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'Luck' Cancelled

After 3rd Horse Death

3/14/2012 4:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

4:30 PM PT:  The crew was assembled for a meeting where they were just told the show is cancelled.  They are pissed because production was supposed to last another 8 months and they were just told they will not be getting any severance.

4:20 PM PT
: We've just spoken with on-set sources, who tell us the crew has not been told their show was cancelled.  They're learning it from TMZ.

has cancelled "Luck" after the latest horse death.

As TMZ reported, yesterday a third horse died during production of the show, and HBO just made the drastic decision to lower the boom.

HBO released a statement that reads in part, "While we maintained the highest safety standards possible, accidents unfortunately happen and it is impossible to guarantee they won't in the future."

The statement goes on ... "We maintained the highest safety standards throughout production, higher in fact than any protocols existing in horse racing anywhere with many fewer incidents than occur in racing or than befall horses normally in barns at night or pastures."


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Fat Mike    

Yet another one of Harvey's crusades taking food off the table of struggling Americans. Neigh

931 days ago


BS HBO, I love your shows but PAY YOUR DAMN PEOPLE. You cut early, and now all those people are gonna be homeless in 3 months? They expected pay for the next 8 at least! PAY everyone except the idiots who were paid well to take CARE of these horses and FAILED

931 days ago


Three horses died? They were doing something terrible to have killed three horses...because they wanted that 3 second shot? The trainers should be prosecuted.

931 days ago


oh no, 3 horses!! mc donalds, burguer king, kfc, bacon, are made of what??? MERICA!!!!!

931 days ago


This show is fantastic. The scene when Nick Nolte's characters horse runs for the first time was brilliant. You could see every stride that horse took in Nick's eyes. Being a life long horse owner, it is an unfortunate truth that horses are very delicate creatures and their own worst enemy. There is no truth to the "healthy as a horse" wives tale. A horse rearing up to avoid a percieved threat, and flipping over on itself is very common and happens on farms all across the country everyday.

931 days ago


The only thing killing these horses is Hoffman's narcisistic attitude. They'll be fine when he leaves the set.

931 days ago

Marla Tamm    

I think American Idol, should really reconsider those with a past history, If you look at the judges they themselves aren't without some past. The show should look at it as a second chance for someone to make it and be HUGE success.I don't know what he did but he did his time and he is trying to get his life together an be a better person.If he has a good voice why not let him compete.

931 days ago


About time! Should have shut them down after the first horses death.

931 days ago


Hey...maybe HBO will bring back Deadwood now!

931 days ago

All this, when the real race in this country involving horses is taking place in every U.S. community where a proposed Commercial Horse Slaughter Facility could legally be built!

What the proponents of Commercial Horse Slaughter in the U.S. are not taking into consideration is the fact that the end “product” of this industry contains Adrenaline and Cortisol in levels far higher than what is not allowed in beef by law and regulated by the USDA.

If you want a real education yourself, Google “Commercial Horse Slaughter” and you will get one. This abhorrent practice was ill-regulated and only cursory inspected for meat quality, with the standards at all U.S. Commercial Horse Slaughter Plants in the U.S. being almost non-existent. Someone was protecting this industry before, but no longer. The American Horse Racing Industry was feeding it — ARE THEY STILL? Officially, No. Behind the scenes and out the back gates, Yes.

In Commercial Beef Slaughter they call it “dark cutting.” Google that and you will get an education about the toxic hormones and steroids that are making their way into your hamburgers and steaks (especially fast food beef.) It causes Cancer and other disease in humans and causes the Commercial Beef Slaughter Industry’s largest financial losses every year.

Equines and bovines are completely different species of animals. The equine senses are better than canines and their herd mentality extremely keen. It is virtually and practically impossible to kill a horse humanely in a commercial setting. The proponents of this issue are lying to everyone and the proof will come in the toxicology reports that will be mandated by the lawsuits filed against them and the USDA for attempting to distribute harmful levels of these toxic hormones and steroids to the population.

Every single head-shot horse is a “bad kill” with their autonomic endocrine systems delivering extreme amounts of adrenaline and cortisol throughout the flesh AFTER the shot. The evidence of this is in the pulsing of the horse post shot. Review some Commercial Horse Slaughter videos and see for yourself.

