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'Repo Games' Host

I Might Be the Next Hulk Hogan

3/17/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Repo Games” host and resident tough guy Josh Lewis is ready to kick some serious ass ... and we’re not talking missed car payment ass ... we mean hard core TNA wrestling ass.

TMZ has learned ... the Spike TV host and real life repo man has struck a deal to get in the ring with TNA wrestling in the very near future.

It's unclear if Josh will actually wrestle a match ... but we're told things will "definitely get physical."

We're told Josh is a life-long wrestling fanatic and REEAALLLY wants to make the wrestling thing a full time gig down the line.

Josh is no stranger to violence ... dude survived a real-life shooting on the set of "Repo Games" last year ... and it was all caught on tape.


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ROFLMAO, no stranger to REAL LIFE violence, AS IF wrestling is REAL LIFE, right? I'm a huge wrestling fan but I'm no mark, I know the whole thing is scripted and it's a bunch of stunt folks working the mat. They are entertainers following a script NOT punching the crap out of each other like UFC. Impress me when he hits the Octagon.

948 days ago

Mike L    

Oy, another D-lister joins the D-list wrestling organization. Why anybody would even bother with TNA is beyond me. If you're gonna bother, go big or go home. WWE or Bust.

948 days ago


And I might be the Easter Bunny.

947 days ago


who even watches wrestling anymore? tuned in a few weeks ago.and it is nothing but lame now.a bunch of kiddie jokes no blood and so forth.

947 days ago

West Vasquez    

Ok, the repo show, like all "reality" television, is fake. And TV wrestling is fake. I guess his fake ass would be perfect.

947 days ago


"Josh is no stranger to violence ... dude survived a real-life shooting on the set of "Repo Games" last year ... and it was all caught on tape." You mean the part where he was running and ducking for cover like a little biotch?!!!

947 days ago

arale norimaki    

z-lister joins the z-list wrestling organization

947 days ago


These phoney, bullsh*t Repo "reality" shows, populated by some of the ugliest, fattest, loudest z-listers on earth are proof positive that people will watch ANYTHING when it's on tv. Too funny. Soon they'll have a dog sh*tting competion and people will watch that too. D'oh.

947 days ago


I think, Abyss should miss a payment on his car.. so Josh Lewis goes looking for him to get his money.. and then try to kick Abyss' ass.. but fail.

947 days ago


If any of you actually work in TV you would know that when you are dealing with a game show and there is prize money involved, the show has to be legit. Operation Repo is fake as everyone knows, but Repo Games is legit.

946 days ago


Anyone that works in TV knows that when you're dealing with prize money and a game show, it has to be legit through legal standards and practices. Operation Repo as we all know is fake, Repo Games is actually the most legit one out there due to having prize money involved etc...

946 days ago


Well the WWE is soft and full of water and is very overrated . He needs to go to TNA because they will give him a challenge.

945 days ago


I watched an episode of “Repo Games” that was aired on SPIKE TV early Monday morning on May 21, 2012. The episode is titled, “Hammertime” and the contestant was Shawn. The show host for that episode was Tom DeTone.

The first question that Tom asked the contestant, “What does ‘Wi-Fi’ stand for, caused the contestant to struggle for an answer. The contestant thought that the “Wi” in “Wi-Fi” stands for “Wireless.” However, the contestant could not think what “Fi” stands for. The contestant’s wife prompted him to use logic to determine what “Wi-Fi” stands for. The contestant tried, but was still struggling for an answer. Tom told the contestant that his answer was “INCORRECT.”

The show host, Tom DeTone, declared that the term “Wi-Fi” stands for “Wireless Fidelity.”

As I watched, I also was struggling to think could “Wi-Fi” possibly stand for. The show host’s answer did not sit right with me. I had never heard that “Wi-Fi” stood for anything, so I decided to check for myself. The information about the term “Wi-Fi” is readily available to anyone willing to do a little research on the Internet.

The host on the TV show, “Repo Games” got it “INCORRECT.” “Wi-Fi” does not stand for anything.

In a 2007 article “‘Wireless Fidelity’ Debunked,” the author Naomi Graychase says, “If you think Wi-Fi is short for ‘wireless fidelity’ … you’re wrong.” This article is available on the Internet at http://www.wi-fiplanet.com/columns/article.php/3674591

Graychase goes on to explain how the term started as part of a tagline, and an interesting history of how the mistake continued to be used for some time; however, the term “Wi-Fi” is a made up name that stands for nothing.

Also, the current in Wikipedia confirms that the term “Wi-Fi” does not stand for anything. It contains a detailed explanation about the technology, how the name was chosen, how it mistakenly became linked with a tagline that previously perpetuated the mistaken perception that the name actually stood for something. But that misconception is INCORRECT.

The hosts of “Repo Games” should contact the contestant Shawn and pay off his car note back to the date that the show was filmed. The show should air a retraction and admit that the show host was “INCORRECT.”

883 days ago

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