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The Case of the Disappearing

Baby Weight

3/20/2012 7:05 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Beyonce showed no signs of any post-baby weightIt's been ten weeks since she gave birth to little Blue Ivy, but a glowing Beyonce showed no signs of any post-baby weight in a form-fitting dress as she headed to the Greenwich Hotel in NYC for dinner with First Lady Michelle Obama on Monday.

It's almost like she never had a baby.



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Jessica Simpson and her were pregnant and the same time...Jessica is STILL waiting to pup huge as a whale (never saw Beyonce's "stomach") and Beyonce has a full-grown "2 month" old?????

925 days ago


Are you people really this ignorant and dumb or do you sit around all day having conversations with your coffee tables? She was pregnant. People don't just wear fake bumps pretending to have a baby. She's a star who is back to work and it's her bread and butter to look good.. she's still thicker than before but man. The amount of negativity and hate produced over this poor family is disgusting! Slap yourselves then go for a walk. You clearly have too much time on your hands.

925 days ago

Shawn Martin    

You all get on my effin nerves. If you take good care of yourself most women can look like this 10 weeks after giving birth. No one said a damn thing about Victoria Beckham after she had her kids. She barely looked pregnant each time and was thinner than this leaving the hospital from giving birth. Leave this damn lady, her husband, and especially their baby the heck alone. Jeesh! I'd like to see the rest of the world handle this kind of scrutiny and criticism with as much style and grace as this young couple has. Get a life people!!!!

925 days ago


Give me a break and give it up media. Did anyone see her bikini pictures when she was in Croatia back in September where she clearly had a pregnant belly? Is ten weeks is a big deal to take off around 25 pounds when you have millions of dollars? I don't think so. I'm sure she has chefs, a personal gym and a trainer. If I had all that, I'd be able to lose baby weight in 10 weeks too. Some women actually watch their eating and continue to exercise when they're pregnant, you only need 300 extra calories per day. Not everyone gets as big as J. Simpson when they're preggers!

925 days ago


IDK. I saw the collapse of her belly during that interview?? The time period between announcement and birth?? Breasts never got huge??? The attention seeking couple did no tasteful pregnancy pics?? When I close my eyes and picture what a child of theirs would look like - Blue Ivy isn't it!!

925 days ago


its not as uncommon as it look, i have 4 children and 2 weeks after each child i was back to normal, don't know how, but with breast feeding and being very active helps...she looks amazing....

925 days ago


2months not two weeks!

925 days ago


Wow you guys are mean! She is rich and can afford the best specialists out there to get her back into shape...if people on the biggest looser can loose 70lbs in 2months i think a healthy woman can loose 40 lbs in less time. What is up with you people? Are you that mean in person as well??

925 days ago


DUDE! Chillax...LOL I gave birth to both my girls and buttoned my skinny jeans less than a month later. Baby weight is soooooooooo easy to lose.

925 days ago


Its been TEN freaking weeks since Beyonce gave birth to Blue Ivy. Her and JayZ are making millions on a yearly basis, she can afford trainers, and nutritionists to help her get back to pre-baby weight. I swear there are many celebrities who have given birth and popped right back into shape: Victoria Beckham, Jessica Alba and Camilla Alves to name a few. I'd understand if it was 2 weeks after Blue Ivy's birth but its been 2 and 1/2 months that's a lot of time to drop baby weight when you're dedicated and aren't eating hohos all day.

925 days ago


You look great.

925 days ago


Everyone!! Let's say tummy tuck and money. If it is that easy for stars to lose weight right after giving birth, it should be that easy for all females no matter who you are. I would be jealous, but not about lies.

924 days ago


All those who think Beyonce looks great, and indeed she does just giving birth. Lipo is being done as soon as the baby is born. Why do stars seems to appear in shape in no time and the ordinary females have a hard time losing the weight. Get real people and use your brains.

924 days ago

Nice girl    

She just needs to keep her mouth shut because she makes herself out to be a lie the more she talks!!! The trainer thing...impossible... She supposedly had a c-section right? you can't exercise for at least 8-12 weeks because of the staples or stitches would rip! so we all no that she couldn't possibly lose the weight that way. There was never any weight to lose but the 50 lb prego suit.

924 days ago


Besides the fact that I'm banking on her actually having had a surrogate, celebrities are known to get plastic surgery the second the baby pops out. And its totally her baby. Compare it to her baby pics and the pieces fall together.

924 days ago
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