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Kim's Post-Wedding Donation ...

Half-Assed Job?

3/5/2012 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian's getting ripped by Kris Humphries (and many others) for refusing to return their wedding gifts. Kim's pal Jonathan Cheban calls in to defend her -- and accuses Kris of holding onto some pricey gifts of his own!

Plus, Snooki's ex-BF tries to do the impossible -- explain why he said he hopes "she has a miscarriage." You gotta hear his bumbling attempt to smooth over that douchey comment.

Also, a TMZ newsroom battle breaks out over LiLo's SNL gig -- and Rush Limbaugh pisses of more sponsors, and ... Peter Gabriel??!!


(2:00) Kim K.'s donating her wedding gifts to a charity -- Mike (as usual) is the only one defending her.
(8:40) Rush Limbaugh is gonna think twice before calling someone a "slut" on the radio.
(11:11) Snooki's ex boyfriend Emilio calls in -- and totally backtracks on his "miscarriage" comment.
(21:50) Kim. K's BFF Jonathan Cheban is on the phone -- and reveals that a lot of people bought Kim and Kris SEPARATE wedding gifts.
(28:00) A debate on domestic violence ignites after a SF Sheriff is accused of assaulting his famous wife.
(36:50) Lindsay Lohan on SNL -- Ryan and Ryan go to war over her performance.
(40:20) Harvey attempts to go gangster while talking about the Tupac musical -- Raquel puts him in check.
(45:00) Harvey performed "My Way" live this weekend with Paul Anka -- you gotta see the clip!


No Avatar


Kim K will get the tax write off for her donation but will she have to share the deduction with Kris Humphries as they were joint gifts to the happy couple.

959 days ago


If there's one thing we can all agree upon with Kim Kardashian, it's that she NEVER does anything "half-assed."

959 days ago


#1 makes a very good point about the write off. And Kim hopes the publicity from donating will bring her more attention. She needs to return the gifts, and all the money people spent coming to the fraudulent wedding. And she needs to apologize to everyone she hurt with this publicity stunt.

959 days ago


Kim should give the gifts back (they were also given to Kris and Kris has a right to have a say in doing what is right, giving the gifts back) AND she should make a donation to charity.

She should not just make it public she donated to a charity, for bragging rights, the tax write off, all the while keeping ALL of the gifts (which were also meant for Kris).

Kim is a greedy selfish deviant.

She can line up photo ops going to church all she wants (which is a feel good church her Mom is behind), and giving to charity, but the end of the day, she still is a narcissistic, greedy, spoiled, piece of crap who sold her soul to the devil when she sold her sex tape to the public for money.

959 days ago

Christine Wright    

Hi Kris, where's your $200,000? Put up or shut up!

959 days ago


She is still trying to save face, TMZ you are just as bad for giving her so much press.

959 days ago


Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner owe each and every guest a hand written apology plus their gift back. Kim and Kris Jenner also owe Kris Humphries a public apology for their malicious media smear campaign of Kris Humphries, all because he stood up to them and exposed their greed and attention seeking scripted wedding, while using guests and the groom as a prop.

Kim and her Mom think they are puppeteers and everyone is their puppet and should dance when they want them to dance. They turn the men in their life into emasculated spineless submissive losers. They humiliate, exploit and use others to pad their pockets.

It is sickening.

959 days ago

Flying Blind    

put a poll up for cutiest girl in the office

959 days ago


Give back the Vera Wang wedding gown, the gifts, the money she made off this fraud wedding.

Put up or shut up Kim!

959 days ago


I thought she was being sued, is she trying to move on from this so she brings this crap about wedding gifts to cover it up?

959 days ago


no matter how screwed up snookie is no one should ever make hurtful statements about a pregnancy if by chance of tragedy should befall this child

959 days ago


Kim should give presents back & let the guests decide what they want to do with them. Flo is right, Kim donates the money & gets a tax deduction, so not right.

959 days ago


harvey, legally can Kris force Kim to return the gifts to the guests since the gifts were given to both he and kim?

959 days ago


In a million years, Kim wouldn't think of that idea, letter, etc... It was put together by a bad PR firm and is pathetic

959 days ago


Hey Snooki's Ex, (because nobody cares enough to learn your name) as a woman who has has TWO miscarriages I can officially say that YOU ARE DOUCEBAG *******. To wish that one a woman is heartless and cruel.

959 days ago
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