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Jermaine Jones

Will Be Kicked Off

'American Idol'

3/14/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jones will be kicked off American Idol
Jermaine Jones will be kicked off "American Idol" Wednesday night, after producers learned he concealed the fact that he was arrested twice last year and has outstanding warrants ... TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, producers discovered Tuesday that Jermaine had lied about his criminal history and that triggered the decision to confront him on camera Tuesday afternoon. 

We're told one of the incidents involved violence, which was particularly troublesome to producers.  He also lied to cops by giving them fake names both times he was arrested.

"A.I." sources tell us ... Jermaine will appear on the show tomorrow night before he is sent packing.

Over the last few days, we've been reporting that Jermaine told producers his father abandoned him 10 years ago, but his dad called TMZ and called B.S. on his son, saying they see each other regularly. 

Jermaine began tweeting that he never told producers about his dad abandoning him.  We're told the producers -- who knew Jermaine had made the statement -- became generally suspicious and began looking more closely at his background, and that's what led to the revelation of his criminal history.  


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I think he producers of American Idol really overstepped their bounds by putting him through that on national tv. While I don't blame them for kicking him off the show, I don't feel they had any business disclosing all his personal information. They now have one less viewer. That was bogus.

918 days ago


Everyone deserves a chance.. No one is perfect and we're living in imperfect world. lots of American Actors and Actresses have their records so what then? Don't he have the right to change? And i think American Idol is the way to change for the better..:/

918 days ago


lol racists not Niles but the idiots that make these comments you know nothing about the black community and how the police pull us overand intimidate us in to taking plea charges for things we dont do every single day. i know this because i have my degree in justice and i know police majors sgts that confirm that they target black males because they have quotas that they must fill for stops citations tickets,etc. They also target young black males to set them up for future busts that they might be good for by taking their info when they are just going to the store or coming from school you just dont know what your talking about.

918 days ago


everybody got warrants come down

918 days ago


It is more than shameful that each day, television/media focuses on ratings for the sake of cheap entertainment at the expense of others. Rather than spending time solving issues that would benefit the masses, it came across as a cheap thrill when airing the decisiion to let go contestant Jermaine Jones. Yes, it is important to vacate any outstanding warrants however, the way in which the producers of the show handle the situation calls for professional correction. Any negative outcome that may impact the life of this young man warrants the enabling of the mainsteam media. It appears that any Black person or extremely poor person never gain the opportunity to have a fruitful life once charge with any crime. The conclusion ends with not supporting American Idol moving forward.

918 days ago

pat johnson    

that a shame why did you waiting so long did everyone get checked out are it because well like they say when one door close god will opening another one keep your head young man you are still my idol

918 days ago


How could you Jermaine. I was really rooting for you. Now what? then you lied. well serves you right karma's a mother****er

918 days ago


no one has discriminated him. He had the chance to be real and honest. But he choose to Lie! he burned himself! hope he kept his day job! If he had one??

917 days ago


American Idol knew about this all along, thats why they brought him back... just to make a big production and to kick him off for lying.

917 days ago

Don H.    

Could be the seed for a new show... American Thug.

917 days ago


I don't think they should kick someone off the show because they had problems in the past. If they killed someone, sure...if they are "sick" (those types of crimes), sure. But if they made a mistake and did their time, punishing them for their past is wrong. They did their time. Warrants for what? Felonies? Misdemeanors? They should let that be a little more clear if they are going to boot the guy. If he's a good singer, it doesn't matter what he did. It's bull****.

917 days ago

Adrian Carter    

I love your show. I think you guys and yes the few ladies get along great. i tape it every day so i dont miss. give the new guy in ny a break. i would love to work for Harvey. Im a big deal in greenboro nc.

916 days ago


No wonder he was always sweating so much...

909 days ago
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