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Donald Trump's Sons

RIPPED By Animal Group --

You're STUPID Barbarians

3/13/2012 12:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The gruesome photos of Donald Trump's sons posing triumphantly with mutilated animal corpses in Africa isn't going over too well with the animal rights groups ... duh ... and now, they're firing back ... bashing the Trumps as "pitiful" bloodthirsty morons.

TMZ spoke with Jack Carone from In Defense of Animals ... who said, "Would any intelligent person feel moved to murder a magnificent elephant, then further insult and desecrate by hacking off his or her tail as an additional gesture of dominance?"

He added, "Privilege has clearly not bought them the sensitivity or wisdom to view the world as anything but their personal playground, including the imagined entitlement to end the lives of sensitive and social animals for mere amusement."

"This is truly a pitiful testimony to their lack of character and compassion, at the ultimate expense of their innocent fellow Earthlings."

As TMZ previously reported, Donald's sons -- Donald Jr. and Eric -- went on a hunting safari in Zimbabwe a year ago this month, and proudly showed off their trophy kills -- including an elephant, crocodile, kudu, civet cat and waterbuck.


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This is NOT about Peta. This is about being a caring resonsible human being who respects the lives of those who are totally innocent and have no one to protect them. God did not give us the right to desecrate and destroy either the earth or the animals. If you agree with the Trump Chumps then you are as bad as they are and deserve the same fate as the elephant. Only instead of cutting off your tail they should cut off your p----.

952 days ago


Shame on you. I thought that you have a little more brain to think that it is so cool to kill an innocent animal. It just goes to prove that money does not buy class!!!!

952 days ago


BOYCOTT NBC AND The Apprentice AND it's sponsors!!!!!!!!!!!! Hit the Trump Boys in the Pooketbook because that is all they know-they have No Heart Or Soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

951 days ago


Loved this comment posted by Larry -"Put these 2 idiots in Afghanistan and see what big men they are. Absolute garbage! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." SO TRUE!! They are nothing but *******, if they cared so much about feeding a village, hmm..., seems to me they could just written a check! God I'm so over this family, The Trumps and the Kardashians just need to GO AWAY! Please! The represent the absolute worst side of America.

951 days ago


Those son's of Trumps, try to justify their killing of animals who have no way of escaping their fenced in habitat; as being charitable to locals. Maybe instead of killing innocent animals and then donating their meat to villagers; they should dig into their deep pockets and pull out some of that easy made cash and donate that, and let the animals keep their flesh. These two clones are the epitomy of spoiled brats.

951 days ago


these little sissie morons ought to go fight in the war and be up against real men they wouldnt have a chance Inever liked any of trumps oranged skinned dad with terrible hair they are little cowards killing an elephant I hope they get what comes around you to little idiots

951 days ago


How do you sleep? How about putting your money to a worthy cause in the immediate prevention of below. Do it for your grandchildren's grandchildren!Reinforcements needed to save remaining Cameroon elephants

Posted on 15 March 2012 | 46 Comments
It has been two weeks since the Cameroon government authorized a military intervention at the site of the slaughter of hundreds of elephants. WWF is disturbed by reports that the poaching continues unabated in Bouba N’Djida National Park and that a soldier’s life has been lost. The forces arrived too late to save most of the park’s elephants, and were too few to deter the poachers.

It is likely that at least half the population of Bouba N’Djida's elephants has been killed.

WWF is seeking a concrete assurance from Cameroon President Paul Biya that he will do whatever is necessary to protect the remaining elephants in Bouba N’Djida, and to bring the killers to justice. We expect those detained to be prosecuted for violating Cameroon’s territorial integrity with deadly weapons in order to kill elephants for their ivory. All those convicted of involvement in wildlife crime must be sentenced to the full extent of the law.

WWF also calls on President Biya to extend an appropriate level of protection to wildlife in other Cameroon parks that are under a similar threat. WWF has for years cautioned the government that its rangers are not properly trained or equipped to address the scale, intensity and organized nature of illegal poaching.

