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Charlie Sheen

I'm HONORED Kathy Bates

Is Playing My Ghost

3/22/2012 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If casting Kathy Bates as Charlie Harper's ghost on "Two and a Half Men" was supposed to be an insult, it failed miserably -- because Charlie Sheen is telling friends ... he's "honored" Bates will be playing his old character.

In case you didn't know -- Charlie Harper is scheduled to make a cameo on "Men" on April 30th, and exec producer Chuck Lorre thought it would be funny to cast Kathy Bates instead of Charlie Sheen.

But the jab backfired ... because sources close to Charlie tell TMZ, the Warlock LOVES Kathy. We're told Charlie thinks she's an incredibly funny, talented actress -- and is "honored" the two now share a connection.

According to sources, Charlie can't wait to see Kathy's portrayal -- and will definitely be watching the upcoming episode.



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"Anger Management" has to be written by:

People who have vast experience/knowledge of these types of groups -

These types of people, situations.

Trying to IMAGINE what a group like this is about - won't work - you have to live it to write it.

915 days ago


I still watch the show, but I have to agree that the Charlie Harper character was "the show". They've pretty much eliminated Evelyn and Berta's roles..not good. Monday's show where Evelyn hooked up with whatshernames Mom was just stupid. If they were going for shock value, they failed miserably.

915 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Look at that picture closely!! He looks like 'Sheen the Skeezer, older than his old man for cripesssakes!! He almost looks he lives in the shed on Jed Clampett's farm in Arkansas or wherever the f&&& they came from before packing up and moving to Bever-ly ... like a real live Ernest T Bass, only it's CharlieSkeezer the azzz.

915 days ago


We eat dinner late so on Monday nights I take the 1/2 hour between 2 Broke Girls and Mike & Molly to do the dishes. When Bates is on the show though I'll at least DVR it.

915 days ago


By saying he's going to watch, he's promoting a show he says is terrible. He can't hate it TOO much if he keeps saying he'll watch episodes, like he did when he "died." He just can't seem to stay away!

915 days ago


I Miss Him on that show.

915 days ago

some guy    

This show is still on the air?

915 days ago

good as gold    

They should have the current gang take a trip to the grand canyon for a vacation. They use huge "jack a$$es" to take people/supplies up and down the canyon. All of a sudden one of the "jack a$$es" starts talking and obviously its Charlie.

915 days ago


Chuck Lorre also shot himself in the foot, as did talented Charlie Sheen during the fiasco, that ended with Charlie losing his two and a half men job. That show was Charlie, and it is now an unfunny, and crude show. I continue to watch re-runs of the original that have me laughing aloud every time I see an episode! Chuck Lorre should cut his losses and run, run from this show, without Charlie, although the former ensemble is good, With Ashton K. it is a rerun of that awful 70's show!! Some may find it amusing, I, and many others do not!!! I do hope Charlie's new show suits him as well as the two and a half men show did for the many years he was on it...Ashton may be a good guy, but taking on this role, just does NOT work for him...

915 days ago


Chuck Lorre is an A$$! I can't wait for this show to get cancelled! Can't wait for Anger Management....go Charlie!!

915 days ago


This so reeks of desperation it's pathetic. Lorre kicked Charlie off the show, but still can't seem to make a decent episode without involving Charlie somehow. Truly pathetic.

915 days ago


The writers on this show should concentrate their story around Jake and his Smoked out Friend as the new two and half man . the new two man would be Jake and his friend and half man would be Jon Croyer . The way I see this line of ashton , is winding down .
the mom should be back the ex wife and the dentist should be back with new story around the two new young guy as center of the story .
Chuck lorrie , should send me some money for consultant !!!

915 days ago


Uh huh. Keep backtracking, Chaz. You're such a loser.

915 days ago


The show is crashing and burning. It made it this far with WITH Charlie and now that he's gone no one even cares anymore. They replaced someone who is true to the character he portrays; an alcoholic drug using womanizing bastard with someone who spent years smoking "weed" in Eric Foremans basement and had to settle for someone 12 years older than him only to mess that up too. Charlies gonna watch this episode because he'll be portrayed by a great actress and to watch the show crash and burn around her and land on Chucks head.

915 days ago


It seems Charlie Sheen lies at every opportunity. Didn't he recently reveal he lied how he really felt about Ashton Kutcher being on "Men". Now he's saying he's honored that Kathy Bates is playing him on the show. In reality, I bet he's pissed off.

Watch him come back in a few weeks or months saying he lied when he said he was honored to have Kathy Bates playing him on "Men". lol

915 days ago
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