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'Luck' Cancelled

After 3rd Horse Death

3/14/2012 4:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

4:30 PM PT:  The crew was assembled for a meeting where they were just told the show is cancelled.  They are pissed because production was supposed to last another 8 months and they were just told they will not be getting any severance.

4:20 PM PT
: We've just spoken with on-set sources, who tell us the crew has not been told their show was cancelled.  They're learning it from TMZ.

has cancelled "Luck" after the latest horse death.

As TMZ reported, yesterday a third horse died during production of the show, and HBO just made the drastic decision to lower the boom.

HBO released a statement that reads in part, "While we maintained the highest safety standards possible, accidents unfortunately happen and it is impossible to guarantee they won't in the future."

The statement goes on ... "We maintained the highest safety standards throughout production, higher in fact than any protocols existing in horse racing anywhere with many fewer incidents than occur in racing or than befall horses normally in barns at night or pastures."


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954 days ago


Too bad they couldn't of used CGI for the race scenes and filmed live horses only close up standing still, walking, or trotting. Although from the sounds of it the horse that died this time would of died no matter where he was since it happened in the stall.

954 days ago

Nora Dunn    

No horses died because of the production of Luck and the horse that died at the track was not a part of the production, nor in the hands of anyone in production, nor anywhere near anyone in the production. The people who are telling these lies have no proof and no evidence to back up their lies. PETA has killed 95% of the adoptable dogs and cats in its shelters since 2011 and are trying to divert attention from their hypocritical animal abuse. They are being threatened with having their license as an animal protection organization being revoked, which is what they deserve.

954 days ago


Peta controlling our lives again! Horses in the wild survive approximately 30%. Peta needs to shut up or take care of all of the horses before they go to the glue factory. This was a great show!

954 days ago

Jay W.     

Too bad... it was a good show. Damn shame about the horses !

954 days ago


Finally, some good news!! Since HBO obviously doesn't plan on taking responsibility for the deaths, it's best they cancel the show and move on. Leave working with animals to people who know their business and actually care about the welfare of the animals.

954 days ago


Best show since the sopranos! Cant believe that people dont understand what typically happens with race horses when they can no longer race! All I ask is that you please vote for obamas new health care plan for horses, and that dont complain when roaches have better healthcare than you!

954 days ago


Does this website (TMZ) barely work or is it just me?

954 days ago


This is beyond retarded. Just because a little horse fell down we are canceling a great tv show. horses die everyday when cameras are not around at a horse track so PETA should try and shut those down 2. PETA, Parents Television Council and West Boro Baptise are the devil.
Grow a ****ing pair HBO you were going to make tons of bank with this tv show. If Games of Thrones was not coming out in april i would cancel your ass for ruining my sundays.
PS: Make PETA pay the staff for there 8 months the will be out of work

954 days ago

Ted Allen    


954 days ago


Haha best comment read in awhile people are way to serious these days.

BB in ca: I agree because having animal races is the worst thing in the world how dare they I hope people involved in the races all die (sarcasm). It shows you really dont know what you're talking about and haven't been around it.

954 days ago


Obviously they didn't maintain safe standards or they wouldn't be cancelling production. Only IDIOTS would believe their fake ass statement. SICKENING. All for the all mighty dollar you hurt animals. GO TO HELL!

954 days ago


Tony Soprano cancelled the show.

954 days ago


FOr all of you losers saying "it's just a couple horses" shame the hell on you. Pathetic losers.

954 days ago


This is so fu**ing stupid. just because a horse died and PETA complains. PETA and The Parents Television Council always ruin everything. If horses falling down dead was such a big deal horse racing should be illegal. its not like they are extinct or anything. Man up HBO bring this show back.

954 days ago
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