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'Luck' Cancelled

After 3rd Horse Death

3/14/2012 4:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

4:30 PM PT:  The crew was assembled for a meeting where they were just told the show is cancelled.  They are pissed because production was supposed to last another 8 months and they were just told they will not be getting any severance.

4:20 PM PT
: We've just spoken with on-set sources, who tell us the crew has not been told their show was cancelled.  They're learning it from TMZ.

has cancelled "Luck" after the latest horse death.

As TMZ reported, yesterday a third horse died during production of the show, and HBO just made the drastic decision to lower the boom.

HBO released a statement that reads in part, "While we maintained the highest safety standards possible, accidents unfortunately happen and it is impossible to guarantee they won't in the future."

The statement goes on ... "We maintained the highest safety standards throughout production, higher in fact than any protocols existing in horse racing anywhere with many fewer incidents than occur in racing or than befall horses normally in barns at night or pastures."


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this is bull****! bet the people who cancled the show went to burger king after for a triple whopper with cheese. Millions of cows and chickens are slaughtered and they cancel a show because of three dead horses?

954 days ago


Good, they should have been cancelled the first time it happened! Haaha! Payback for doing nothing to help these poor beautiful creatures..

954 days ago


I think any movie exposing horseracing is totally wrong-whoever or whatever put the disgusting act of a show together need to be put to rest-hung,horses belong in a pastur or a stable nowhere else,anyone who watches this s--- has no love for animals,these shows are totally wrong and cruelty to animals

954 days ago


Thank you HBO! You did the right thing.
I love animals.

954 days ago


its not cancelled, its suspended.

954 days ago


I know I'm going to get fanged here but before you do, check the stats...

The race horse industry has the highest "turnover" of any sport: humans or animals, because it's purely a money making operation very contrary to popular belief. The big farms - times that by number of big farms, not to mention the thousands of small breeders, raise hundreds of foals every year (I won't get into what the broodmares endure) and out of the handful that make it the other, by the thousands - and that is only Thoroughbreds mind you..the same applies to the Quarter Horse, Standardbred - the list goes on...the other horses are shipped overseas to end up on a french table.

Then there are the injuries...depending on the breed, horses mature fully at a different ages. To keep this simple; because the joints (knees, fetlocks, hocks, stifles, etc) do not close up/finish growing; bones, ligaments, tendons until a horse is at least 4 to 8 years old. Mind you they run these horses - flat out HARD, not to mention the training, at 1 1/2 and 2 years old. It's no wonder a lot of vets refuse to work the track circuit.

You may wonder why the PETA (fanatics) and Humane Society don't protest. It's 2 the ignorance of the facts I just stated. Two: the money. plain and simple. That's why the breeders don't keep the horses longer to allow them to grow and mature. It costs them too much to feed them those extra years. If you doubt me, look at the stats.

I'm certainly not stating horse racing is a bad thing though it is criminal the horses aren't allowed to mature, therefor giving them a longer and ultimately safer career. "Accidents" like Ruffian, Barbaro, Eight Belles, the list goes a horse owner all my life and a 3rd generation breeder it sickens me to think what young immature horses face at both the racetrack, kill pens, or the shipment overseas.

These reported horse deaths on this show is sadly a daily fact at any racetrack...not only in the United States but world wide.

954 days ago


PETA or GLADD. Stop handing victories to these commies.

954 days ago

Rhoda Penmark    

If only they'd euthanized Dustin Hoffman!

954 days ago


HBO you sissy, what happend to your balls?

954 days ago


This show was handled poorly from the beginning. There is no excuse for that many horses to have died in that short amount of time. A show promoting horse racing should have been shelved in the first place. I'm sorry it took so long for HBO to cancel since it should have never happened in the first place. What struck me most about the statement was that it goes on to say how much they loved the show and cast and crew, but mentioned nothing regretting the deaths of the horse actors. They apparently didn't care TOO much for their crew if they had to find out they were fired on TMZ, tho, huh?

954 days ago

Thomas Jefferson    

If they maintained the highest safety standards possible then their wouldn't be 3 dead horses. More Hollywood BS.

954 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

I'm actually surprised Dustin Hoffman would lend his name to a freaking cable network that also makes money from mysoginist Bill Maher. I cancelled that shiiiite years ago because of that man****tt. As for this, where are the PETA nuts? You normally can't shut em up on this stuff but when it's a lefty homowood production all bets are off until 3 horses die shooting a freaking movie./ It's not the 50's anymore is what they'd be saying if this was some conservative owned production you can bet your azzzz

954 days ago


i stayed with it for three episodes but watching the lives of degenerate gamblers was too depressing also hoffman looked like an idiot in those suits like a cleaned up ratso

954 days ago

Woody McBrreairty    

If they had maintained the highest possible standards of safety, 3 horses would not have died. They are trying to gloss over the horror of the deaths of these beloved innocent animals. All they do is prove their worthlessness.

954 days ago

HBO Series Fan    

Just an excuse to cancel and stiff the cast! The show was getting harder to follow and less intersesting week by week. The writing(storyline)as well as some of the acting was going South and losing appeal. Would not be surprised if it were the same writers who ended The Sopranos!

954 days ago
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