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Snooki's Ex

I Don't REALLY Wish Death Upon Snooki's Fetus

3/5/2012 2:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki's ex-BF Emilio Masella says he's just a schmuck who misspoke when he wished a "miscarriage" on the MTV star ... but says he still HOPES TO GOD she's not really pregnant.

Emilio just called in to "TMZ Live" to explain himself ... saying, "What I meant by the statement was that I hope she doesn’t have the child. I just hope the test was wrong ... I think she's too young. I don’t think this kid is in it for her."

He continued, "If she's pregnant with this kid I guess I can't associate with her."



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Isn't that a new band, "Snooki's Fetus"?

961 days ago

nick van capelleveen    

well i do.

961 days ago


Like another person wrote, why are (we) TMZ giving this pathetic ******* the forum to say something like this, no matter if he called in to retract or change what he said. Come on TMZ, you're on par with the low-life idiots who say or do things like this!

961 days ago

Your Mom    

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Thats what he meant! WTF?!?

I thought you says you was aight Spider

961 days ago


She should not procreate for obvious reasons (she calls her self 'Snooki' is just the beginning of a long list). However, his excuse that she is too young is silly, she is 25! At what age are people supposed to have children??? I'm sorry that so many people are waiting until they are 40 and having to get fertility treatment, but 25-35 is the 'normal' age to have a child. Of course, one would hope that by 25 you are not binge drinking, having sex with multiple partners, etc. so, like I said there are valid reasons she should NOT have a child, but her age? That isn't really a factor!

961 days ago


He knew what he was saying by using the word miscarriage, and guess what? You all are eating it up. If he meant to say he wished she wasn't going to have a child, he would have said it. But now, you all know who he is and what a dork he made himself out to be. And TMZ will keep him in the spotlight. Unfortunately, he will be around for the next few years for you all to talk about.

961 days ago


I'm not really the type of person who does the "who cares" thing but really, who cares. Ex's are always mad at eachother, Snooki's never been liked by the majority of the public, I could've written this story without any of the info TMZ got.

961 days ago


I 100% agree as far as this nasty little trash bag reproducing...she has no idea what it is to be a WOMAN. She will probably come up drunk one night, look at the baby and think it needs some self tanner lotion. People like her need another 50 yr of maturing and its not fair to bring a kid in this world when your shi&t isnt together. She is FKD up mentally so how the heck will she take care of a baby?

On the other hand, this TROLL GUIDO needs to think before he speaks. No one deserves to loose a baby, I hope he gets his small tanned balls chopped off and beat the death. Any piece of shi^t man who says a comment like that to a woman " I hope she has a miscariage" is NOT man nor remotely worthy of being treated the humanly way. I hope some crazy fk takes this kid and reproduces a real life home movie of SAW with him being the main "star". SOOOOO if they are any sick FKS reading this, take this kid and make a movie, im sure itll get a lot of hits and im sure a profit is to be made. Ppl like him should not be able to breathe.

961 days ago


Hopefully Snooki's mother will take the child & raise it & better than she did in raising Snooki. This poor baby did not ask to be born.

961 days ago


I can't believe this crap is on television and they are considering/doing (don't watch) spin-offs. Please stop covering these morons. MTV please go back to music, like the good old days.

961 days ago


"well what I meant to say" more garbage,

961 days ago


What a schmuck.

961 days ago

Nichole K    

Does he seriously have a little stud nose ring? WTF? He looks absolutely ridiculous.

961 days ago


I dont understand how creaters like this guy can get attention by being cruel to an innocent child, i dont care if snookie is good or bad, entertaining or lame nobody should EVER wish something like a miscarriage on her, your basically sayin that this kid deserves to die because of who his/her mother is. This guy is just pathetic going after a baby just b.c snooki dumped you. Did you all know he was on dr. drew a couple of weeks ago because he is a reality junkie and wants to get back with snookie so he can be famous and a somebody again. Your an idiot emilio and i hope that God doesnt punish you by having your spouse.girlfriend miscarriage if she ever gets pregnant because of your cruel statments!!! your a HORRIBLE person for even suggesting such a thing.

961 days ago


Is he gay? His eyebrows are well-maintained and well-shaved.

961 days ago
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