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'Strange Addiction' Star

I Don't Just Drink My Own Urine


3/15/2012 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A cancer-stricken woman on TLC's "My Strange Addiction" swears by the healing properties of her own urine -- drinking it, rubbing it on her skin, even BATHING in it -- and the footage is stomach-turning.

53-year-old Carrie has been drinking her own urine for 4 years -- downing about 80 ounces of the yellow stuff a day -- and despite a total absence of medical proof, she believes it's helped control her cancer. Carrie says in the show finale (which airs Sunday at 10 PM) ... she  hasn't seen a doctor in 6 years.

Carrie doesn't just drink her pee -- she brushes her teeth with it, uses it as lotion, pours it in her hair, bathes in it ... even rinses out her eyeballs with it.

Although Carrie insists her obsession is life-saving -- she says she's noticed a strange mole on her back that changes daily from dark to light.

Here's some non-pee advice -- go to a doctor.


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when you gotta go you gotta go!!!! bottoms up!!!

922 days ago


That's Bear Grylls kind of woman!

922 days ago


can u imagine how she smells?

922 days ago


Looks like a CORONA!! Where's the lime?

922 days ago


this show is so fake.they had a woman drinking "gas" the other people will believe anything

922 days ago


The dehydration has already started if you noticed the color. If a person is drinking plenty of fluids (and not toxic waste), their urine is clear. This woman needs serious psychological help, not put on the air to promote her illness. And yes, she has to have a horrid odor!

922 days ago

arale norimaki    


There are various reasons that humans may consume urine. Urine was used in several ancient cultures for various health, healing, and cosmetic purposes, practices which are still used by some people of these cultures today. In Western culture, these practices are known as urine therapy, a form of alternative medicine.

Other reasons for urophagia include attempting survival, if no other potable fluid is available, though numerous credible sources (including the US Army Field Manual) advise against it. Also, some people consume urine as a sexual activity, and members of at least one culture consume urine for ceremonial purposes.

922 days ago


I don't understand the stupidity of some people. Your body passes urine for a reason - to get rid of it! Urine is chock full of all the toxins, and unnecessary/unwanted substances from your body. To drink it, is awful, but she doesn't even just drink it - she does EVERYTHING with it. This lady is killing herself and it's so obvious. She has to have a mental illness to be willing to subject her body to something so unhealthy with the belief that she is healing herself.

922 days ago



922 days ago


What the hell, and i thought the girl that drank gasoline on that show was bad off..

922 days ago


She's actually half right. The "urea" found in urine is used in many topical treatments you can find on the market today as it promotes the rehydration of the skin. Fortunately the urea in skincare products is typically synthetic. Drinking it though may actually have the opposite effect.. as urinating is how the body expels toxins. If she's primarily drinking urine because it is waste the body can't use much of the fluid leaving her dehydrated. You should never drink it unless as a method of survival when there are no water resources. She might want to get those kidneys checked out.

922 days ago


There are some seriously ignorant people on this site. This is a prime example of why our health is so bad these days. People trust the doctors who are making so much money off their unwillingness to go back to natural lifestyles of unprocessed food, lots of exercise and yes....urine therapy. UT has been used all over the world. Millions of people in China drink it EVERY day you simpletons. More than 2500 ingredients have been identified. Urine acts as a vaccine (except without all the nasty side effects - there are NO side effects from drinking uring - NONE). The only people that scoff at this are people that are ignorant of its benefits. You can fast on urine for more than 40 days (longer than just water) and many people have found it cured them of diseases their doctors told them were utterly terminal and devoid of any hope of survival. If you idiots remembered any of your biology you'd know that fresh urine is more sterile than chlorinated tap water. Urea, the main ingredient in urine is probably in many of your cosmetics and pharmaceutical drugs. Most of you already use it. Except its been processed and is not natural. You only drink your own urine - not your gf/bf's, not from a cow. Just your own because that has the stuff you need to strengthen your immune system.

Just Google it. You'll notice an interesting pattern. The people that have tried it extol its virtues. The people that scoff have never tried it. How would a thinking person perceive those stats? Also - when a person says it works, they have nothing to gain. Nothing to sell. Now way to benefit. So that opinion is obviously unbiased. Think about that.

Comment #41 (meh) was one of the few reactions that had any sense. What a sad commentary on the health knowledge of our society these days, all the more so with all the internet's information at our fingertips. No wonder our health declines year by year.

I've been using it for 10 years, internally and externally. Its so great on so many levels. And she's right - its so wonderful in the eyes (soothing), skin (revitalizes), ears (reduces earwax) teeth and gums. If you've tried oil pulling wait til you try urine pulling. If you burn your skin urine is the ultimate remedy. So good as a sunblock. doesn't smell when dry. To prove this, put a little on one hand and let dry. Let someone smell both hands. They will not be able to detect a difference.

Eat well, exercise hard, and use the tools God has given us to stay healthy. Beware of someone's opinion when they stand to lose lots of money because of a natural solution working better with ZERO side effects.

922 days ago


Actually, this is called Amaroli. I would never do it but it is a practice that has been used for thousands of years. I have heard of many eyes witness accounts of people curing illnesses with it. Please do get educated a little bit before you start typing an uninformed rant.

921 days ago


You can't say it doesn't work for her! I do know that ear wax has healing properties in it to ward off cold sores. If you apply your own wax as the blister begins, it will not form, however, if the blister has formed and one applies the wax, the healing time if much faster. Now! I'm not sure I could drink my own urine. If I came down with a illness as hers, and my urine cures. Yd betta know, I'd be drinkin up some stuff!

921 days ago


Well for one thing i bet she dont have a man,i guess when she told him she drink pee he left her.i bet you can smell her a mile away.and pee does not get rid of cancer.she needs help very in a very bad way.where is here familt at?

919 days ago
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