This also happens in slower, dumber bovines at a much lessor rate but is supposedly tracked and managed by USDA officials on their lines. The same USDA that is already stressed and thin in ranks because of the economic budget issues our country is facing.

The evidence that will make this “product” illegal is scientific. The Commercial Beef Slaughter Industry is already suppressing information regarding the levels of Adrenaline and Cortisol that are making their way into U.S. diets, causing Cancer and other disease. All of this will come to light with further scrutiny.

I thank the proponents of Commercial Horse Slaughter in the U.S. for being so outspoken with their propaganda and misinformation to bring so much attention to this issue. We all need to make a concerted effort to know exactly what we are ingesting and stay away from products that are proven harmful to our health.

The American Horse Racing Industry provides the largest group of “specimens” to this cruel, unnecessary and poisonous industry. Nick Nolte spoke with sorrow about it in a defining scene of the pilot episode of “Luck.” It’s really too bad that HBO wanted to cut corners more than protect their investment. Ironically, just like the American Horse Racing Industry itself…

931 days ago


I do not believe that horses were purposely put into harm to film the show.
Hopefully a network with some balls will pick up the show.

931 days ago

Green Bird    

Bummer about the horse death's. Also a bummer about the cancellation of Luck as it was just starting to get really good, despite a slow start. Too bad they couldn't have made peace with PETA, and kept the show going. Point of fact, PETA euthanizes nearly all of the animals it is given for adoption. In 2011 PETA received 1992 animals that could have been adopted but they euthanized 1911 of them, that's 95.9%. this is not an excuse for the tragedies caused by the producers of LUCK failing to have the right standards in place. I mean heck, no horses died on the movie Warhorse or Secretariat, so there are obviously people out there who know how to handle horses better than others. It just bothers me that a group like PETA may get monetary support for this story breaking. PETA has also been linked to Animal extremist groups and people whose philosophy is to cause as much economical damage to companies who experiment on animals. I would hope that PETA would spend more of it's money trying to save animals lives, and get laws on the ballot that would require safer measures for animals on and off screen.

930 days ago


Anyone with a brain-And that would not include H.B.O.'S choice in this choice, Well let's just say they are guilty of being hippocrates.Let me explain why. This is America. Sorry for all the so called two faced people that H.B.O. has sided with. It seems that any person, group of uneducated or people that call out this program needs to be identified. And let them have thier say. They are in thier rights as long as they are willing to have thier profile checked out. H.B.O. has shows that are pornografic. Many shows with human beings being murdered. And there is no doubt they knew the story line of LUCK. I am a horsemen. This show presented alot of what passion and money people spend to protect horse's after racing. Is there dramatic events from this sport. Absolutely. And Not just the horse's. Humans in the nfl can be killed on any given sunday!!!! Boxers and exteme Fighters can die at any moment. Nascar- on and on and on. There is a freedom act in this country. And look what your CHANGE got the U.S.A. H.B.O. airs alot of shows where humans are abused. Horse racing and the people involved are under alot of protective issues thn humans that are in sports. To take aim at LUCK! Is just a OPINION. PUT a microscope on PETA and HUMAN society. LOOK at what there C.E.O.s make. Look with all the money they are donated and government breaks they are given. ARE YOU SCARED!!!! No just blind. As well check how many bald Eagles and Other wildfowl were killed with wind mill energy. But that is not important- But who would ever care!!!!! Maybe it is time peta and others with thier opinions are EXPOSED!! Don't get mad it's just a opinion and nothing said here is a fact. Check it out on your own and if you want to point your evil finger at the Racing Industry- Point your finger in the mirror!! Person to person I'm not saying Horse Racing is Right in every way! But what when big money is envolved is?

930 days ago


Rumor has it the Horse Vet worked for PETA, the story will be out soon who knows and HBO has a idea for a new show called JELL-0 or they might call it GLUE.

930 days ago

Paul Klush    

Hey, this series can't be finished, it's the best thing I've seen in years on TV.
Let's open an online petition to ask HBO not to finish the series, but to restart it with maximum security regarding the horses (that is, to do whatever it takes in order not to have any horse death nor risk of death: old footage from real horse racing, computer effects, whatever etc.)

927 days ago
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