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Kim Kardashian

My Husband Already Cashed In

On Our Marriage

3/13/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries
Sources extremely close to Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries tell TMZ ... Kris is full of B.S. when he says he didn't cash in on their wedding -- they say he's already profited handsomely and his greed is now being exposed.

TMZ broke the story ... Kris claims all the the money he and Kim made from the wedding and surrounding events went into a joint bank account and he hasn't taken a penny. But our sources say ... not true.

According to sources, Kris -- who raked in a million bucks from the wedding and somewhere between $250,000 and $300,000 for his appearances on the reality show -- HAS withdrawn some of his loot ... but he spent a big chunk of the withdrawal on the wedding and Kim's ring.

Sources close to the ex-couple tell us, the money Kris made on the realty show was transferred directly into one of his business accounts ... separate from Kim.

Our sources say the joint account is now frozen until a judge decides who gets what, but bottom line ... Kris is bellyaching about money he has never been denied.



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TMZ, it is sooo transparent that Kim and her mother are paying your site to only put up positive articles about them and that you are going along with their malicious smear Humphries campaign.

They got mad at Star magazine because they could not negotiate a deal where Radar Online would go along with allowing Kris Jenner to ALWAYS edit and control what postings about the Kardashian's get put up.

I bet that is what they did with TMZ, negotiate a deal where only articles Kris Jenner approves can be posted at TMZ.

Sickening and so transparent.

This is what I think is going on.

963 days ago


Considering what has transpired with the Kardashian family over the last year, beginning with Kim announcing to the world she will have a wedding more lavish than Prince William and Kate to the mother, Kris Jenner's tell all book, I can't imagine anyone with an ounce of sense believing a word any member of this 'goofy' family has to say. For that matter, I never paid any attention to the "Kardashian's" until all this wedding talk hit the web. As for Kris Humphries, I believe every word coming from his mouth. I can see why he was taken with Kim, what 27 year old boy wouldn't be? At the end of the day, it's only money, walk away, get your divorce and consider this experience a lesson learned. Be grateful you haven't caught an STD and concentrate on your basketball career. Advise from a mom who has a son the same age.

963 days ago


Dear Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner,

Your malicious intent to try to destroy Kris Humphries is backfiring and you only continue to further show the depths you will go to be so malicious and vindictive.

If you two spent the energy you spend on trying to defame and smear Kris Humphries and instead work on just being nicer, better people and stop using and hurting others for your gain, you should worry more about your own image, then his.

You two (Kim and her Mom) have made complete fools out of yourself.

Keep spinning your story telling, keep thinking you can edit everything in life to favor you. People are tired of you insulting their intelligence and are on to your mode of operation.

Keep calling up the photogs to take your photo going to church while the rest of the week you show you learn nothing at church.

963 days ago


The Kardashians are the greedy ones.

Kim never gave the gifts back, she felt entitled to keep them ALL, when half were Kris Humphries.

Kim and Kris Jenner both lied in interviews claiming they never made money off of the wedding, well now they admit they did?

Liars, greed mongers, manipulators, scammers.

Keep exposing yourselves.

963 days ago

King of TMZ    

3 months since the beginning of 2012 and KMZ showcases Kim "stories" almost everyday only time there was a break was when Whitney died... lol... KParasite lol funny how KMZ & Perez both support this girl yet trash other real celebrities.

& to Kim, being in successful FAKE show, a FAKE designer who steal ideas and have designs done by pros, & business woman who just loves money money money doesn't make you smart! you're still an idiot.

963 days ago


His paycheck for the reality show was given for work he performed. The money he used from the account was spent on the wedding itself and the ring he sold to Kim.

She made almost $15 million of the wedding. Kris should get half, plus the cost of the ring.

963 days ago


TMZ's credibility is going down the toilet, cheerleading for lowlifes like the Kartrashys. Oh well, what did I really expect from a tabloid?

963 days ago


Kim this is directly to you....there is absolutely no spin that puts you in a good light no matter how many of your cult write nasty remarks about your almost ex husband because the world is DISGUSTED AND DEAD SICK OF YOU. There is nothing you can say to change that ...and hey YOU picked Kris and now you try and portray him as an idiot? WE KNOW WHO HAS BEEN THE NARCISSISTIC IDIOT ALL ALONG, LOOK IN THE MIRROR KIM. We know all about your "business".

963 days ago


TMZ is now the official Kardashian dirty sock puppet and surrogate liar.

963 days ago


It takes massive nerve for the Kardashians to accuse anyone else of greed.

963 days ago


Wow. The no scam wedding and marriage no one made a dime off of, Kimmy is blaming Humphries for cashing in on the wedding that no one made a dime off of? How does that work?

Now she is pulling her 'husband' crap when she's actually getting caught. Not working.

All the money not made is in Humphries 'business accounts'. Kim and Kardashians are tripping over their own greed.

Kim and Kardashions got caught up in their lies. Hey, it's Humphries fault.

963 days ago


"sorces very close to the lard-assians." Yeah you mean like their mother? TMZ/Harvey its obviouse since the get go you've been kissing their fat asses for years and they use you/TMZ as their own personal publicity service. Try some objective "reporting" once in a while and try not to make it soobvious tiy guys are just like one of their twitter accounts, but here they can use more words.

963 days ago


Now we KNOW this is a lie fabricated by the karTRASHians because Chris didn't buy her ring, she had it in 2009, which has already been proven thanks to her wearing it in pap photos from 2009.

963 days ago


she was pictured wearing that ring atleast a year before this fake engagement/wedding so kris never paid for that ring she already owned it, she didnt pay a dime for that wedding neither did kris everyone knows that!

963 days ago


It's always about money with this whore.
John Hamm is right, all the Kardashians are idiots!

963 days ago
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