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'OC Housewife' Gretchen Rossi

Tamra's Engagement Is a SHAM

3/19/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Real Housewives of Orange County" star Gretchen Rossi is telling friends ... Tamra Barney's new engagement is based on a money-grubbing lie -- manufactured by show producers desperate for a dramatic finale.

Sources close to Gretchen tell TMZ, producers originally approached Gretchen's BF Slade about proposing -- hoping he'd pop the question in time for the show's big finale this year. We're told producers even attempted to bribe Slade with an exotic proposal destination ... and a FREE RING.

We're told Slade turned the offer down -- convinced the public already hated him enough without a fake proposal -- so producers turned to Tamra and her BF Eddie Judge out of spite.

We're told Tamra and Eddie instantly snatched up the proposal package -- and her whole proposal was then conveniently filmed for the show ... at the same exotic location that was allegedly offered to Slade.

Bravo had no comment.


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This is the only Real Housewife show I've never even seen one episode of. I don't what that means but it means something.

947 days ago


Slade, Gretchen, and Tamra are all camera hogging attention seekers who sell their crap stories to tabloids to stay relevant.

I think Tamra, Slade and Gretchen should be fired from RH of OC and replaced.

947 days ago


Slade probably does not want to get married because then Gretchen can be gone after for Slade's Deadbeat Dad title he seems so proud of, with his piled up back child support. What kind of Dad does not fulfill his financial responsibility, especially when one of his children has cancer.

Slade= Deadbeat Dad who thinks he is too famous to get a job and provide for his children.

Gretchen, you are with a loser, why you stay with such a jerk, just makes you look like a dense dumb blonde stuck in an unhealthy co-dependent relationship.

947 days ago


I liked RH of OC when it first came on, with the other cast members, but then when Tamra and Gretchen joined, they made it trashy and all mean girl histrionics.

947 days ago


Tamara is nothing more than a typical OC money grubbing whore. As soon as her husband had financial troubles she left him. Now she's looking to cash in any way she can.

947 days ago


It's funny GR is calling someone else a sham. has already put her on blast about how fake she is. Just type her name at that site and you will see some pretty interesting stuff.

947 days ago


How interesting; the story I heard a few weeks ago was that Slade tried to get Bravo to give him a ring and a vacation if he proposed for the show and they said "no thanks." I know who I trust more...

947 days ago


Every one of these reality shows are fake as can be. The same thing happened with that skank KIm Kardashian, The Kiss singer did the same thing with his now wife.

When is the public going to realize it is all for ratings and stop watching these phony shows.

947 days ago


Oh please..if any of this was true...this money grubbing HO-BAG would have shouted it from the rooftops 2 weeks ago when the story of slade slimy asking the producer to pay for a ring?? I don't even think they are a real couple...FAKE,FAKE,FAKE!

947 days ago


I'm so over this skank.....GET RID OF HER & HER FAKE BOYFRIEND..BRAVO!!!

947 days ago


For those of you that think these are "Reality" shows.....THEY'RE NOT. 90% of the "Reality" shows are scripted!!!!!

947 days ago


'Real Housewives' have been known for setting up scenes, so is this surprising? No. But I still think that Eddie is gay, something about him just screams it.

947 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I didn't bother to go past the first paragraph, and I've never watched the show - in fact I can't imagine anyone with any sense ever would. I do one thing though:
You stupid bimb. That entire show is manufactured - even your own pea sized brain should be able to comprehend that. THEY GIVE YOU A SCRIPT FOR GODS SAKE!

947 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Oh, and close your mouth. With all those crotches in the background, it looks like you about ready to swallow some peen.

947 days ago

Pompano Ann    

Does Bravo have that much control over people's lives on these shows? It's funny how Bravo and the people on these show always says "nothing is scripted"?? Reality shows turning not so real; their going to loose their appeal!!!

947 days ago
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