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Linda Hogan

I Want to See Hulk's Sex Tape!

3/12/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Linda Hogan wants to see the Hulk Hogan sex tape
Count Linda Hogan among those who want to see Hulk Hogan's sex tape -- but get your mind out of the gutter ... it's because she thinks it will help her defense in Hulk's lawsuit against her. 

As TMZ first reported, a sex tape featuring the wrestling legend is being shopped to Vivid Entertainment ... a tape Hogan says was made without his knowledge

Sources close to Linda tell TMZ she'd like to get a look at the tape because she feels it could be a key piece of evidence in Hulk's defamation lawsuit against Linda. Hulk sued Linda last year ... claiming she was lying when, in her book, she alleged Hulk was abusive and cheated on her. 

We're told Linda would like to figure out when the tape was made because it could help her prove Hulk was a cheater. According to our sources, if Linda can figure out who has the tape, she'll attempt to subpoena them for her case.

Hulk told TMZ this week he has been faithful to his current wife Jennifer, so the tape is at least five years old.



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Linda just pay the man, you tried to ruin him and you failed.

954 days ago

abdullh almulhim    

Oh great you certify that you are the first champion on both wrestlers first after

954 days ago

abdullh almulhim    

Type for you I know you first start and end this as gifts for you I can blame them if I change I know you in one second-instance owner arena Halk hokon love you Abdullah

954 days ago


As far as I'm concerned the divorce between these two clowns was the greatest thing ever. We never had to hear about Linda, Nick and the talentless Brooke ever again. Sure Hogan still gets some press but he's actually earned it and at this point in his life and career it's all for the wrong reasons. Just let this family go away.

954 days ago


This fat used up gypsy needs to go away! Yes, that is an insult to gypsies everywhere

954 days ago


Isn't that Jennifer in the picture above or is that Linda back in the 80's? Hogan is dumb. He told TMZ Live that he thinks this happened after the divorce, before meeting Jennifer. Then TMZ points out its dated. Hulk thinks a few years ago is dated? Isn't dated more like in the 80's?

954 days ago


I hope he gets paid. She could have took her millions from the split and left. Instead she dogged him at every chance.

954 days ago


" tried to ruin him and you failed".... he was already ruined. Lying freak. Wonder who ties his shoes?

954 days ago


if he cheated on you that must mean you SUCK(no pun intended) in bed....

954 days ago


go get a job you useless loser what were you doing before you met terry.

954 days ago


Linda Hogan needs to grow up. Dressing like an 18 year old girl, dating a man young enough to be her son, bleaching her hair and partying in nightclubs with people half her age. The woman is pathetic.

954 days ago


Linda is one of the most useless human beings on the planet. She had the easiest life in the world. She didn't have to work since Hulk was bringing in so much money. Once his career started to wane and she got some fame from the reality show she decided she didn't need him anymore. Then she started making up lies in order to get a huge payout from him so she could maintain her lifestyle of doing nothing while at the same time finding some younger guy to hang around with.

954 days ago


Linda Linda Linda... 1)Everyone hates you 2)You will absolutely lose your defamation suit. 3)I find it hilarious that you are so desperate that you troll the news for anything that can help you against Hulks suit. 4)You represent everything that is wrong with the world. 5)your karma has stunted the growth/ future/ and careers of your children. 6) your lack of good judgement has corrupted Charlie as well and he will forever be damaged by his experience with you (though he may not know it yet). 7)You smell like cabbage 8)You look like cabbage too.

954 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

ummm TMZ, why do we care what this nobody wants to see? I realize that she's the source of much dirt on Hogan, but is part of the deal putting her ugly mug on your site.
Really, have some compassion for your fan base.

954 days ago

John T.    

Linda is nothing but a fat old insecure craddle robber. Pathedic old hag needs to get a job and move on, we don't give a rats ass about you anymore.

954 days ago
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