Rangers’ lives are being lost in this battle. The honourable men and women who are putting their personal safety at risk to protect wildlife and to serve communities near protected areas deserve better from their leaders.

The poachers in Bouba N’Djida are reportedly from Chad and Sudan, thus this incident constitutes an invasion of Cameroon’s sovereign territory and willful slaughter of its wildlife.

WWF urges Cameroon to engage the governments of Chad and Sudan in a coordinated response to the criminal acts in Bouba N’Djida. WWF has offered its assistance and is awaiting meaningful action from Cameroon and its neighbours.

951 days ago


Drump son and his buddies should have bullseyes on their backs too---- so they can be picked off as easily as the African animals were -- they are low life spoiled pieces of crap

950 days ago


Best said WHITE TRASH WITH CASH. We find all the trumps to be egotistical arrogant a-holes who the sick public with their need for reality TV only made them richer and more famous. But there are so many of us who hate them as well - it's just that the ones NOT watching them on TV don't count!! We must wonder what are these poor little rich boys SHORT comings that they have to use their big guns to hunt kill and show off these poor animals. These canned hunts are even worse. Shame on them and shame on the advertisers not backing out of the stupid celebrity apprentice. WHO CARES what that pompous man with his bad hair and curled lips thinks???? YUCK!!!

950 days ago


Cowards posing. I got no problem with killing animals for food. But you never take a picture of that kill, it is just neccesary.

Trophy kills. If they were really interested in doing more than impressing some dead behind the eyes bimbo, they would have joined the military, jumped the pond, and played in the sandbox with everyone else.

948 days ago


Price of a hunting trip to Africa with an entourage: $60......,000.
Price of the ammunition and resources to hunt: $15,000.
Black Market Value of Ivory tusks from Elephant: $1,000.
Value of the meat supplied to hungry villagers $60......0.
Showing the world you are such a big a-hole that not even an Elephant tail can conceal you: Price-less.

Either the Trump boys are VERY bad at math, or they think everyone else is very stupid... With what they spent to kill these animals they could have provided a life time of food and supplies for a village rather than a weeks worth of food (if that, given they don't exactly have electricity or refrigerators.)

Why to Rich people think the 99% of us are all stupid?

Maybe because so many of you vote for them (or politicians that serve their interests) come election time!

God bless America! And thank you mom and dad for making me a Canadian!

P.S. Those Kony 2012 poster, are not another black guy running for public office, so don't start saying he is a muslim or asking for his birth certificate ;)

948 days ago


They are obviously unintelligent spoilt brats with sense of morals or ethics. The Trump sons state that they hunt for fun. Why not place them back with the big 5 without a gun or knife and the animals tear them apart. They are bloody cowards who are ruthless and who are murderers!

947 days ago

Margaret Diegelman    

I hope that everyone sees these pics. They show how really ignorant his sons are. Trump lost another viewer.

944 days ago


This act is not hunting for sport, but a calculated slaughter of wildlife on the endangered species list. Why cant you get the same enjoyment feeding animals at the zoo? I had great respect for the TRUMP's, but these these acts are despicable. The money spent on killing these animals could have fed many people in Africa, but the enjoyment of killing wildlife is a better feeling then helping actual people from starvation. Real Men have compassion for animals and living things in general. Maybe TRUMP's sons have an inward agression towards wildlife and that they will never achieve the success of their father. To conquer the voiceless and innocent is a COWARDLY ACT. I LOST ALL RESPECT FOR THE TRUMP'S.

942 days ago


Trump s are all pigs.What a sin a beautiful creature was killed by an *******.I will never watch anything any Trump does ever.What a sin people with so much money and power have so little good in them.Both trump idiots must have so little self esteem that they need to kill a beautiful animal to feel like a man.It disgusts me that slugs like this have money and power.Why not do good with the power you have instead of being little boys that show impedance and show what losers you and your entire family are.Your whole brood disgusts me and I swear I will never watch any show or evr put a penny in any of you losers pockets ever again.Oh by the way I really hope there is a god and you lose all your money again and have to work like a real person.

940 days ago
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