gained her weight (drunken bloating added to it) back so somebody noticed and asked her if she was preg and figures she'll just say she kept getting preg a secret (yeah... that's sounds like a good plan!) seeing PR $$$ to keep up those expensive hangover, blackouts, hair n nails, whoring on national broadcast up.

Besides... if she is preg? Would she even remember she's preg, let alone the NAME of whoever it could be that got her preg, between all the drunken black outs, hangovers, hair/nail appts, and smooch anything that can't outrun her fests, she's so proud to be famous for?

Who hasn't already figured out that Sitch n Unit are butt pals???

Maury/Springer/MTV contracts in the works, no doubt.

962 days ago


They both thought you could not get pregnant from butt sex.

962 days ago


Unless the father is Groucho Marx, who the hell cares!!! Show me the impossible!!!!!!!!!

962 days ago


There is proof that the baby belongs to The Situation:

962 days ago

Ozzie X    

"..this according to Sitch's BFF." You mean boy friend.

962 days ago


hopefully however she accuses of being the baby's daddy will immediately get a DNA test for proof as I'm sure she's hosed every guy in Jersey by now

962 days ago


I can NOT stand "Unit". He is SO damn cute BUT a complete loser! Anybody that would pal around w Situation is a even bigger loser than Sitch himself...

962 days ago


W/e the clone of mike (the unit) is bull sht..mike's clone "the unit" is just covering for him..daz all..i still think theres still a 95% chance the sitch can still be snooki's baby father..if she is reallie prego and if she reallie did hook up w/ mike in the past then that means he can still be the father of that for vinny i doubt it because he always saw snooki as his lil sister so i think snooki is going to have a lil jioni or a lil situation..guess we have to call Maury to give her a paternity test after XD

962 days ago


he is no body and he is not from jersey shore he looks like a sheep dont give this whore the attention

962 days ago

yuck gross    

disgusting, abort abort!

962 days ago


ok let me do a simple equations here, 3 months ago it was december 2011, can anyone still follow me? ok lets continue, snooki and sitch so-called hook-up happened when snooki and her boyfriend were a newly couple (mikes words), what was right after season 3 was filmed (not aired), guess what people!? mtv is airing season 5 now, whats makes it over a year since that hook up happened..
ALL of you are hating, and you know it!! give the poor girl a chance! snooki is smarter then anyone of you think, and maybe not everyone of you would like to admit it but you would have done the same!

ok, with that being said; if she is pregnant i wish her and her boyfriend the best, im sure she will be a wonderful mom!

961 days ago


Snooki needs a real her cares about her and would worship the ground she walks on.....she is so fine...I would treat her like a queen.....

960 days ago


...or maybe it's Deena's baby.
Seriously, Jionni should consider DNA testing before claiming the baby to be his. As we all know that she is an alcoholic-lush and slept around with every tom, **** and harry.

944 days ago


That poor Baby

941 days ago


That baby will fly right out of your loose p*ssy ;}

837 days ago
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