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Justin Bieber


Can Handle F-Words

3/22/2012 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber
insists ... 13-year-olds nowadays can handle a few F-words -- which is why it doesn't make sense to give the new "Bully" movie an R-rating ... especially when young teens can benefit from the message behind the film.

Bieber called in to "TMZ Live" moments ago -- claiming the anti-bullying message of the new documentary far outweighs any harm that comes from the F-bombs contained in the movie. As a result, the rating should be lowered to PG-13.

According to Bieber, if "Hunger Games" can be rated PG-13 -- a movie that depicts the violent deaths of young teenagers -- so can "Bully."


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F yeah.

947 days ago


I listened to his interview. He didn't answer the questions. He just kept repeating the same things over and over again. That drives me crazy.

947 days ago


Makes for great viewing, the violent death of young teenagers. How is that not a movie title yet!!!

947 days ago


And why does TMZ make it sound like its only Justin Bieber who wants the ratings changed for this movie?? Ellen Degeneres, Demi Lovato and many other celebrities are signing a petition to get it changed as well!!

947 days ago


I'm sorry but i agree with him!! As if these 13 year olds dont swear themselves when they aren't around mommy and daddy!! This do***entary "Bully" needs to be seen mostly by these young teenagers, cause thats when bullying mostly starts, in middle school!! But i wonder why they can't just bleep out the swear words, then it wouldnt be a problem to make it PG-13! But like i said either way, im sure young teenagers heard the "F" before, either at school or at home!!

947 days ago


It is actually VERY painful for me to admit this...but Bieber is right. This is a very powerful and heartbreaking movis that ALL kids need to see. As a mother of 3, I hate to think of any of my kids getting bullied and with the way kids are nowadays it is up to us to better inform them. No kid should be afraid to go to school or be beat up just for being themselves. This ruling is compeltely ridiculous when a fake movie about kids killing each other gets a lower rating that a REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE movie gets just for words that ALL kids are familiar with and most use on a daily basis. Not my own of course. ;) Yeah right.

947 days ago

Pudding Tang    

I'm with Beaver on this one and his PS (Pip-Sqeak) model movie rating system.

947 days ago


I would like to bully Justin Bieber

947 days ago


It`s all about what really matters. The truth.

947 days ago

Liz from Australia     

I have to agree with the Beiber. My son uses the Fbomb, not in general conversation with adults but with his friends and when he is playing his xbox etc. As for seeing bullying, he can go on Youtube and watch thousands of videos showing kids beating the crap out of others so why put a rating on a doco about it?

947 days ago


People really dont know kids these days- i work at a school and these kids cuss like Richard Pryor on his best day.

947 days ago


It's just as easy to make a move without the F-word....if you have a message you want teenagers to see, than make the movie teenager appropriate. The F-word is a terrible, classless word! I hate that you can use 2 of them in a PG-13.

947 days ago


I thought he was a Christian? Why is he supporting cursing?

947 days ago


They have already split up the world, the asians and the anglo-saxons. Anything else is dust in your eyes.

947 days ago


That is so true bully would have a great message for kids and it need to have a lower rating i know i said a curse word it about the message

947 days ago
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