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Jermaine Jones

Will Be Kicked Off

'American Idol'

3/14/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jones will be kicked off American Idol
Jermaine Jones will be kicked off "American Idol" Wednesday night, after producers learned he concealed the fact that he was arrested twice last year and has outstanding warrants ... TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, producers discovered Tuesday that Jermaine had lied about his criminal history and that triggered the decision to confront him on camera Tuesday afternoon. 

We're told one of the incidents involved violence, which was particularly troublesome to producers.  He also lied to cops by giving them fake names both times he was arrested.

"A.I." sources tell us ... Jermaine will appear on the show tomorrow night before he is sent packing.

Over the last few days, we've been reporting that Jermaine told producers his father abandoned him 10 years ago, but his dad called TMZ and called B.S. on his son, saying they see each other regularly. 

Jermaine began tweeting that he never told producers about his dad abandoning him.  We're told the producers -- who knew Jermaine had made the statement -- became generally suspicious and began looking more closely at his background, and that's what led to the revelation of his criminal history.  


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I think it's ashame, just b/c he has a backround doesn't mean he shouldn't be aloud to be on Anerican Idol. People make mistakes, that's why we change. He should have a chance to be somebody.

921 days ago

Susie Simms    

In my opinion, at the try-outs when they are told, "Welcome to Hollywood", that would be understood IF they pass criminal background check. Don't assume they are telling the truth about it.

921 days ago

jake milan

921 days ago


Is the AI staff (including judges and other staffers) held to the same standard? Hmmm...seems a bit hypocritical to me when you know JLO has an arrest record for handgun with Puffy Combs, Steven Tyler has a drug and alcohol addiction past. Don't know about Randy, but you know that some of the behind-the-scene players have been arrested or had run-ins with the law. I agree with some - suspended license doesn't make him a hardened criminal; however, lying to the police and others to cover up misdemeanors seems odd. Of course, now AI will make him into the worst contestant in history to cover their blunder of not checking criminal records prior to putting these people on TV!!!!

921 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

It's always in the eyes. Did anyone notice the contempt in his eyes when he was criticized for Stevie Wonder's song? I thought for a minute he was going to go off, but he brought it under control. There is something just not right about this guy... time to move on. And for all y'all~ it has NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS COLOR!! Trash comes in all colors.

921 days ago


I am sure the Grammys will let him perform....Can you say Chris Brown.

921 days ago


I am sure we will see him on the Grammys...Can you say Chris Brown?

921 days ago


Even before they allowed him back, before he was told he wasn't in the top 24, when he was crying with his mom with Ryan Seacrest I felt an uneasiness in my stomach about him. Like he was a two sided man...the great singer but odd personality.

921 days ago


so does this mean that NO CELEBRITY CONVICTED OF ANYTHING ESP. FELONIES will be allowed to perform OR be a guest judge on American Idol. wait, surely Steven Tyler must have some transgressions in his past, given sex, drugs and rock and roll?

921 days ago


OMG! Why kick a talented singer off. This is the "worst" season ever so you're left with a bunch of tone-deaf wannabes. And The Voice is no better. My shower singing sounds better than any of them. Anyway, the Gentle Giant should be allowed to sing. Doesn't anyone believe in rehabilitation? Steven Tyler has plenty of arrests and habitually used illegal drugs for decades. IDOL hypocrites pay him millions as they put on his stage make-up by the bucket and polish his nails oh so pretty. And his fear of giving out constructive criticism...MAN UP!

921 days ago


sounds fishy to me. First he gets kicked off then for the first time ever the judges bring back a 13th contestant and then all of a suddden he has a background of abuse. Sounds like a media ploy to me.

921 days ago

Avery Mentis    

Never trust a ***** with dreads.

921 days ago


OMG how stupid can one be to be seen by all knowing he has outstanding warrents

921 days ago


Maybe the Grammys will let him perform....Can we say Chris Brown?

921 days ago


What a bunch of Crap !Is it a Talent Show? or a Moral Judgment Show?

921 days ago
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